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I was so excited & happy when MyBlackShop contacted me about 2 months ago, to try out their slimming, bust enhancing & whitening soap!

I mean, all these 3 things are what every girl wants, right?! Right. So I agreed immediately but I told the owner that I may need a longer time before writing this blogpost as I really want to see results before I share it with you guys. (So I actually delayed the posting of this blog entry by 2-3 weeks.. because I wanted more significant results & I was using it on-off at the beginning as I haven't got used to using it daily yet.)

The 3 different types of soaps from MyBlackShop are handmade and all natural.

& all their soaps are made in Korea!
The packaging is so cute lah, and they are all hand cut so each block of soap comes in various sizes and they weight it to be consistent so don't mind the shape of it ok!

These are how the bars of soap looks like. So pretty & they all smell so good.

So first up, we have the Whitening soap!

Which can be used on the face as well as body. But I only used it on my body cause my face is pretty fair from all the skincare products I've been using and I needed my body shade to match my face's!

The whitening soap helps lighten dark spots and uneven skin tone, the way to use it is to foam it up and gently massage it all over your body for about 30 seconds before washing off!

I particularly focus on my elbows, knees and armpit because those areas are usually darker than the rest of my body.

It contains rice milk, coconut oil, olive fruit oil, palm kernel oil & glycerin. 

My skin was left very hydrated as well & after using it for near 2 months, my skin tone is so much more even now! 

The next product that I very excited to share is the Slimming soap!!

It helps promote metabolism!!??

When I first read that I was super thrilled because having a higher metabolism will mean that I'm able to burn the unwanted fats easier! & this is achieved by the ingredients in the soap accelerating our blood circulation!

This is how the slimming soap looks like.

It is made from safflower seed oil, macadamia nut oil, olive fruit oil, Palm kernel oil, seaweed and glycerin.

Here is how you are supposed to massage the soap.
Press down hands flat on your belly from top to bottom.

Massage clockwise around the tummy area and then followed by anti clockwise. (I've experienced this method when I go for my slimming massages in the past!)

Gently squeeze at the waist & lightly pulling the skin.

Massage upwards from hips to torso & you're done!

I usually take my time to massage in the shower because it just feels so relaxing to have a few minutes to slowdown my pace & enjoy some me-time.

So here's my before & after pictures.
Top - before using slimming soap.
Bottom - after using slimming soap for 7 weeks.

As you can see, the sides of my waist is definitely more defined & my abs are showing more now that the fat later has decreased!!

& from the side view..
Top - before using slimming soap.
Bottom - after using slimming soap for 7 weeks.

It is even more obvious here, see how my lower belly used to be bulging out quite abit? Even by skipping meals, it will still be around! I really hated that and wearing tight pants or shorts with such belly is so unsightly! After using the slimming soap, the lower belly seems to have gone down quite significantly & I can tell just by wearing my usual pair of shorts!

Last soap I will be sharing is the Bust-up!

The ingredients in the soap are papaya extract, French rose flower oil, macadamia nut oil, olive fruit oil, Palm kernel oil, glycerin.

The papaya extract & rose oil helps stimulate the endocrine supplement to achieve breast enhancement!

& the way to massage is,

To place hand below armpit and draw the hand inwards to the center of the body, I usually do it in a scooping motion.

Then use both hands to contour the breast in a circular motion, always pushing the flesh from the sides to center of the body.

Lastly draw the breast from side and bass and massage in clockwise motion. Refer to diagram!

Top: before using bust-up soap.
Bottom: after using bust-up soap.

In just 6-7 weeks, my cleavage got deeper and more defined. Due to the regular massage, my breasts have gotten more lifted and perkier! 

Top: before using bust-up soap.
Bottom: after using bust-up soap.
Before using the soap, my frontal view was quite sad because there isn't much definition in my curves due to the lack of, well, boobs. Hahah, but after using the bust-up soap, it really helps and the difference is noticeable!

From now till 15 August 2015, quote "LMT10" for 10% off all purchases from the black shop!

They have also collaborated with Shopee & if you purchase the soaps via Shopee platform, you'll be able to get additional $5 off your 1st purchase!!

Just download the Shoppee app here: http://www.shopee.sg/mobile/

Then make your purchase at http://www.shopee.sg/MyBlackShop to enjoy the $5 discount! 

Also, stay tuned to my Instagram page because we are going to have a Giveaway!! 


MyBlackShop Instagram: http://Instagram.com/MyBlackShop 



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