ZUJI - A Lot Like Love

I have been bitten by the travel bug & am always looking forward to the very next opportunity to go on a vacation. You can tell from my various travel posts on my blog that traveling is what makes me really happy. Also I guess the fact that I spent 2 years of my life dedicated to flying all over the globe shows how much I enjoy travelling and seeing the world. I was blessed enough to have a job that pays me to travel!!

 I got to witness the magnificent Eiffel Tower twinkle on a summer’s night in Paris.

I got to visit the country side of Amsterdam to see the famous windmills.

Go up to the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland!

After I left my job as a flight attendant, travelling doesn’t come as easy because I would have to pay for my own flight ticket and accommodations!! I would usually have to take my budget constraints into considerations before I plan for my dream destinations and wonder how much damage it would do to my savings. Thankfully, I am blessed with a full time job that pays fairly so I was able to have the luxury of visiting 1-2 dream destinations each year.

I managed to check the tropical paradise, Maldives, off my travel list last year.
It was really one of the best vacations I’ve taken.

& this year, the destination that I managed to travel to was Japan! 

The air ticket itself was already near S$1000! Why so expensive one?! My heart was bleeding after my trip when I saw how much my savings depreciated. But still, it was worth it because the memories I took back with me after each vacation I took with my loved ones was priceless. 

I’m sure ZUJI isn’t something new to everyone here because it is 1 of the top websites I would go to whenever I am planning my trips. ZUJI is an online travel agent that allows you to search, compare & book flights, hotels, cars & even insurance all on one site!! I used to do my travel bookings individually at specific websites and having to manually compare the prices is such a hassle. But with ZUJI, everything is simpler and quicker & you can enjoy additional savings when you bundle your travel options in a package! 

I also like that they have a 24/7 customer support, customer service is very important to me. & with ZUJI exclusives, which is their latest voucher-based product, you can purchase great package deals at exclusive prices & enjoy a 21-day “no questions asked” refund policy! ZUJI is the only online travel agent to date to offer such service! 

& currently, ZUJI has partnered with MasterCard & The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF) for the “A LOT LIKE LOVE” campaign.

The “A LOT LIKE LOVE” campaign offers a hand to the under-privileged families and is encouraging the public to participate in this fundraising! ZUJI believes the joy of travel is for everyone and would like to invite all to join them in creating bright & worldly possibilities for these students in need.

I am really so happy to be able to help spread the word for this campaign because I truly believe that everyone should be able to experience the joy of travelling. The memories that I took home with me after each holiday trip and fond times experienced are truly once in a life time and so precious. I really wish that these students, who do not have such financial resources to take holiday, will be given the opportunity to! 

Charmaine is one of the students picked by the “A LOT LIKE LOVE” campaign and after reading her life story, I realized how lucky I am and how we have been taking simple things like these for granted.

Now, I am even more motivated to help share this campaign! 
We should all do our part to help fulfill the dreams of travel & adventure for these low-income families. 

& I am going to first do so by just LIKING ZUJI’s Facebook page.

I’ve liked it already, & you should too!

With every ‘LIKE’ on ZUJI Singapore’s Facebook page, S$0.50 will be donated by ZUJI for beneficiaries from the SPMF. (From now till 1st Nov 2015) 

Together, we can do so much more than we could do alone so share this initiative with your friends to help.

to view stories and videos of beneficiaries and find out how else you can help.

To be updated of latest ZUJI travel deals and the ‘A lot like love’ campaign, subscribe to ZUJI’s e-newsletter on http://www.zuji.com.sg/newsletter/  

To find out more about who the beneficiaries are, the social influencers and how to make a donation, CLICK HERE !

Giveaway time! 

To thank all of you for helping to spread the word for the A LOT LIKE LOVE campaign, ZUJI is giving a S$100 Travel voucher!

Just answer this simple question after watching the video:

“Where was your last family trip & what do you miss most about it?”


  1. Indonesia and i missed the food and the friendly people.

  2. My last family trip was maybe 6 or 7 years ago! It was with my family as well as my extended family. We went to egypt to see the mummies, tombs and listen to the mythical stories of the past. I miss the long bus trips where we kids (we were all teenagers then..) will talk non-stop, parents fussing over small stuff like did we eat enough, did we drink water. It was all so frustrating at the moment but yet I miss it more as we all grew up an my parents did less of such nagging. The older I grew, the more I missing their expressions of love, care and concern for us.

  3. Narita Japan last year... it was our first time ever to Japan!!! We went all crazy over all things Japanese... we were culture shocked (in a good way)...u need to actually be in Japan to fully appreciate it as opposed to just watching TV or seeing pictures! We soooo miss the fresh sashimi.... yummy!!!

  4. My LAst family trip was to Bali and i miss the relaxation i get i need to escape from the busy city to catch my breath and also spend some quality bonding time with the family

  5. Hi, Mei Ting! :)

    My last family trip was way back in 2001, to Hong Kong and Macau. That was our second time there, following our first trip in 1999. After that year, my parents could no longer afford to bring us overseas due to financial as well as time constraints. :(

    I miss being able to spend quality time together with my family. Back then, my parents were the ones busy working. Now, everyone in the family works. I miss taking lots of photographs with them too. After all, people always take photographs to capture their best memories, no? ;)

    To be honest, I would love to quickly save up lots of money to bring my family to visit Hangzhou - a city in China, near Shanghai, where I had spent a semester of cultural immersion in during my Polytechnic days. I'm sure they will be mesmerized by the scenic view at Westlake.

    <3, Joanna

  6. My last family trip was early this year to Harbin. I missed it so much because it is the first time we finally agreed to accompany my old parents to their favourite country - China. I always thought that this country is backward and under-developed but we were wrong. We enjoyed ourselves very much with the ice and snow all trip long. Best of all, all of us (mum and 3 sisters), cuddled up to my dad who don't really feel cold and able to radiate his warmth to us. This never fail to put a smile on my face. :)

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