Aura Miracle

Sorry to be starting off this blog entry with such an unsightly picture… LOL.

Yes, but this ought to catch your attention yes?

Haha, the girl with flabby cellulite thighs in the above picture is was me. This was around 2 years back and I was not overweight or anything but look at those loose skin and saggy behind! I never knew I looked like that, well, I probably should check out my back view in the mirror more often.

What I’m trying to say is, even though many of us are not considered FAT, we still do have the unwanted cellulite around the thigh and bum area and we may have gone “out of shape”. Going on a crazy diet & losing weight will not solve this because the cellulite is still going to stay. I started exercising to get rid of the cellulite and it really made a huge difference. Large amounts of the super obvious cellulite were gone just by my weekly exercise! BUTTTT! There was only so much that exercising can do, the remaining cellulite, saddlebag and uneven bulges stayed with me till now.

Luckily, I was introduced to Aura & Miracles by my blog manager.
She asked if I was keen to go on a 3x session for body contouring, and I’m like “YES I AM!”

So I found myself at Delfi Orchard for my 1st session of LipoMassage by Aura & Miracles.

Using the technology called – Endermologie, they are able to help you achieve the 4 beauty goals as stated in the above picture.
Slimming of fat cells
Smoothing of cellulite
Firming of skin
Resculpting figure

Endermologie pioneered in France over 10 years ago and was then introduced to USA and got FDA approved for reducing the appearance of cellulite. It is also the ONLY technique to treat superficial fat that is trapped under the skin that is 100% resistant to diet, exercise and even liposuction

Remember I mentioned earlier on that even though I’ve lost weight or exercised, the remaining cellulite and bulges did not go away? Those are the superficial fats that are trapped under the skin which I can only rely on Endermologie to treat it!
Here is the detailed explanation I got from the website for those science-y people out:
Endermologies uses independently motorized rotary cylinders to achieve optimum deep tissue mechanization. The slight pressure lifts the skin and connective tissues, while the rotary cylinders form a fold and work in different directions, shapes, and at different intensities, to ensure adequate stimulation for an effective restructuring during treatment sessions. As the viscosity of the subcutaneous fat layer decreases, blood flow and lymphatic drainage increase, facilitating the elimination of excess fluid and metabolites, while improving overall cellular function. Research has validated the success of this technique in combating cellulite, shaping the profile, smoothing and toning the skin and increasing both blood and lymph circulation, among many other benefits.”

So this is how Aura & Miracles look like.
It is really cozy & has 3 treatment rooms.

This is the room which I always go to for my LipoMassages. 
& on your left, is the LPG machine that is use during the LipoMassage.

Another treatment room.

So I stripped down & changed into this very sheer bodysuit & got ready for my 1st LipoMassage session!
I was pretty excited at the thought of being able to achieve a nicer body shape without much effort.

Do you know that 35 minutes of treatment is equivalent to accumulate 10 hours of physical exercise?!
OMG, it sounds really amazing, hurry work its magic on me please!

Here is my very attentive & professional therapist, Pearl, working the machine on me!
The feeling of the Lipomassage was like my skin + meat was being sucked, moved & rolled into the right places.
Imagine a very strong vacuum + rollers.

Here is the better & detailed explanation of how it works:
“Treatments are administered with the new Ergodrive head, which is equipped with LPG’s patented, independent motorised rollers. The ROLL’Up, ROLL’In and ROLL’Out action gently yet intensively conditions skin tissue to eliminate fat deposits, revitalize blood and lymphatic circulation (i.e. ROLL’Up), and reactivate lipolysis (e.g. ROLL’ In action is responsible for more than 70% of the fat elimination). With the multiple rotational differentials of the ROLL modalities, LIPOMASSAGE is also able to stimulate the collagen and elastin production and firm slackening skin (i.e. ROLL’Out).”

I have bulging lumps (saddlebags) on the sides of my thighs so Pearl actually spends more time on that region, shaping it back into place.
What I think is awesome about LipoMassage treatments is that it can specifically target areas that you wish to slim & firm. Comparing it to just dieting where I can’t control where my fats will be lost & for most women cases, it is always our boobs & butt that goes first. So I really appreciate that Lipomassage is able to let us keep our womanly curves and at the same time remove/reshape the stubborn and unwanted fats.
Okay, I think all of us are more results driven so let’s look at the before & after pictures.

The above picture is taken before I had any treatment done compared with after my 1st lipomassage session.

Can you see the obvious difference in the curvature of my waist?
I was so shocked that the difference is so visible after just 1 session of lipomassage.. within 35 minutes!!!

& here is my full back view comparing my 2nd session & 3rd session of lipomassage.

My waist became really defined & what’s more surprising to me is the thigh gap & the shape of my bum, which is much more lifted & rounder. 

Over here we can tell the difference in the saddlebags & also, the shape of my bum. LOL.
The bulging lumps on the outside of my thighs have flattened down pretty much & this is all just within 3 sessions of lipomassage!

In just 3 sessions, my stubborn fat reserves are broken down, my curves are re-sculpted (hello hourglass waist!), cellulite is smoothed & loose skin is firmed naturally. I could definitely tell my skin was tightening and my figure was getting more toned after each session. I didn’t expect the results to be so significant because I’ve been to other slimming centres before and the results isn’t that instant and along the way I will usually give up & not return for follow up sessions.

But at Aura & Miracles, I am actually looking forward to each lipomassage session because it is so motivating to see the difference in my body after each session. I was actually pretty sad when my final session with them.  I’m really contemplating on signing up for their package 3 months before my wedding.

The price of the lipomassage is at S$280 per session (35 mins).
BUT my readers are able to enjoy a 1st trial of the lipomassage at just S$88!
& if you are interested to sign up for a treatment package after witnessing the wonders, they are throwing in 2 additional free sessions for you!
Treatment package is: S$2800 for 10 + 2 sessions. (Quote my name, for another + 2 free sessions = 14 sessions in total!) 
Just remember to say you are “MEITING”’s reader when making your appointment to enjoy these perks. 

Contact: 6333 8707

402 Orchard Road,
Delfi Orchard,

Besides their most popular treatment, which was the lipomassage, I also tried the Endermolift for my face.

Endermolift provides fast and visible results for a more radiant and anti-fatigue look on your face. It helps eliminates wrinkles, firm up the loose and sagging skin, contours your face to give it a more V-shape look, balance out the complexion and at the same time improve your skin quality! 

The treatment was really comfortable and actually quite relaxing.

Here are some key benefits of the Endermolift treatment.
Various studies carried out to date on LPG facial techniques have shown several types of tissue changes, particularly in terms of skin firmness and facial contours. ENDERMOLIFT is the first and only technique in the world which has been scientifically proven to increase natural hyaluronic acid synthesis by 80%.
Hyaluronic acid +80%
Natural elastin +46%
Radiance +98%
Smoothed wrinkles +21%
Firmness +23%
Synthesis of new collagen & prevention of breakdown of collagen

My skin felt rejuvenated after the session and my entire face just feels.. lifted. 
Like there is an anti-gravity feeling to it and my skin feels taut too!
The price of the Endermolift is at S$250 per session.
BUT my readers are able to enjoy a 1st trial of the lipomassage at just S$88!
& if you are interested to sign up for a treatment package after witnessing the wonders, they are throwing in 2 additional free sessions for you!
Treatment package is: S$2500 for 10 + 2 sessions. (Quote my name, for another + 2 free sessions = 14 sessions in total!)
Just remember to say you are “MEITING”’s reader when making your appointment to enjoy these perks.

Contact: 6333 8707

402 Orchard Road,
Delfi Orchard,

I’m really pleased with all 3 of my visits to Aura & Miracles and I even encouraged my friends to sign up for the Lipomassage trials as some of them have been complaining to me about their cellulite issues, bulging tummy, thighs and even arms. I truly felt that I benefitted from the 3 treatment sessions and the result in the pictures taken & compared don’t lie. So I was confident enough to share it with my close girlfriends & now 3 of them have already booked their 1st trial session for next week!

I am also very thankful for the staff (Sherry & Pearl) at Aura & Miracles because they are always so warm & welcoming each time I visited. Sherry would always answer all my questions readily & explain to me in detail the process as well as technology behind Endermologie. & Pearl always tries her best to slot me in for appointments at rather short notices. All these tiny gestures from Sherry & Pearl really makes a difference.

I’ve been to bigger beauty salons and I really hate having a different therapist servicing me each time because they would not know my “profile” well and it is hard to have to explain my areas of concern and my likes/dislike each time I am assigned to a new staff. As friendly & nice as Pearl is, she is also very professional & you can tell is really well trained by the way she uses different maneuvers of the machine to sculpt the various areas on my body.

For more information on Aura & Miracles, you can visit their website:

ZUJI - A Lot Like Love

I have been bitten by the travel bug & am always looking forward to the very next opportunity to go on a vacation. You can tell from my various travel posts on my blog that traveling is what makes me really happy. Also I guess the fact that I spent 2 years of my life dedicated to flying all over the globe shows how much I enjoy travelling and seeing the world. I was blessed enough to have a job that pays me to travel!!

 I got to witness the magnificent Eiffel Tower twinkle on a summer’s night in Paris.

I got to visit the country side of Amsterdam to see the famous windmills.

Go up to the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland!

After I left my job as a flight attendant, travelling doesn’t come as easy because I would have to pay for my own flight ticket and accommodations!! I would usually have to take my budget constraints into considerations before I plan for my dream destinations and wonder how much damage it would do to my savings. Thankfully, I am blessed with a full time job that pays fairly so I was able to have the luxury of visiting 1-2 dream destinations each year.

I managed to check the tropical paradise, Maldives, off my travel list last year.
It was really one of the best vacations I’ve taken.

& this year, the destination that I managed to travel to was Japan! 

The air ticket itself was already near S$1000! Why so expensive one?! My heart was bleeding after my trip when I saw how much my savings depreciated. But still, it was worth it because the memories I took back with me after each vacation I took with my loved ones was priceless. 

I’m sure ZUJI isn’t something new to everyone here because it is 1 of the top websites I would go to whenever I am planning my trips. ZUJI is an online travel agent that allows you to search, compare & book flights, hotels, cars & even insurance all on one site!! I used to do my travel bookings individually at specific websites and having to manually compare the prices is such a hassle. But with ZUJI, everything is simpler and quicker & you can enjoy additional savings when you bundle your travel options in a package! 

I also like that they have a 24/7 customer support, customer service is very important to me. & with ZUJI exclusives, which is their latest voucher-based product, you can purchase great package deals at exclusive prices & enjoy a 21-day “no questions asked” refund policy! ZUJI is the only online travel agent to date to offer such service! 

& currently, ZUJI has partnered with MasterCard & The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF) for the “A LOT LIKE LOVE” campaign.

The “A LOT LIKE LOVE” campaign offers a hand to the under-privileged families and is encouraging the public to participate in this fundraising! ZUJI believes the joy of travel is for everyone and would like to invite all to join them in creating bright & worldly possibilities for these students in need.

I am really so happy to be able to help spread the word for this campaign because I truly believe that everyone should be able to experience the joy of travelling. The memories that I took home with me after each holiday trip and fond times experienced are truly once in a life time and so precious. I really wish that these students, who do not have such financial resources to take holiday, will be given the opportunity to! 

Charmaine is one of the students picked by the “A LOT LIKE LOVE” campaign and after reading her life story, I realized how lucky I am and how we have been taking simple things like these for granted.

Now, I am even more motivated to help share this campaign! 
We should all do our part to help fulfill the dreams of travel & adventure for these low-income families. 

& I am going to first do so by just LIKING ZUJI’s Facebook page.

I’ve liked it already, & you should too!

With every ‘LIKE’ on ZUJI Singapore’s Facebook page, S$0.50 will be donated by ZUJI for beneficiaries from the SPMF. (From now till 1st Nov 2015) 

Together, we can do so much more than we could do alone so share this initiative with your friends to help.

to view stories and videos of beneficiaries and find out how else you can help.

To be updated of latest ZUJI travel deals and the ‘A lot like love’ campaign, subscribe to ZUJI’s e-newsletter on  

To find out more about who the beneficiaries are, the social influencers and how to make a donation, CLICK HERE !

Giveaway time! 

To thank all of you for helping to spread the word for the A LOT LIKE LOVE campaign, ZUJI is giving a S$100 Travel voucher!

Just answer this simple question after watching the video:

“Where was your last family trip & what do you miss most about it?”

Handmade Soap from Korea - MyBlackShop

I was so excited & happy when MyBlackShop contacted me about 2 months ago, to try out their slimming, bust enhancing & whitening soap!

I mean, all these 3 things are what every girl wants, right?! Right. So I agreed immediately but I told the owner that I may need a longer time before writing this blogpost as I really want to see results before I share it with you guys. (So I actually delayed the posting of this blog entry by 2-3 weeks.. because I wanted more significant results & I was using it on-off at the beginning as I haven't got used to using it daily yet.)

The 3 different types of soaps from MyBlackShop are handmade and all natural.

& all their soaps are made in Korea!
The packaging is so cute lah, and they are all hand cut so each block of soap comes in various sizes and they weight it to be consistent so don't mind the shape of it ok!

These are how the bars of soap looks like. So pretty & they all smell so good.

So first up, we have the Whitening soap!

Which can be used on the face as well as body. But I only used it on my body cause my face is pretty fair from all the skincare products I've been using and I needed my body shade to match my face's!

The whitening soap helps lighten dark spots and uneven skin tone, the way to use it is to foam it up and gently massage it all over your body for about 30 seconds before washing off!

I particularly focus on my elbows, knees and armpit because those areas are usually darker than the rest of my body.

It contains rice milk, coconut oil, olive fruit oil, palm kernel oil & glycerin. 

My skin was left very hydrated as well & after using it for near 2 months, my skin tone is so much more even now! 

The next product that I very excited to share is the Slimming soap!!

It helps promote metabolism!!??

When I first read that I was super thrilled because having a higher metabolism will mean that I'm able to burn the unwanted fats easier! & this is achieved by the ingredients in the soap accelerating our blood circulation!

This is how the slimming soap looks like.

It is made from safflower seed oil, macadamia nut oil, olive fruit oil, Palm kernel oil, seaweed and glycerin.

Here is how you are supposed to massage the soap.
Press down hands flat on your belly from top to bottom.

Massage clockwise around the tummy area and then followed by anti clockwise. (I've experienced this method when I go for my slimming massages in the past!)

Gently squeeze at the waist & lightly pulling the skin.

Massage upwards from hips to torso & you're done!

I usually take my time to massage in the shower because it just feels so relaxing to have a few minutes to slowdown my pace & enjoy some me-time.

So here's my before & after pictures.
Top - before using slimming soap.
Bottom - after using slimming soap for 7 weeks.

As you can see, the sides of my waist is definitely more defined & my abs are showing more now that the fat later has decreased!!

& from the side view..
Top - before using slimming soap.
Bottom - after using slimming soap for 7 weeks.

It is even more obvious here, see how my lower belly used to be bulging out quite abit? Even by skipping meals, it will still be around! I really hated that and wearing tight pants or shorts with such belly is so unsightly! After using the slimming soap, the lower belly seems to have gone down quite significantly & I can tell just by wearing my usual pair of shorts!

Last soap I will be sharing is the Bust-up!

The ingredients in the soap are papaya extract, French rose flower oil, macadamia nut oil, olive fruit oil, Palm kernel oil, glycerin.

The papaya extract & rose oil helps stimulate the endocrine supplement to achieve breast enhancement!

& the way to massage is,

To place hand below armpit and draw the hand inwards to the center of the body, I usually do it in a scooping motion.

Then use both hands to contour the breast in a circular motion, always pushing the flesh from the sides to center of the body.

Lastly draw the breast from side and bass and massage in clockwise motion. Refer to diagram!

Top: before using bust-up soap.
Bottom: after using bust-up soap.

In just 6-7 weeks, my cleavage got deeper and more defined. Due to the regular massage, my breasts have gotten more lifted and perkier! 

Top: before using bust-up soap.
Bottom: after using bust-up soap.
Before using the soap, my frontal view was quite sad because there isn't much definition in my curves due to the lack of, well, boobs. Hahah, but after using the bust-up soap, it really helps and the difference is noticeable!

From now till 15 August 2015, quote "LMT10" for 10% off all purchases from the black shop!

They have also collaborated with Shopee & if you purchase the soaps via Shopee platform, you'll be able to get additional $5 off your 1st purchase!!

Just download the Shoppee app here:

Then make your purchase at to enjoy the $5 discount! 

Also, stay tuned to my Instagram page because we are going to have a Giveaway!! 


MyBlackShop Instagram: 


Must Go West!

Recently, I played host to a pair of tourists who were in Singapore, a lady and her son from Shanghai! Instead of the usual touristy spots in Singapore like, Sentosa or Orchard road, we decided to head to the West of Singapore to visit IMM!

Why IMM?

Like, what is there?

IMM is Singapore's largest outlet mall with close to 60 outlet shops, offering discounts of up to 80% ALL YEAR ROUND! 

Think Bicester Village in London or Gotemba Premium outlet in Tokyo.

It has a good variety of brands offering amazing discounts and the mall is so huge, it would take more than 4 hours to finish shopping there.

Capitaland Mall Asia decided to shoot a documentary of our shopping experience at IMM and it was in a form of reality TV where there is no pre-determined script. In fact, I didn't even know who I was meeting until a couple minutes before the film started rolling!
Click the link below to see the video that I shoot with Grace & her son!

Our first stop was to fill our tummies at Long Beach Seafood because, how can we let a tourist leave Singapore without trying the famous Singapore-style crabs?

Meeting Grace and her son, Rain, for the first time!
He was so adorable but got tired halfway while we shopped and headed back to the van to rest. 

Look at that feast!
The black pepper crab was sooo good! & I love how Long Beach Seafood restaurant offers a crab-deshelling service!! We didn't have to dirty our hands or worry about staining our clothes because the experienced staff did it for us and all we did was enjoy the sweetness of the crabmeat.

Grinning from ear to ear as Grace and I chatted about her stay in Singapore and how I'm going to bring her to check out all the discounted outlet shops in IMM later.

Filling up our tummies so we would have the energy to shop later on!

One last selfie before we embarked on our shopping quest!

Our first stop was at the ground level where there were branded outlet shops for us to go crazy with!

Fashion brands like Furla, Coach, agnés b and Nine West.

I saw the Sunset Candy bag in Furla outlet, largest size, retailing at only S$200+!! I remembered it was almost retailing at $500-600+ when I saw it at the boutique at Paragon Orchard last year. I was soooo tempted to get it because the discount was so good!

Nine West outlet was one of the shops that caught Grace's heart, she proceeded to bagging home a pair of shoes from there at a really discounted price!

60% off at Coach outlet and it was packed with people! 

The agnés b outlet had a wide range of items from bags, accessories to apparels for male & female, and it is up to 80% discount.

It's almost like the After Christmas Sale or the Great Singapore Sale is happening at IMM all year round because the deals just get sweeter with every shop I enter.

Sales everywhere!

See, I never lie ah, really all the shops there are having sale and really generous discounts.

Here's Grace & I after spending 1 hour+ at just the ground level of IMM and there was so much more that we've yet to cover! I guess, women can really shop for hours and will never wave the white flag until we get the best bargains!

Sports outlet shops like Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Royal Sporting House, I could really use some yoga/track pants because I'm always running out of them! 

IMM is also a great place if you are planning to travel because they have Samsonite, The Travel Store, Wintertime and Coldwear outlet to fit your needs. I made a mental note to ask my fiance, SX, to bring me down to IMM soon because my luggage broke and I need a new one for my Japan trip!

& if you are done shopping at IMM, there are 2 other Capitaland Malls in the vicinity - Westgate & JCube! & the best thing is, there's a free shuttle bus service to bring you around these 3 malls so even with an entire day to spare, I doubt you can finish shopping at all 3 malls!

JCube is just across the road from Jurong East Mrt interchange and bus interchange so it is really convenient if you are taking public transport. 

JCube is an trendy mall with Singapore's first Olympic-size ice rink and IMAX theatre in the suburbs! It is definitely the west side's leisure and entertainment hub.

& in the last year, they launched a new retail zone on Level 2 called J.Avenue. It houses 80 shops and features a hip street shopping ambience where there are a handful of young entrepreneurs and first time shop owners starting their businesses there. It is not to be missed for the young & young at heart alike.  

& last but not least, Westgate!
It is the premier mall in the west of Singapore, with many international labels among its over 250 stores! 

Some of the stores that caught my attention are, Sacoor Brothers, New Look, A|X Armani Exchange, Calvin Klein Jeans, Aldo and MDS.

Not forgetting the young ones, there is Westgate Wonderland, an outdoor playground on level 4, Singapore's largest thematic outdoor playground in the mall, to cater to the kiddos too!

I was really surprised that there was so much to shop and do in the West because I seldom go to this part of Singapore and I'll definitely take back what I said about the west being not as fun as the rest of Singapore. I just didn't know what to expect and have not been there for the longest time. To my surprise, even Westgate had over 60 dining options! Now that I've seen how developed the area is, I'll definitely be spending one of my weekends with SX there just hopping from 1 mall to another.

Even though there wasn't time for me to bring Grace to all 3 shopping malls in the west in 1 day, I'm sure she would do so herself because I told her how each of the mall have their unique offerings and she shouldn't miss them! On top of that, I highlighted to her how convenient it was to go from each mall to the next and how she could utilize the free shuttle bus service so she didn't have to worry about getting lost!

I will definitely head back to the West very soon to finish up my West side shopping experience! To find out more about the west, make sure to visit!