Friday, March 20, 2015

Fort Canning Wedding and Staycations

About 3 months ago I was invited for a staycation at Hotel Fort Canning as well as check out their Wedding Show and I was so excited to be given this opportunity as I've always been keen on staying at HFC. This iconic heritage boutique has just 86 rooms and is located at the heart of the city, Orchard & Clark Quey area.

 I really like the outlook of the hotel. The British colonial architecture just has this charm that I can't resist.
& did you know, Hotel Fort Canning is the winner of the 2014 World Luxury Historical Hotel Award?

Waiting to be checked in and it was done in just 15 minutes.

& here's our room for the night!

The sexiest bathroom ever.

Couldn't wait to jump into the tub for a relaxing warm bath.
The bed was so inviting and I wanted to take a nap first but we needed to fill our tummies before doing so. I just can't peel myself away from hotel beds.. I don't know why.

"Give me 5 more minutes ok?"

We headed over to The Glass House for a meal and we were starving!
Haven't eaten since morning so we ordered quite a bit.

The Glass House restaurant is a modern asian bistro that offers pretty pocket friendly dishes ALL DAY. On top of all of that, we even add on a pizza because we were THAT hungry and yes, we managed to polish everything off the plates.
Went back to our room and we slept for a good 2 hours.

& here's an OOTD before we headed down to the busy Orchard road for some last minute Christmas shopping!

The location is really ideal, it isn't right smack in the middle of Orchard Road where it may be a little too crowded and loud but yet it isn't too far a walk from all the shopping malls too! We were lazy to walk so we took the mrt from Dhoby Ghaut, just 1 stop and we alighted at Somserset station.

It was a pity we didn't get to use the pool though, look at it!! How inviting right?

I really hope to be back to Hotel Fort Canning for another staycation and I will utilize the pool this time round. If you are looking for a romantic weekend staycation with your partner, remember to check out Hotel Fort Canning!
 The next day, we woke up all excited for the wedding show.

As most of you may already know, I'm planning to get married next year but I've yet to start searching for a venue to hold my wedding! A totally clueless bride here, so I was glad that Hotel Fort Canning's wedding show gave me a clearer picture of what I want or do not want at my wedding.
One of the highlights is definitely the Garden Terrace area.
It would be the perfect place for a garden solemnization.
So romantic and pretty.
I can so picture myself saying "I do" here.
Here are 3 pictures I found online, credits to the photographer & the couple.
It was the perfect setting.
& come nighfall, this is how the garden terrace looks like.
I absolutely love fairylights, it is just a stunning picture.
So there are a few themes from the wedding show that couples can pick from & let's start with the grand one.
Summer Love @ The Grand Marquee.

This is the largest air conditioned & sheltered marquee in Singapore that is able to fit 50 tables.

Unlike traditional wedding ballrooms where it is just filled with dozen of round tables, the long tables are out to play in this Summer Love theme.
It is the perfect setting for a grand romance, really appreciating the row of chandeliers hanging above the aisle.

A close up at the table decorations.
Am in love with the tiffany chairs.

& here's the set up of the long tables.
Now let's move on to something more flamboyant.
Red Splendour at Legends Ballroom.

This bold setting is definitely for those who are into the glitz and glamour.

"A spectacular contrast and captivating ambience, evoking an exquisite affair to remember."


& then we have the Royal Luxe at Lavender Ball Room.

This set up reminds of me the Disney film, Beauty & the Beast.
I'm not sure why but it just does.
"Understated grandeur intertwined with majestic and royal purple hues, this setting evokes effortless elegance for a sophisticated and truly breath-taking wedding."


& lastly, we have the Sweet Romance at Lavender Ballroom.

A wedding fit for a sweetheart. I like how even though pink seems to be the main color here, it isn't over girly and still able to appear really classy.

"Sprinkled with a whimsical and fairy tale touch, this enthralling concept is teeming with gorgeous ombre and layered silhouettes of vivacious bouquets. An enchantment that turns moments into memories."

Well, even though these themes are pre-designed, you don't have to worry if you want to change your mind about some of the decorations or center pieces because they are all personalizable.
I told SX I really dream of having a garden solemnization and my heart has already been won over by Hotel Fort Canning. But of course we will still be looking at other options before making our decision but the Hotel Fort Canning is definitely one of our few choices!
Right now, there is a special SG50 promotion going on until the end of 2015, where a S$50++ will be rebate from each table!
There's another wedding showcase coming up just next week so be sure to register early as there are limited seats available!!
29 March, Sunday,
3pm to 9pm!
Only S$18 nett per couple.
To register, call +65 6559 6783
Address: 11 Canning Walk Singapore 178881

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Having soft, smooth & radiant skin was something we took for granted when we were younger. As we age, our moisture level tends to decrease leading us to tighter & drier skin. I used to think that because I was in a tropical climate & I didn't sleep in air conditioned room when I was younger, I didn't have to care about moisturizing my body daily as I was just simply lazy. But when I started my previous job as a flight attendant & I was 24/7 in places with air conditioning, my skin started to pay the price.
I was in the aircraft up in higher atmosphere for more than 10 hours at a go and this happened day in & out till my skin surrendered. Even when I was in hotels or shopping malls, air conditions are everywhere. I then started experiencing itchy patches around my waist, arms and legs and I would scratch it like crazy. It was so dry that I could even see tiny scales starting to form. That was when I got a shock of my life & decided to start moisturizing my body.
Having healthy looking skin is crucial to me & I always emphasize on the importance to keep it in its best condition. Having a face full of makeup and wearing the prettiest dress wouldn't be complete if your skin is dull and your arms + legs look dry.

& as most of you know, as a blogger, I'll have to take OOTDs for advertorials and sometimes even u p-close pictures of my back (for that bare back dress), arms (for that bracelet) and legs (for those shoes) & it would be really unsightly if my skin was flaky right?
& one pet peeve I have is when the skin around my knees and elbows get super dried out. Not only does it feels rough, it looks darker in appearance too & that, I really cannot tolerate. I'll exfoliate and moisturize it like crazy because nothing feels sexier than being able to glide my fingers through my skin & feeling its suppleness.

I'm lucky to be able to try out JERGENS latest range of moisturizers.
I'm no stranger to this brand because I've seen it almost everywhere I go, be it in Asia or the states where JERGENS is the best selling body lotion brand in USA. So when I was told about this opportunity to experience JERGENS, I agreed eagerly.
JERGENS recently launched an improved range of body moisturizer that goes beyond moisturizing, giving you luminous skin all day with the breakthrough Hydralucence blend.
The Hydralucence blend formula provides long lasting hydration, continuous smoothness and long lasting luminosity - I was able to achieve gorgeous glowing skin on top of keeping it moisturized. My skin used to look dull, sometimes even greyish and I felt like I looked older than I should be and now my skin exudes radiance, is visibly healthier and I can't be any happier.
So, let's keep time on your side with these babies that will maintain beautiful & age-defying skin, catering to different skin types with the 3 variants.

Daily Moisture
Silk proteins & citrus extracts from this range will soothe and repair any dry + rough skin. Improved texture and visibly smoother skin is what you can expect after using this even for the first time.

Ultra Healing
Sealed with the goodness of Vitamin C, E & B5, this moisturizer repairs & nourishes extra dry skin for a visibly healthier appearance.

Soothing Aloe
Infused with pure, natural extracts, this moisturizer contains cucumber extract as well as pure aloe vera that revives & refreshes dry skin.

Couldn't decide which variant I liked best because they all have their very own outstanding qualities that I need! I would definitely be using Ultra Healing if I was still flying and my skin was super dry but thank god it has improved. So nowadays I'm alternating between using Soothing Aloe and Daily Moisture.

I usually only apply it after I bathe at night and all ready to jump into bed. If I'm hardworking or not rushing for time in the morning. I'll apply a quick layer over my legs and arms before I go to work. Don't be lazy girls, because if you can spend 10 minutes applying skincare and makeup for your FACE, you should also be paying a little more attention to your body as well.
Don't you want to have luminous & hydrated skin all day?

 4 pumps are all I need for both of my legs.
& I really appreciate the design of the pump bottle. No need to stick my fingers into the tub of moisturizer or use much strength to squeeze out the lotion.

The texture of the moisturizer is really lightweight and it gets absorbed by my skin really fast. I like how it doesn't leave a sticky or wet feeling on my skin after application and that means I can get dressed or lie in bed without feeling uncomfortable.
It also has a very faint scent to it and I think that's great because I really dislike moisturizers that have really overpowering fragrance.
The JERGENS moisturizer is non-greasy I really love the texture because as I've mentioned before, it leaves me feeling hydrated and refreshed without the stickiness after-feel.

The new range of JERGENS will be  retailing at S$8.90 each for 400ml and you can find them at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores.
In my opinion, it is super value for money!
Below S$10 for such a substantial amount of product.
Thank you JERGENS for providing me with long-lasting luminosity and continuous hydration for my skin all day. It looks and feels so much healthier and I can't leave my house without slathering JERGENS all over my arms and legs.
Click here for more details on new Jergens products:

You can also redeem samples of JERGENS products at:

Friday, February 27, 2015

Maldives, my kinda paradise

Hey guys, I know this entry is way overdue, I do. *Gulps* But I finally found time and got down to selecting 80+ images out of the 900+ images I have. YES, that many. That's why I kept procastinating to do this blog entry because the amount of pictures I had was crazy and I will take super long to go through all of it.
So what you see here, is just 10% of Maldives's beauty.
80+ images to talk you through, now so here we go!
I've never been a beach-lover or the type of girl that loves to get in the sun, I am still scared of getting tan but I know that I have to visit Maldives once in this lifetime. The pictures I've seen of people who have been there were all so beautiful. It looks unreal, like out of a postcard you know?
So when my friend, Esther, asked me if I was interested to join her, I immediately jumped at that opporunity and asked SX if he wanted to go and he was more than happy to! He has always been a very sporty guy, basketball player and all and he loves getting tanned so he was thrilled that his gu-niang girlfriend suggested a vacation where there was no shopping malls!
We went in late July, which was the monsoon season rainfall. THANK GOD.

After 4+ hours of flight, we landed on the tarmac of Maldives!!

We took a speed boat to the island where our resort was at & paid $130 USD per pax for a round trip transfer.
Some of the resorts are really far away from the airport and you'll have to take another plane just to get to it and that is really expensive. Like the plane ride from Maldives airport to your island is the same price as the air ticket from Singapore to Maldives. Crazy right?
Everything is paid in USD in Maldives, just fyi.

& after a 35 minutes journey via the speed boat, we arrived at our resort's dock.
& what I saw made me fell in love with Maldives. AT FIRST SIGHT.
*Zero Photoshop/Filters used for all these pictures*

It was so beautiful.
Sure, the sun was pretty strong but it wasn't humid at all, the occasional breeze was really comforting and just look at the blue skies and clear ocean. *take me back there naoooo!!*


Here's us walking towards our villas.
We stayed at the Meeru Island Resort and Spa.
We picked the Jacuzzi Water Villa that are over-the-water. It was the most expensive option and we paid like S$800 per night a couple for the villa. We also took the deal which was the All Inclusive package which includes buffet breakfast/lunch/dinner as well as snacks (sandwiches,cakes, cookies) and drinks (both alcholic & non-alcoholic) at all the 3 bars around the resort. So practically everything we ate and drank at the resort was complimentary.
(Not sponsored/paid for this entire blogspot)

The Jacuzzi Water Villas are also located at the more secluded areas of the island, so it is much more private and mostly for couples, so no noisy children running around or screaming babies.

Took this picture of SX at our balcony when I was standing at our bathroom.

Our bedroom.

The balcony which SX was at earlier on.

The huge-ass bathroom.

& the private Jacuzzi that we only used once or twice?
We prefer jumping into the ocean straight from our rooms instead.

See what I mean?
Just a staircase away from my bathroom door was the ocean.

Esther & Janice came over to my villa and we just had to take some pictures while the boys were already swimming in the water below us.

Made our way out of the villa and to the beach.
 But first, jump shots.

We headed over to the bar area to get some drinks & sandwiches because, hungry.

All free because of the all inclusive package we picked!!
The chicken & cheese sandwiches were the bomb.

Asians doing what asians do when on a holiday.
Spam picture taking!

HAHHAA, wtf guys?

Spotted one of the many tiny sharks in the shallow waters.
& then we witnessed our very first Maldivian sunset.

Other than sitting by the beach and consuming free-flow alcholic drinks, which we did quite a bit of, we swam a ton too!

Here's Esther & I getting our snorkeling fins & goggles on as we make our way down to the sea from my villa.
Snorkeling was something we did daily and I miss it so so much.

Here's us on another boat taking us to the deeper part of the ocean for our dives.
We signed up for 2 dives that day and it cost about.. oh no, I can't remember.. maybe $150 USD per pax?

Thank god we took our open water diving license before this trip!!

Diving in Maldives was not so much different than the time I did in Tioman.
I mean the water was clearer but the currents were so much stronger too.

One of the sea turtles we saw!

Group pic underwater!

& here's us on another boat going out to deeper waters for snorkeling!
This was complimentary from the resort!
& I look ultra fair because I was spamming sunblock with SPF 130+ on myself after each time I come out of the water. But I still managed to get tan. Damn.

Put on your fins & let's jump!

Because we were all exhausted & the currents were really big, we decided to wear the life vest this time round.

Saw this amazing school of fishes under water.
The different types of corals were really beautiful too and we saw many other fishes as well. Pufferfish, turtles and even baby sharks!!
I swear it was 100x prettier in the water than what you see now in the picture.

This was pretty much what I wore once I woke up till the end of the day.
Yes, that was my just-got-out-of-bed face.

This vacation was one of the best I had in 2014.
No shopping.
No logging into facebook/instagram every hour.
(I think the only time I used my phone was at night after dinner and maybe just upload 1/2 pictures before I go to bed.)
No distractions at all.
It was just 6 friends, on an island, having the time of their lives.
& I really like that.

SX promised me that we will go back to Maldives soon.
So, either this year... or the next?
I want to visit other islands!

& also not forgetting, I got proposed to as well.

Once again, I want to thank my friends who helped SX in the preparation.
But I guess we made it up to Janice & OKM because I helped him in return for their proposal!!
One full day of filming from Orchard to Marina Square to Ang Mo Kio to Bishan and crawling on all fours trying to arrange candles to form the words "Will you marry me". Haha, now left with one other couple before I repay my friendship favors.
If you haven't read about my proposal, here's the link:

Took this picture the next day and that small beach area was where the proposal happened.

Admiring my ring the next morning on my balcony.

I didn't wear it straight away because I was afraid that I would lose it in the water.

SX definitely loving this lifestyle.

Failed timer-shot.

Sigh, look at that.
How to not fall in love with Maldives?

Spent one of our evenings at another bar..

Chilling and drinking beer.

Then the boys went kayaking around our island.
It took them around 25 minutes to go 1 round man.

Witnessed another unforgettable sunset.

Successful jump shot after 265485410 tries.

Hahah the guys one.

Like I said, it was paradise.
I'll be back for you, Maldives, I promise.