Maybe about 3 weeks ago I was invited for the - bebe - event at ION with fellow Nuffnang bloggers. And the most coincidental thing of all is, that one of the marketing ladies from bebe is my long time childhood friend! Our parents played mahjong together all the time when we were little and even up till today. LOL.

I asked Michelle along as my plus one for the event because I know she loves fashion just like I do and bebe is kinda her style.

With Siew Pin and Mich.

Fellow Nuffnang bloggers.

There was a dress up contest and whoever that wore it better could walk away with the entire outfit for free!

Which is your favorite look?

Thank you bebe and of course, Siew Pin for inviting us down.

I had a great time though the shop was packed like crazy!

I left the event a really happy girl because I got this really lovely dress from bebe!

Will be showing pictures of me wearing it at the end of this post.

My outfit of the day.
Zara blazer, Primark(London) camisole, Zara inspired skorts.

One of my favorite blazers from Zara.

With my dear Michie.

People need to stop hating her before they truly know her.
She is one of the real-est person I know. And I guess that is somehow her weakness because she shares too much of her life with people that don't even deserve to know the details. & people tend to judge too quickly. 

I am not one who tolerate crazy ass-backstabbing-jealous-competitive bitches as friends.

Michelle is a fiercely loyal friend and will be there for me whenever I need her and I know it.

Fair weather friends? So over them.
The bunch of girlfriends in my life now will be here to stay for a long time. 

And here's the dress that I picked from bebe.

Love love loveeeeeee it.

The timing was perfect too as I had 2 weddings to attend just few days after the event so this dress was put into good use!

bebe never fails when you are looking for glamourous dresses and the latest fashion styles.



  1. YOYOYOYOYO!!! Greetings from Cambodia!! YOOOOHOOOOOOO!! Aiyo!! SOOO fucking love man!! You know I love you and the group too!! So glad I have you, birdie, chin, jun, Megan,Juan and all! So love. :')

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