I'm not sure if you guys have heard of the blogshop that I'm gonna introduce to you today, but I definitely have seen Pearlmilktea around for quite awhile & have always liked their clothing! So when they contacted me via email for an advertorial feature on my blog, 


Cause I knew there was definitely gonna be a lot of items that I will want to keep!!

& boy, was I right.

This 'Enchanted Lace Flutter Drop Shoulder Dress' in Lilac is my ultimate favorite from the collection.

It is soooooooo gorgeous!!

This dress actually comes with a sash like this for you to tie it around the waist area, but I totally forgot to wear it.

I really really am beyond words with this exclusively manufactured dress by Pearlmilktea.
 I've seen this design of dresses around lately & I've always kinda imagined how I would look like wearing it. Like would the cutting fit me? Or will it make my shoulders look broad? 

After trying on this piece, all my worries were just forgotten.

Because I really loveeeeeee it!

It is such a romantic piece & I really wish I have it in all 4 colors.

Okay, I'm not so greedy.

Maybe just 3 colors.

I really like the lilac one that I got, but I think the white & mint one will look really good on me too!! 
But but but, I also kinda want the red one because it will be perfect for CNY!  


The 2nd item that I picked would be this mint romper.
I've no idea why the color looks so BRIGHT in my pictures but in fact, it is actually really soft in real life. Just like a soft shade of tiffany blue!

If you don't already know, I'm a huge fan of romper because its fun & cute!
& this button down mint romper is definitely going into my collection.

& the last piece that I got is..

This 'Sweet Pink Floral Bralet' that is exclusive to Pearlmilktea.
I am a sucker for things that are exclusive! Because that means that the chances of you bumping into someone wearing the same outfit as you are lesser. Don't you just hate it when that happens? 

The material of this bralet is really stretchy & soft, it almost feels like you are wearing a bathing suit.
In a good way! Because its like damn comfy lah!!
& you can match it with either a pair of shorts if you want to go casual, or wear it like me, with a maxi skirt if you are feeling more dressy that day.

This last dress that I'm sharing is another one that caught my eye.
Really love the cross 'X' cutting of the dress. 
I think it makes it look so much more interesting & confirm will not go out of style anytime soon.


& here's a bit of update to share with you ladies!

Pearlmilktea is having an event week at MIYOC store (JCUBE #04-14) from this 
Saturday 26th Jan - Friday 1st Feb.

So head down to MIYOC store to be spoilt for choice! Featuring tons of apparels (some unreleased!), bags and even shoes (think pastel heels, kitty platforms, etc!). Up to 60 designs will be on the racks! Also, they will be having a SALE rack with items going from $10 - $15 only! You wouldn't wanna miss this!!! ^^ <3 

As a online shopper myself, I think it is really a PLUS, if the blogshop I'm shopping at has a boutique for me to pick up my items. Because sometimes you just really need to get that dress urgently for an event/dinner/party, & sometimes mailing may not be that trustworthy, so I would rather do self collection!

Happy shopping, my ladies!


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