From time to time, I'll always have readers asking me how do I take care of my skin. How do I manage to keep it free from acne and dewy looking even though I have such a hectic lifestyle and am always lack of sufficient beauty sleep. 

I for one know the importance of hydrating the skin. Because we are always spending hours and hours in air conditioned rooms, it seriously dries our skin out and when your skin is dry, it is prone to getting fine lines and wrinkles way before its time! *gasp*

As for acne treatment, I am blessed with good genes from my mommy where I seldom get acne breakouts. But every now and then, especially before or after my period (when my hormones go all wacky), I tend to find about 1-2 annoying pimples popping out on my skin. & how do I deal with it?

I was introduced to ATORREGE AD+ Acne Spot Treatment from my girlfriend, thanks bird (the ultimate skincare expert). I bought it from Watsons, I can still remember it is the Takashimaya outlet and it was about 1 year + ago.

So this was my 1st item that I bought from ATORREGE AD+ which is also their STAR PRODUCT! It has won the HER WORLD'S 2014 Editor Choice for the Best Acne Spot Treatment. & don't be fooled by this tiny bottle, I used mine for more than 8 months before I finished the bottle.

The AD+ Acne Spot Treatment has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that heals pimples and acne scars. It also reduces redness and inflammation as well as prevent acne breakout without peeling the skin.

So when I was given the chance to try out a facial at 21st Century Beauty Spa where they use the full range of products from ATORREGE AD+, I was super excited because I'm familiar with the brand and I've personally tried it before & I know that it works!

So a quick background on ATORREGE AD+ before I share my experience with you guys.
It was founded in Japan by a group of dedicated nurses of a hospital in Kyoto where they realized many patients suffered from dry skin diseases. In order to relieve the itch and help the patients fall asleep, the nurses researched and discovered a plant called "mugwort" which contains antipruritic properties that help prevent and relieve itching.

Word got out and the Mugwort lotion that the nurses self-formulated became popular and they decided to have a reliable manufacturer to produce the lotion in large quantity. That was the 1st generation of ATORREGE. Fast forward to 2007, ATORREGE AD+ was launched to fight against the urban skin diseases (UV increase, electromagnetic waves from mobile phones/laptops, smoking, alcoholism, late night sleepers, fast food consumers etc) and improve skin conditions. 


Now that you have a better understanding of the brand, let me share with you my facial experience.

I went to 21st Century Beauty Spa's outlet at Ang Mo Kio (they have another outlet at Bukit Timah too!) and was told to fill up my particulars as well as things products I'm allergic/sensitive to.

Then I had my skin evaluated to see what my areas of concern were and the facial session would be targeted at those issues. Talk about customization! This way, the facial session would be really beneficial because not everyone's skin is suffering from the same issues, and it is best to always know what your skin needs instead.

My therapist first used the ATORREGE AD+ Mild Cleansing gel to remove all of my makeup and dead cells. This cleansing gel dissolves makeup in 10 secs and is really gentle on the skin. It also helps prevent blackheads from forming if you use it regularly.

Then, the AD+ Face Wash Foam was used to deeply (yet gentle on the skin) cleanse my pores to remove oil and dirt and at the same time tighten the pores. You'll definitely get clearer skin after using this product for an extended period of time because it really gives a deep cleanse.

Hot towel was then wrapped around my face, I love this feeling!

The AD+ Cool Lotion was sprayed all over my face next and I love how it has anti-bacterial properties to suppress acne bacteria from breeding on the skin. If you are already suffering from acne, this product would instantly relieve the itch and redness as well as act as an acne control.

I am loving the next product used on my skin, which is the AD+ Revitalise ECA Essence. This product here is recommended by the talk show (女人我最大) , it is an anti-free radical and anti-oxidant vitamin-encapsulated serum that prevents the skin from ageing. It helps to lift sagging skin, prevents pre-mature ageing and keeps the skin moist from inside out.

The next step is one that I will never skip: Whitening!!
The therapist applied AD+ White Essence on my entire face as it helps lighten pigmentation, freckles and brightens dull skin. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin so you'll be able to enjoy fair and translucent skin without worrying that your face may have any adverse reactions to it.

Then a gel mask was applied generously all over my face. 

See how thick the layer of gel maskwas? Super love the feeling!!
It helps to moisturize the skin and improve any dry or flaky skin (which sadly, I have).

This is usually used at the last step of applying the skincare.

But I had 1 final step left, which was the mask!
The AD+ Moist & Calming Mask is made from 100% organic cotton fiber that is bacteria-free and paraben-free. It instantly relieves inflamed skin, soothes and hydrates the skin as well as giving you a radiant glow after 20 minutes.

After removing the mask, the remaining essence on my face was then massaged into my skin by the therapist until all is absorbed.

So let's take a look at all the items that were used on my skin. (Starting from left to right)
I did miss out some steps like when the therapist applied the AD+ Acne Spot Treatment on the 2 zits I have, as well as the AD+ Refining Eye Cream. The eye cream helps to lighten dark eye circles as well as wrinkles around the eye area and help to lift the eyelids. 

& the final step: the face mask!

& this is me, immediately after the facial session..

My face was definitely brighter and clearer than when I first arrived. 
It also felt really supple and hydrated. 
I loveeee that feeling because my skin condition is usually pretty dry and even if I forgot to moisturize for 1 night, the next day I will have dry rough patches on my cheeks. 

So this facial session was definitely a luxury pampering session much needed for my skin.

Here's a satisfied customer, yours truly!

Thank you, 21st Century Beauty Spa and ATORREGE AD+ for the relaxing and rewarding facial session.
My skin was still feeling so good the morning after.

& here are 4 of my favorite items from the AD+ range. 
Actually, I really like a few other products as well but let's not be greedy shall we?

The Skin Treatment is a lotion that deeply hydrates and moisturizes the skin. It provides nourishment even up to the dermis layer for a long-lasting smoothness. I have been using this a couple of times the past week and it has been my favorite! It has other beneficial properties like strengthening skin collagen and elastin, prevents free radicals + UV damage, lighten dark spots, balance skin tone and restores skin radiance. 
Now you see why I can't stop reaching out for this product? 

To also help with my dry skin condition, I would try to use the AD+ Moist & Calming Mask at least once a week. As I've mentioned earlier that the mask is made of out 100% organic cotton fiber that is bacterial and paraben free, this mask is slightly pricier than other masks you find out there. But hey! You pay for what you get okay? I would usually use this mask the night before I have a big event or a day out with my boyfriend. Because my makeup goes onto my skin perfectly the morning after I've used this mask!

So the above 2 items goes hand in hand to aid in my drying skin and the AD+ Acne Spot Treatment and the Cooling Lotion is what you'll need if you want to combat those nasty acne breakouts. Using the glass dropper from the Acne Spot Treatment, apply it over areas that have active pimple. Try to not touch the glass dropper with your fingers to minimize contamination. You can use this as often as you wish because it is not harsh on the skin. The Cooling Lotion is also a must have if you are prone to acne because it instantly relieves the itching sensation as well as redness on your face. Just spritz 4-5x all over your face to keep those acne under control.

Here's how I look the morning after my facial session.
Radiant and dewy skin which I love. My makeup goes on easily because my face was hydrated and all I had was powder on. No liquid foundation or BB/CC cream.

So now for the best part, to be in line with the Great Singapore Sale, there is going to be a GIVEAWAY!!!! 
4 lucky readers will be chosen to receive a gift worth S$108.90!

- All you got to do is [Like] ATORREGE AD+ Facebook page and Like & Share this post.

- Comment on the post with the items you prefer (Acne Spot/Skin Treatment/Cool Lotion/Mask).

20% discount for all Atorrege AD+ products at Raffles City- Robinsons, valid till 13 July

Good luck all!!

Hope you would love the products like I do.



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