My virgin Fillers & Botox experience

Its been almost 2-3 months since I decided to alter my face. 


Yes, I've always had the problem of a not-so-slim face shape because of my jaw muscles. See, I have the habit of grinding/clenching my teeth real hard when I'm sleeping. I was never aware of that until my boyfriend SX told me about it. He said I would be grinding my teeth SO LOUDLY in my sleep that he would be woken up by the racket I was making. *the horror*

So that explains why my jaw muscles are causing this protruding bulge on my face. 

The picture on the left with the yellow arrows indicates my strong jaw muscles. LOL.
And the picture on the right is the AFTER BOTOX-ED photo. 

See the difference!!

(NOTE: All pictures in this entry are non-edited. Only for the brightness and colors)

& this is how I look like 2 months post injections.

Higher nose bridge and slimmer face!

Carry on reading to see my transformation.

Met up with Michelle after work and we headed down to Phoenix Medical Group Clinic at Greenwich V.

& no, I didn't wear the pair of shorts to work, I changed into it after work.

An overview of the clinic.
Spacious and clean.

The certificates of Dr Daryn Kang.

So I knew I was in safe and good hands.

& we got right down to it.

Discussing what my problem areas were and how it can be improved.

So today we will be addressing two issues.

1 - My strong jaw muscles that makes my face looks big.
2 - My low nose bridge and the dent at the top.

I also stressed to Dr Daryn Kang that it was my 1st time doing Fillers and Botox so I wanted a natural result. I didn't want to look too different or have my nose become scarily high. I wanted to take it slow first and he told me to rest assure that he will keep everything looking natural.

Here's a side profile of my face.

Dr Daryn Kang pointed out to me that I have a very sudden dent on my nose as you can see from the arrow above. The area between my eyes are totally flat and he is going to fill it up for me. 

The sudden dent on my nose bridge really does look so awkward right?

So time to start filling it up!!

We got down to numbing the areas which we were gonna be injected.

& after 20 minutes, time to get down to business.

Here, Dr Daryn kang is making markings on my lower cheek area. He told me to clench down hard so he can feel the jaw muscles and that will be where he will be targeting at.

& this is the Botox I'm using.



Time for the needles to go in!

& yes, I can still do instagram video when he was injecting me.

I am fearless!!
Click above to watch the instagram video I took.

& when Dr Daryn Kang got to the other side of the face, I felt the pain.

Well, it isn't really painful, it felt like an ache. 
The left side of my jaw felt fine and zero pain when he was injecting but when he got to the right side, I  felt this weird sensation.

I guess it is because my nerves on the right side is more sensitive because I remember during my wisdom teeth removal years back that 1 side of my teeth hurt ALOT while the other side felt nothing.

& my dentist told me it was because one side of my jaw's nerve is more sensitive.

All in all, I would definitely still go through that weird achy feeling all over again because I am really loving my smaller face now!

Next up!

Nose time!

This is the brand of fillers that I will be using.

Dr Daryn Kang went straight to injecting them into the hollow area in between my eyes.

See the immediate effect?!

I have a higher nose bridge now!

My nose doesn't start halfway anymore. HAHA.

& here, Dr Daryn Kang is molding the fillers into shape.

It felt kinda funny but definitely not painful at all because of the numbing cream.

You can see from the above picture, the entire red part is where the fillers are at.

My nose looks so much better now even though it is red and slightly swollen!!

An immediate Before and After picture.

The dent portion in between my eyes are all filled up now by the fillers.


& because this was my 1st time doing fillers, Dr Daryn Kang told me to go slow and just do that in the 1st session and following up 3-4 weeks later if I wanted to bring it even higher.

He wanted it to heal properly to suit my face and not inject too much fillers and end up making me look too artificial.

So there I was back at his clinic about a month or so later.

Here's me telling him I wanted to go higher higher!!!

& the injection begins.

I was feeling so comfortable this time round because I knew what to expect and the pain level was very very bearable so I was in total CALM mode.
Here's another video that I took.

This time round, the 2nd session was done in about 45mins to an hour!

& I would only have to visit again in another 4-6 months time when the fillers are dissolving away.

Alternatively, there is another type of fillers that can last up to 2 years!! So there is no need to keep revisiting and injecting every 6 months! Do check that option out with Dr Daryn Kang if you like.

I wanna give a huge shoutout to Dr Daryn kang here on my blog:

Thank you for being so patient in explaining to me and clearing all my doubts.
Thank you for giving me a slimmer face.
Thank you for helping me achieve a more perfect nose.
Thank you and your assistants over at Phoenix Medical Group for making my 1st facial aesthetics improvement experience such a pleasant one.

& now its time for the Before & After pictures!!

Jaw muscle / face shape 
Left: Before.
Right: After.


Jaw muscle / face shape 

Left: Before.
Right: After.

Nose bridge
Top: Before.
Bottom: After.

Nose bridge
Top: Before.
Bottom: After.



I'm really happy with the improvements made to my face.

I notice the difference when I am putting makeup because in the past when I'm shading my nose bridge to make it look sharper, there isn't much difference because there wasn't much height but now when I contour the sides of my nose, the difference is hugeeeeee.

Do keep in mind that fillers can only add height to your nose bridge and not make your nose look smaller if it is huge. This is not plastic surgery. Think of it as an enhancement to your nose, where you can make it look sharper and higher. 

So for those who are hoping to get a smaller nose then what you need is plastic surgery.


Can't wait to go back to Phoenix Medical Group in January before Chinese New Year to re-do the Botox for my jaws because by then it would have been 6 months since my 1st session and the slimming effects should be wearing off.

As for nose fillers, I think I'll be touching up too if needed!

The official website:

Phoenix Medical Group Tel: 6555 3512
1 Seletar Road, #02-11, Greenwich V, S807011

If you are interested or have any enquiries, please call to check and just say that you are "Meiting's reader" and they will be more than glad to assist you.

I've even told Dr Daryn Kang to be more generous to my readers! 
LOL, Singaporeans loves a good deal don't we?



  1. I understand your doubts before taking Botox and fillers. First time patients usually hesitate to take these treatments due to fear of negative side effects. It's nice to know that you've found a reputable and trusted doctor to perform the injections. Are you done with your third session? Hope you'll continue to share your story. :)

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