Teeth whitening by InnoWhite

Having a set of bright and white teeth has always been something I was after. I mean, I spent 2 + years wearing braces so that my teeth could be straight and perfect but what is the use of it being straight if it looks yellow right? So I always used teeth whitening toothpaste and even teeth whitening strips to get a temporary fix for the color of my teeth.
Then, back in February 2014, yes, 1 year ago, I was offered a chance to get my teeth whitened by this new technology called 'INNOWHITE' by Dr Chung. I was thrilled because I've always wanted to get my teeth whitened by I didn't have the budget for it. I remember it being around S$3,000+ when I last checked!

"Our company is specializing in professional dental whitening system which market under the brand InnoWhite. This is wholly owned by our company in Singapore and it is a Singapore brand. The products include the in-office and home-whitening system.
The key feature of the InnoWhite is the utilization of OSRAM Advanced LED (ALED) technology from Germany in operating its light unit.  This non-heat solution emits blue-light at maximum intensity providing great effectiveness on the bleaching process, with reducing sensitivity and discomfort to the patients during the treatment .  Although the whitening effect initiated primarily by the chemical, the light with designated wavelength has the ability to speed up the oxidation process and make the treatment process more effective.   At the moment, we are offering complete in-office whitening kit with 35% hydrogen peroxide (HP35),  Home whitening kits with 10% as well as 22% carbamide peroxide (Home CP10 & CP22), and 6% whitening pen (WP6) as maintenance kit.  The products have been used by many dentists since we launched and the results have been very impressive. " as quoted by Dr Chung.

My teeth whitening was done at Orchard Scotts dental at Wheelock place.

These are some before and after pictures of other patients shared by Dr Chung.
I was definitely convinced that my teeth was going to look so amazing when I left the clinic.

I was then introduced to dentist Dr Jerry Lim who told me about the process of InnoWhite and what I was going to expect for the next 60 minutes under his care. 
(Yes, this was me back in February 2014, 1.5 years ago.. and I actually look darker then.. don't I?)

The entire process of my whitening session was filmed, do check out the video at the end of this blogpost!!

Here, Dr Jerry Lim was matching my teeth to find the color range my teeth was in.

& surprisingly, my teeth were already pretty white to begin with!
It was like the "4th" place from the whitest it can be.. HAHA, so Dr Jerry told me the difference I notice after the whitening session may not be as big of a difference as those who have very yellow teeth.

So in the diagram above, is the entire process of InnoWhite.
Very straight forward and quick!
I was done in under 60 minutes.

The timer was set at 15 minutes each time because that is how long the LED had to shine over the whitening gel.

I'm not going to sugarcoat things but I do have a pretty sensitive front tooth, the left side especially, and after the 2nd round, my teeth/gums were starting to have a reaction to the whitening gel. The feeling of tingling and weird sensation like how a sensitive teeth would feel when in contact with extremely cold stuff. A little achey kind of feel.

But it was definitely bearable lah, and for the sake of beauty, I braved through the 3rd and final round of the treatment which was just 15 minutes long

Here's a picture of my teeth:
Top row - before Innowhite
Bottom row - after Innowhite

My teeth was definitely 1 shade or  2 whiter. And as I've mentioned earlier on, the difference for me isn't that big because my teeth was already pretty white to begin with. But.. who doesn't want to have whiter teeth right?

So to be fair, this is the extend of what InnoWhite can do if your teeth are more yellow than mine!

I was also given this take home Tooth Whitening pen by Dr Chung so that I can maintain the whiteness of my teeth even months after the InnoWhite treatment and it is really simple to use.

Just "color" or rather coat your teeth (I only use it on the front few teeth) with the gel and let it stay for around 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off!

& here is a picture with Dr Jerry Lim, on the left, and Dr Chung, on the right.
Thank you for giving my teeth a brand new brighter and whiter shine!!

Watch the video of the entire process below!

If you are keen on having your teeth whitened by InnoWhite, do email them at 

The cost of the treatment is between S$1,000 to S$1,500, so much cheaper than the rest that I've enquired! I remember one clinic I checked was around S$3,000 and that scared me and put me off teeth whitening because it was way way way out of my budget.



  1. I Love how your teeth didn’t turn out crazy white. The after picture looks so natural. I hope you’ll be able to blog about the post-procedure as well. Were there any discomforts? I’d really appreciate an update. Cheers!

    Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental

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  3. Whitening my teeth has always been a chore to do myself in the past. It was great reading your post and learning something new about whitening. Personally, I now go to my local dental office in order to get the job done because I feel like I am just doing something much more beneficial for my own oral health and hygiene.

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  5. Wow it looks like you can get some pretty impressive results. I have done teeth whitening before but it was mainly through at home methods or with the little boxes you can buy at the store. I would be really interested to go in an see a professional to get it done. I would love to have much white teeth.

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