Booktique Magazines

Hey everyone, I’ve got this cool new app that I would like to share with all of you.

It has made a difference in my life.

How so?

Carry on reading.

This app is called.. Booktique Magazines!

Currently it is only available for Android tablets and smartphones.

So from the name of the app itself, it is quite obvious that it is related to books or for this matter, magazines.

Booktique, the only local eBook store is now offering Magazines!

Previously, it was just Books on the go, now it’s Magazines on-the-go.

Booktique Magazines offers over 50 titles covering lifestyle, luxury, motoring, entertainment and much more, and includes 8 popular free publications.

& you’ll be surprised by how many different magazines you can read for free!

I found some these magazines under free publications!
(& with a property agent boyfriend, this was a magazine that I had to download)

and more!

So that means, even if you do not wish to spend money on purchasing the magazines, you can download the free magazines available!


Also there are already a few magazines that I recognize because.. I used to work in a magazine firm and..
I am definitely no stranger to Clubpets and PETS magazine!

& after browsing the different categories, I decided to download these 3 issues.

& it is all down in a couple easy steps!

1.     Go to
2. Browse from the categories of titles and pick an issue.
3. Click on ‘Add to cart’.
4. Login with your Hub iD or Gee iD if you are a StarHub Customer. If not, register for a Hub iD.
5. Click ‘Check out’ after adding the issue to the shopping cart.
6. Complete your purchase.

Then, it is time to whip out your android tablet or smartphones!

Search for Booktique Magazines & download the app for free!

Once you have the app, open it and you’ll see all the different magazines which Booktique offers.

I was totally spoilt for choice because there are so many categories for me to pick from.

I was thinking if I should go for Fashion first, or Lifestyle, or Food, or Health.

& I decided that I needed my dose of celebrity gossip..

& I downloaded ‘HOT’ magazine.

It feels so different to be reading the magazine online instead of the physical magazine.

Just by a flick of my finger, the page turns and best thing is, you can screenshot the specific page that catches your eye so you can refer back to them next time.

What I usually do when I’m reading physical magazines is I’ll take my iPhone and take a picture of the page if I want to keep certain article or product for future use. (& most of the time, to add to my shopping list.)

And the annoying thing is that I’ll have to take 3-4 snapshots before I get a clear decent picture because of my shaky hands. And then waste time to delete the failed pictures.

So when I read my magazines online via Booktique Magazines, all I got to do is just screen shot the particular page and it is saved in my Gallery. Problem solved!

Catching up on the latest gossips and another plus point is, you can screenshot certain interesting articles and forward it to your friends instantly!

Also, whenever you are waiting for your friends who are late, or waiting for your bus/train home, just whip out your phone or tablet and start reading magazines anytime, anywhere!

When you switch to reading magazines online, you can save your shoulders from the ache of having to carry physical magazines around which can be pretty heavy.

Also, save the trees too! GO GREEN! 

I've personally downloaded these 2 really interesting magazines 
- I-S magazine
& the time taken to download each magazine is less than 10 seconds.

*IT geek alert*

Do you know that Booktique Magazines also has this Text mode with text-to-speech option (on supported titles) offers a different reading experience. So yes, your magazine READS to you instead of you reading it.


Check out my virtual “book shelf” with all the magazines I have and on the right is my “Library” where all magazines are listed under different categories.

Now, my mom will finally stop complaining about all my magazines that are lying around the house which I’ve read and discarded because they are all stored neatly in my virtual shelf! No more stacking!

I can’t emphasize enough how this little app has made a difference in my lifestyle.

I no longer feel bored when I’m on the train going to work. Usually I will read my twitter or check my instagram but that will take less than 5 minutes and for the rest of my train journey I will do nothing but now, I can read magazines!!

Another thing that I’m really thankful for is that some past issue magazines under Paid titles are free for download too! So now I actually feel kind annoyed when I near the train announce the station that I have to alight because I’m usually too engrossed reading the magazine.

So what are you waiting for?

Go download Booktique Magazines now!

Booktique Magazines – The One-stop shop to get popular free titles and offers broad range of magazines catering to local taste!


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