Must Go West!

Recently, I played host to a pair of tourists who were in Singapore, a lady and her son from Shanghai! Instead of the usual touristy spots in Singapore like, Sentosa or Orchard road, we decided to head to the West of Singapore to visit IMM!

Why IMM?

Like, what is there?

IMM is Singapore's largest outlet mall with close to 60 outlet shops, offering discounts of up to 80% ALL YEAR ROUND! 

Think Bicester Village in London or Gotemba Premium outlet in Tokyo.

It has a good variety of brands offering amazing discounts and the mall is so huge, it would take more than 4 hours to finish shopping there.

Capitaland Mall Asia decided to shoot a documentary of our shopping experience at IMM and it was in a form of reality TV where there is no pre-determined script. In fact, I didn't even know who I was meeting until a couple minutes before the film started rolling!
Click the link below to see the video that I shoot with Grace & her son!

Our first stop was to fill our tummies at Long Beach Seafood because, how can we let a tourist leave Singapore without trying the famous Singapore-style crabs?

Meeting Grace and her son, Rain, for the first time!
He was so adorable but got tired halfway while we shopped and headed back to the van to rest. 

Look at that feast!
The black pepper crab was sooo good! & I love how Long Beach Seafood restaurant offers a crab-deshelling service!! We didn't have to dirty our hands or worry about staining our clothes because the experienced staff did it for us and all we did was enjoy the sweetness of the crabmeat.

Grinning from ear to ear as Grace and I chatted about her stay in Singapore and how I'm going to bring her to check out all the discounted outlet shops in IMM later.

Filling up our tummies so we would have the energy to shop later on!

One last selfie before we embarked on our shopping quest!

Our first stop was at the ground level where there were branded outlet shops for us to go crazy with!

Fashion brands like Furla, Coach, agnés b and Nine West.

I saw the Sunset Candy bag in Furla outlet, largest size, retailing at only S$200+!! I remembered it was almost retailing at $500-600+ when I saw it at the boutique at Paragon Orchard last year. I was soooo tempted to get it because the discount was so good!

Nine West outlet was one of the shops that caught Grace's heart, she proceeded to bagging home a pair of shoes from there at a really discounted price!

60% off at Coach outlet and it was packed with people! 

The agnés b outlet had a wide range of items from bags, accessories to apparels for male & female, and it is up to 80% discount.

It's almost like the After Christmas Sale or the Great Singapore Sale is happening at IMM all year round because the deals just get sweeter with every shop I enter.

Sales everywhere!

See, I never lie ah, really all the shops there are having sale and really generous discounts.

Here's Grace & I after spending 1 hour+ at just the ground level of IMM and there was so much more that we've yet to cover! I guess, women can really shop for hours and will never wave the white flag until we get the best bargains!

Sports outlet shops like Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Royal Sporting House, I could really use some yoga/track pants because I'm always running out of them! 

IMM is also a great place if you are planning to travel because they have Samsonite, The Travel Store, Wintertime and Coldwear outlet to fit your needs. I made a mental note to ask my fiance, SX, to bring me down to IMM soon because my luggage broke and I need a new one for my Japan trip!

& if you are done shopping at IMM, there are 2 other Capitaland Malls in the vicinity - Westgate & JCube! & the best thing is, there's a free shuttle bus service to bring you around these 3 malls so even with an entire day to spare, I doubt you can finish shopping at all 3 malls!

JCube is just across the road from Jurong East Mrt interchange and bus interchange so it is really convenient if you are taking public transport. 

JCube is an trendy mall with Singapore's first Olympic-size ice rink and IMAX theatre in the suburbs! It is definitely the west side's leisure and entertainment hub.

& in the last year, they launched a new retail zone on Level 2 called J.Avenue. It houses 80 shops and features a hip street shopping ambience where there are a handful of young entrepreneurs and first time shop owners starting their businesses there. It is not to be missed for the young & young at heart alike.  

& last but not least, Westgate!
It is the premier mall in the west of Singapore, with many international labels among its over 250 stores! 

Some of the stores that caught my attention are, Sacoor Brothers, New Look, A|X Armani Exchange, Calvin Klein Jeans, Aldo and MDS.

Not forgetting the young ones, there is Westgate Wonderland, an outdoor playground on level 4, Singapore's largest thematic outdoor playground in the mall, to cater to the kiddos too!

I was really surprised that there was so much to shop and do in the West because I seldom go to this part of Singapore and I'll definitely take back what I said about the west being not as fun as the rest of Singapore. I just didn't know what to expect and have not been there for the longest time. To my surprise, even Westgate had over 60 dining options! Now that I've seen how developed the area is, I'll definitely be spending one of my weekends with SX there just hopping from 1 mall to another.

Even though there wasn't time for me to bring Grace to all 3 shopping malls in the west in 1 day, I'm sure she would do so herself because I told her how each of the mall have their unique offerings and she shouldn't miss them! On top of that, I highlighted to her how convenient it was to go from each mall to the next and how she could utilize the free shuttle bus service so she didn't have to worry about getting lost!

I will definitely head back to the West very soon to finish up my West side shopping experience! To find out more about the west, make sure to visit!


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