Alba Botanica

Hey girls, do you still remember my previous posts on Alba Botanica skincare and hair care?

My first review on this brand of skincare can be found here:
& here is the post on their hair care range:

This drug store brand is really affordable and has a wide range of skincare and hair care products to cater to everyone with different needs. I’ve almost finished using all the items that was sent to me except for a few shampoos that doesn’t suit my scalp conditions but the rest of the items have given me nothing but amazing results!

Today, I want to share with you on the 2 favorite products of mine from their skincare line that I’ve actually used up and repurchased once before they sent me these 2 items again for a 2nd review.

*Did you know that recently, Alba Botanica was awarded the “Best New Botanical Skin and Hair Care” award for Watsons’ Health, Wellness & Beauty Award 2015.*

The first will be the Hawaiian Facial Mask – Pore-Fecting Papaya Enzyme.

This is similar to a pore clearing mask just that it is very mild and gentle on the skin. It is perfect for those with sensitive skin because it does not give you any tingling sensation or dry out the skin too much like those clay masks in the market.

It comes in this gel-like texture and it spreads on the skin really easily.
One of my favorite benefits of using this facial mask is that it removes flaky dead skin and brightens up my skin! That is because the papaya and pineapple enzymes gently loosen and dissolve dull skin cells and impurities.

All I needed to do is to spread it all over my skin, wait for 5-8 minutes & wash it off with warm water.
No need to tug at my skin or use any abrasive scrubs.

It has a cooling effect on my skin and it just feels so comfortable and calming.

I also use this as a spot treatment whenever I have a huge annoying pimple growing out of nowhere.
It significantly reduces the size of the pimple and the redness after use.

The next item is the Hawaiian Oil Free Moisturizer – Refining Aloe & Green tea.

This moisturizer is more towards the cream type but it is surprisingly pretty light! It is also oil free as mentioned and that means it will not clog your pores at all. In my opinion, it is beneficial for people with drier skin conditions and I would recommend it to those who have pretty dehydrated skin like me. But I’ve also read reviews of those who have oily skin and suffer from acne that love this product and have been using it for a long time too!

I usually use this amount on my face and my neck before bed. I do use this during day time too but not on days when I run about outdoors, my skin may tend to look a little shiny by the end of the day.

Also, it contains Aloe, green tea, gotu kola and cucumber extracts that provides antioxidant benefits, YAY!

My makeup application goes on really smooth after using this moisturizer, my face powder seems to sit perfectly on my skin and I really like that.

Besides those 2 highly raved products, here are others from their Hawaiian skincare range too!

The Hawaiian Facial Cleanser – Pore purifying pineapple enzyme,
The Hawaiian Facial Toner – Complexion balancing hibiscus,
The Hawaiian Facial Scrub – Pore purifying pineapple enzyme.

All Alba Botanica products can be found at Watsons and Robinsons!!

Another reason why I’m so sold onto this brand is because they use 100% Vegetarian ingredients, they are pH balanced and Alba botanic does not do Animal testing or uses artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, parabens and more.

So I am always able to use the products with a peaceful mind knowing that there isn’t any harsh chemicals content in them.

“We recognise the need to be good stewards of all natural resources. So we try to do beautiful by reducing our environmental impact in everything we do as a business, from the field to the final product.
Together we can help to preserve and heal the planet, now and for future generations, because we truly believe that everyone deserves their place in the sun.”

October Giveaway!!

For over a period of 4 weeks in October. Alba Botanica Sg is holding a Facebook giveaway campaign. 
Each week, 3 winners will be selected to win a set of 2 moisturizers and 1 facial mask (worth more than $60) each! 
This giveaway focuses on the Hawaiian Moisturizer and Facial Mask.

How to participate:
1.     Like Alba Botanica Singapore’s Facebook page (
2.     Share weekly giveaway post and tag three friends
3.     Leave a comment 

A little hunch tells me that if your descriptions or shares are more creative, it will definitely increase your chances of being picked!

Good luck girls!

For more information on the brand, visit their website:


Are you aware of how much water you and your family use a month?

I don’t really know too, except for the bills we pay each month..

But I must say we’re pretty good at conserving water because my mom actually practices quite a bit of water conservation acts at home


The above is a pie chart showing the breakdown of water usage for each activity in a typical household.

So I guess the biggest contributors of an average family’s monthly water consumption are showering and washing in the kitchen. By shortening the duration of water usage, people can save 9 litres of water per minute in the shower and 8 litres of water per minute in the kitchen sink.


I don’t think I need to reiterate this but, water is precious to every living thing on earth and more so for Singaporeans because we used to face water shortage issues in the past!

We’ve been encouraged since young to conserve water and that every little drop counts.

& here are some ways of how I conserve water at home!

My mom and I only do our laundry only when the load is full.
This way, we do not waste that huge amount of water just for a few pieces of clothing and this definitely is one way to save water!
Instead of letting the tap run, I use a tumblr when brushing my teeth.

This is another easy way to minimize the usage of water.

The next way of conserving water is to turn off the tap when washing dishes!
The same theory applies when soaping your hands or body when taking a bath, always always ALWAYS turns off the tap or shower.

& the last effort is something new that I’ve just learned from PUB’s website:
Which is to water the plants in the early morning or late evening to minimize evaporation losses!
I never knew that this is also an easy way to help save water!

If you have other ways of conserving water, do share them with me because I would love to help the earth as well as pay less for my monthly water bills! Haha.

Today, Singapore has built a robust, diversified and sustainable water supply from four different sources known as the Four National Taps. More than 5 million people enjoy clean, safe water at a turn of a tap. Now that we have sustainable water supply, we should not take it for granted and still continue putting in effort to conserve water!
Hope you’ve learn some useful & easy tips of saving water!
Follow @PUBSingapore on Instagram for more water conservation tips or visit their website:

Bio-essence Bird's Nest Peptides

Bird’s nest has been one of my favorite delicacies since young and I fondly remember how my grandma used to always treat me to a bowl of her homemade bird’s nest whenever I’m studying hard for my examinations. 

Bird’s nest is popularly known to be a “beauty food” which many celebrities speak about when it comes to their beauty secrets. My friend used to even take a spoonful of concentrated Bird’s nest every morning as part of her skincare regime but it was too costly for her to keep up with.

So, here’s a big HOORAY! for all of us because Bio-essence has just launched 2 skincare products that contains Bird’s nest – The Bird’s Nest + Peptides!
Now we can all able to include the benefits Bird’s nest in our daily skincare & to slow down the process of aging.

Bird’s Nest + Peptides is a newly upgraded Pre-aging and Whitening series from Bio-essence, Singapore’s leading mass skin care brand.
Newly added with Bio-Whitening Peptides, this new skin care range contains highly luxurious ingredients of Bird’s Nest’s extracts to provide intense nourishment for your skin.

This is the Bird’s Nest Plumping Capsule Essence
It contains Collagen Capsule essence that is rich in collagen that instantly plumps up the skin. Can you see the many tiny collagen capsules in the bottle?

Applying Bio-Whitening Peptides directly to the skin can “trick” it into thinking that it has enough melanin, which is the cause of pigmentation and stops if from producing! So that means it helps reduce the formation of those nasty pigmentation marks that I am so dreading! 

This Plumping Capsule Essence really helps in brightening dull looking skin and at the same time keeps me looking fairer with each use!

I use about 3 pumps and it is more than enough for my entire face, neck and collar area. With each pump, the capsules are burst and the concentrated essence of the collagen are released. Upon breakage of the capsules, rich collagen is released and absorbed into the skin, keeping it plump, tender and youthful.

I love how light weight the product is and how my skin instantly absorbs it and I’m also slightly drawn to the slight fragrance it has that gives a pretty calming effect.
It also effectively helps to moisturize my skin to quickly reduce any fine lines caused by dryness.

Another plus point of this Plumping Capsules Essence is that it is added with Bio-Whitening Peptides to help brighten the skin and improve overall fairness.

The next product that I use after applying the Plumping Capsule Essence, will be the Capsulated Essence-in-cream.

This Capsulated Essence-in-cream moisturizer combines the richness of cream and treatment of capsule essence. 

I was expecting the cream to be very rich in texture as it was filled with collagen capsule essences but to my surprise, it is not heavy at all! 
Even though it is a cream type of moisturizer, it goes on and spreads easily on the skin.

As the name suggests, Capsulated Essence-in-cream, it is filled with collagen capsules that break upon application to release all the goodness of the concentrated essence that helps to firm & moisturized the skin.

I have been using this moisturizer pretty much every single day since I got it a week ago and I really enjoy how my complexion has seem to become brighter and my skin tone evened out. Thanks to the Bird’s Nest Extract that effectively firm and nourish my skin!

Fun fact: Did you know that Bird’s Nest is reputated to maintain youthfulness and enhance one’s complexion. Studies have shown that it is rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF) that is responsible for our skin & tissue repair!

The Plumping Capsule Essence is retailing at S$39.90 but for the launch special, there is a 15% discount and it is going at S$36.90!

The Capsulated Essence-in-cream is retailing at S$36.90 but for the launch special, there is a 15% discount and it is going at S$31.35!

You can find the Bio-essence products available at Watsons, Guardian and NTUC.

Right now, Watsons is having a promotion till 7 October 2015! 

Purchase a Bird’s Nest + Peptides Perfect Cleanser with a Plumping Capsule Essence or Capsulated Essence-In-Cream to receive a FREE bottle of Yu Xiang Yan Rock Sugar Bird’s Nest 150ml worth S$18!
(While stocks last at selected Watsons outlets)

NTUC Income - Orange Health

Health is wealth.
I bet you’ve heard of this saying, and I truly believe in it!
I used to be really unhealthy. I ate junk food, skipped meals and exercise was not part of my vocabulary. I was able to get away with it when I was in my teens but as I got older, it really started to catch up with me. I was tired all the time and often fell sick. It hindered my daily life and affected my performance at work. So my 2014 resolution… was to lead a healthier life!
So I started to take care of my body by feeding it right with nutritious food, coupled with exercise.
I took up pole dancing and signed up for a gym & yoga membership too!
I definitely felt a difference in the quality of my life. I was able to do more and I felt lighter & happier.
When I got to know about NTUC Income’s Orange Health initiative, I was very excited. I never thought that being healthy could reward me monetarily.
Orange Health is a value-added service from NTUC Income aimed at encouraging Singaporeans to adopt an all rounded healthy lifestyle. The initiatives include (1) health screenings offered at a special rate (2) a friendly mobile application for you to keep track of your health and medications daily. 
What’s more, NTUC Income literally rewards those who stay healthy!! I was really pleased with this initiative because it is such a positive movement.
So I checked out the Orange Health screening!
The NTUC Income branch I went to was at Bras Basah!
The registration and time taken till I got to my turn for the health check was fast although there were quite a number of people there.
Conducted by medical professionals, the Orange Health screening helps you to find out the general status of your health.

Each Orange Health screening is offered at a special rate of $15 (inclusive of GST).


I quickly texted my parents & family members (we have a family groupchat on whatsapp) and encouraged them to book an appointment for the Orange Health screening too!

You too can book your Orange Health screening appointment here:
The Orange Health screening consists of the following checks:
- Health & weight examination to find out your BMI
- Blood pressure reading
- Lipids profile (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL & triglycerides)
- Fasting blood glucose level test
These four tests are commonly used for early detection of symptoms that may lead to major diseases such as stroke amongst many others, and are recommended by the Health Promotion Board for general health screening.
The entire process of the health screening was completed in less than 10 minutes!!  My results will be out soon and I can’t wait to find out if I passed the health screening.
So, you might be wondering about how the monetary rewards fits into all of these… if you pass all four tests of the Orange Health screening;
• NTUC Income IncomeShield policyholders will receive $50 shopping vouchers;
• Non-policyholders will receive $50 discount on their first-year premium should they apply for Enhanced IncomeShield!

As mentioned, there is also an Orange Health app for your daily use.
I downloaded it & you definitely should too!
 On the “homepage”… you’ll see a dashboard highlighting a summary of your exercise, your up-coming health appointments and even your up-coming medications!
It is also a great place to keep track of your daily exercise!
What’s unique about this app is its caregiver function. What is this, you may ask? Basically it is a function that allows you to assign a caregiver to ensure that your medication is taken. Should you miss your dose, your assigned caregiver can be prompted to remind you. This is especially great for those who have to look after someone, for instance an elderly in your family.
I’m really happy to be part of the NTUC Income Orange Health initiative to encourage healthy living for all. I’ve experienced the difference in my quality of life ever since I started living healthier and taking steps towards an active lifestyle. & I really urge all of you to take this step towards healthier living too!!

Mentos Pure Fresh Mints

What’s something that you should always carry around with you when encountering the following awkward & embarrassing situations?

These are just some scenarios that I’ve personally experienced & I’m sure many of you have been down similar road as me.

When you have that “haven’t eaten anything the entire day” unpleasant breath.. 
& you are caught in a social gathering where you are meeting new people, talking and making first impressions. 

Or when you find yourself struggling to keep your eyes open during a meeting in the office..
& all the big bosses are around but you are trying your best to fight the yawns & force the eyes wide open.

The answer to my problems earlier on is the latest Mentos® Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints!

It was first launched in Singapore last year in 2 mint variants, Peppermint & Spearmint and now, 2 additional flavors are joining the Mentos® Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints family.

These sugar free mint tablets contain natural active ingredients such as Green Tea Extract that helps to actively purify breath

Here’s one of my personal favorite, the new Strawberry Mint!

I find myself reaching for these whenever I need a mini break away from work.
The fruity flavor definitely gives me a kick and I love how they are big on flavor but will not affect your waistline as it is sugar-free!

The other new flavor would be the Intense Mint (A stronger mint variant)!

This item is always in my bag because it really does an amazing job at freshening up my breath.
I’ll always pop one of these in my mouth before I go for my appointments or meet-ups with friends. I think it is just plain courtesy to have a pleasant breath as you’ll be really making people around you feel uncomfortable. I know there were times where I was caught in such situation where people around me didn’t have the freshest breath and I was wishing I had a box of mints with me so I can offer it to them!!

It is always good to give yourself a hit of mint after each meal!

Or even after having a coffee date.
I don’t know about you, but I really dislike having coffee-breath!
I mean, I love drinking coffee and I think it is really fragrant but the aftermath of it, oh no no..

Am glad that the Mentos® Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints comes in these sleek tin casing that is really convenient for me to throw into any bag that I’m carrying. 
& I do not have to worry about crushing it like how I usually do with paper box packaging.

It is retailing at S$3.30 per tin, with 50 mints inside!

So do try out the 2 new flavors and let me know which your favorite is!

The Intense Mint..

Or the Strawberry Mint!

From now till 15th September 2015, you’ll stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 4G+ (2 SETS TO BE WON!) with every $5 worth of Mentos® Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints! 

You’ll be able to purchase the mints at all major retailers island-wide.

Good luck for the contest & remember, always keep your breath fresh & smile wide!