Coco & Eve

The woes of having long hair is that the ends of my hair gets really frizzy and tangled. & to make things worse, I apply heat onto my tresses daily so it worsen the condition of my hair even more. Even with regular use of hair conditioner in the shower and hair oil after, it still gets back to its original state after each night's sleep.

This is the unruly state my hair is in every morning and on days where I skip using hair conditioners. Super dry and messy.

So I was really excited when I received the Coco & Eve 5 in 1 hair masque cause it seems really beneficial for my tresses!

A super nourishing Coconut & Fig hair masque that comes with a tangle teezer!
The 2 main ingredients like raw virgin coconut adds shine & softness to the hair. It also strengthens and repairs hair by preventing hair breakage and split ends.

The essence of fig and shea butter work in harmony to moisturize and help detangle the hair without weighing it down.

The unique formula contains no drying sulfates and is completely paraben-free and is also 100% vegan and gluten free.

With the use of the hair masque & tangle teezer in the shower, I am able to run my fingers through my hair with such ease as it repairs my hair from inside out, making it lustrous and healthy. It helps restore my tresses back to its original state.

5 in 1 treatment

Restores dry damaged hair

Improves hair texture and shine

Hydrates and deeply conditions Treats split ends and tames frizz

Transform hair in only 10 minutes

Not only do I love the coconut scent in the shower, it also lingers so ever slightly throughout the day. My hair is instantly softer, smoother and even has a shine to it! Coco & Eve tames my hair's frizz and treats the split ends.

Another plus point is that Coco & Eve do not test on animals.

& best of all, you can get to enjoy a 25 % off on your next masque purchase!
Find the URL at the bottom of the hair masque, which entitles you to the discount.

To find out more about Coco & Eve's hair masque, visit >

Post Natal Massage Singapore

Ballooning up like a whale is something most pregnant mommies face when they are reaching their 3rd trimester and I was no exception. I've had many people telling me that engaging a good post natal masseur & binding your stomach is really important as it helps "shrink" your uterus and in return, your stomach too. 

I was reaching out to my mommy friends for recommendations to no avail and luckily I was introduced to Post Natal Massage Singapore! There were able to commit to me readily and I did not have to worry about the masseur giving me a "no-show" like some of the horror stories I've heard from my mommy friends.

Here's a picture of my masseur from Post Natal Massage Singapore and I after my 8th session of postnatal massage and I'm really impressed with her skills and service.

Look at how huge my stomach was, this was probably 2 weeks before I delivered. Looking back at this picture now, I can't believe or even remember my belly being this big. 

My masseur always arrive on time and the thorough full body massage which I had was really beneficial and essential to me. It helped with reducing the initial water retention that I had, especially on my legs. The Post Natal Massage also aids tremendously in any clogged milk ducts or engorgement issues from breastfeeding. Surprisingly, I didn't find the lactation massage to be too painful as many mommies warned me to be. In fact, I looked forward to it because it helps relieve any blockage in my milk ducts and I always feel lighter and more relaxed after each session. My breast milk flow and production improved and Kayla could latch on and feed with ease. 

I had the massage in the comfort of my own home and I just placed an old comforter over my bed so that it will not be stained by the oil used during the massage. If not, you will be advised to place a large towel underneath you. The Post Natal Massage was something I forward to as I could take a break from constantly latching Kayla every 1.5-2 hours during her newborn stage.

I never knew that postnatal massage played such a crucial role for postnatal recovery until I've personally delivered. I remembered walking slightly more from day 3-6 after delivery as I can't stand lying in bed the entire day and feeling a weird "empty" feeling in my uterus. It was from the misalignment of my pelvic and abdominal organs after childbirth. & with the Post Natal Massage, it can immediately encourage discharge of lochia, and return the position of my pelvic and abdominal organs back to its pre-pregnancy position.

My masseur Post Natal Massage Singapore even commented that I've been walking a little too much and my uterus is pretty low. She said she could help "massage and push" it back to position but it will take a few days. & indeed, the first time she did the massage, I felt a weird and achy feeling but by my 4th massage session, it had improved so much that I didn't feel any discomfort at all.

At the end of each session, the masseur will bind my stomach with a corset to keep "everything in place" and I really saw significant difference from day 1 compared to day 8 of my session. My waist and stomach area did become smaller and more toned. I kept the corset on for 6-8 hours as advised by the masseur and I was able to still breastfeed Kayla without any hindrance.

During one of the sessions, my masseur also demonstrated and taught me how to do a simple baby massage for Kayla which will help her with any stomach wind, a common issue faced by babies. Kayla was so calm during the massage and even fell asleep halfway into it. Haha.

I would highly recommend all pregnant mommies to have at least 7 sessions of postnatal massage as I truly benefited from it. If I could, for my next pregnancy, I will sign up for the 10 sessions package with Post Natal Massage Singapore

Here's the package rates for your reference:
7 Sessions: 60 mins massage + 15 mins binding, S$688
10 Sessions: 60 mins massage + 15 mins binding, S$898

For more information, you can visit Postnatal Singapore website here:

Getting Back My Pre-Natal Body with Bella Marie France - Part 1

I've been a mom for more than 3 months and I'm loving every minute of it. As this is my first pregnancy and I have no idea what to expect but I’ve heard so many good and horror stories about the postpartum weight. I've gained this little bundle of joy as well as a post-baby tummy  . This is truly one of the things that I dread the most after giving birth to Kayla.

“87% of women say their stomach still hasn't returned to normal"
Nearly half of our moms said their breasts are different now, and 37 percent said they have wider hips. But the post-baby tummy – "my mommy fluff," as one woman put it; "this bulbous tire around my middle," another complained – is what really seems to blow most moms away. One to two years after having their baby, 86 percent of women say their belly still hasn't returned to normal.- source from The new-mom body survey: 7,000 women tell it like it is.

I used to love wearing body hugging outfits and dressing up was something I looked forward to! This was all before I got pregnant.

Then I got pregnant and I saw the weight slowly creeping up on me. I was still able to fit into tight dresses at the start of my pregnancy but that only lasted during the first trimester.

The first few items that I couldn't fit into anymore were my shorts. I have several pairs of denim shorts that I used to love wearing but look at my huge bump, it was impossible to button them up.

I gained a total of 14kgs during my 39weeks of pregnancy and the above picture was taken at BMF Bella Marie France 2 weeks before I gave birth. Yes, you read it right! BMF Bella Marie France. I decided that I should do something to help me manage my potential postpartum weight gain and started searching for a partner that I can trust to help me reach my body goals. I'm so glad to have partnered up with Bella Marie France and our goal is to get me back to my ideal figure in a safe and healthy way!

The above picture shows my post natal figure and as you can tell, my problem areas are my flabby tummy and hips that have gotten a lot wider and more meat on them. I am still unable to fit into my favourite pair of denim shorts! *sobs*

The first step after embarking was to take my measurements with the 3D Diagnostic System. This powerful scanning device captures millions of data points in a matter of seconds (only 30 secs!) in a fast, non-invasive process. Its robust feature recognition algorithms recognize key landmarks on a person’s body and use them to extract highly precise 360-degree analysis - body fat, weight & overall fitness, including circumferential measurements. I’m able to view the measurements as well as shape information in 3D. With that data, they’re able to plot my progress & see if everything is right on track!

I would visit them at their Orchard Gateway @Emerald Beauty Gym for treatments which are specially arranged by their weight management experts after they did the complete body analysis and measurement on me.

I love every visit to BMF Bella Marie France as the environment is always so relaxing. Ever since becoming a mom, I’m always focusing 24/7 of my time & energy on Kayla. So it feels really nice to take a break once a week to pamper myself and I'm sure most mums will be able to relate!

 It is my little pocket of "me-time" that I really enjoy having when I set foot in Bella Marie France at orchard gateway@emerald, & knowing that I’m one step closer to achieving my pre-pregnancy. The ambience is spacious & calm, whilst enjoying the view of Orchard Road. & the good news is after 4 weeks of treatments, my fat % has reduced and I've managed to trim off some inches! 

Here's one of my favourite treatment because of the prominent fat-loss results it delivers! 
The Pro-freeze!
It ‘freezes’ away the fat bulges!! & I really need this because the flabby bulges around my tummy are really making me feel less confident about wearing tight-fitting clothing. The good news is I am already starting to see results after 2 weeks and I can’t wait to see more because visible result in loss of fat is said to be seen in just three weeks following the treatment. 
It uses a fat-freezing technology with target cooling that safely & effectively removes unwanted fat cells. 

So far, I've done Pro-freeze on my belly fats and my love handles and the results are really promising!

If you’re keen to give the Pro-Freeze treatment a try, quote “LianMeiting_PFZ” at this link:

I can't wait to show you guys my results at the end of my 3 month journey with Bella Marie France, because I'm already starting to see my waist again and I can fit into some of my shorts (though still a little tight but I can zip them up already)!

For more information about BMF Bella Marie France, you may visit 

Tian Wei Signature: Confinement Food Catering In Singapore

I'm a huge foodie and I was pretty worried that I'm going to be bored of having the same old food during my confinement of 28 days. There was such a long list of things that I was unable to consume, like seafood, raw food, anything that's too spicy and some meats as well. What am I left with?!

Luckily for me, my confinement food woes were taken care of by Tian Wei Signature. If you're unfamiliar with them, it is a confinement meal caterer for Mothers during their confinement in Singapore. & how Tian Wei Signature stands out from the rest of the caterers is with their menu which is specially prepared by an award winning chef and they incorporated meals into the confinement menu plan to spice things up! The exciting menu contains traditional Chinese confinement meals, Japanese and Mediterranean cooking style, using only traditional confinement ingredients. It is all prepared with breastfeeding friendly ingredients to ensure all mothers able to increase lactation and not compromising the nutritious values they needed.

I was always looking forward to my meal delivery everyday because the menu is different everyday and I like having a huge variety of meals cause I'll probably be bored eating the same few repeated dishes for 28 days.

Each meal came with a meat dish, a vegetable dish, a starch/carb dish and a soup/dessert portion. The serving of each dish is really generous as well, sometimes I even share the dishes with my family members. I'm always left feeling pampered and full after each meal and with a peace of mind knowing that all the dishes were prepared with the essential ingredients for Post Natal Mothers like me.

Now let's take a look at the delicious food I've consumed during my confinement.

It is so good, the meat was tender and the gravy is not too sour and I love having it with rice. 

Another dish that I really like is the "Chicken rice", it was so delicious that when I was at my last piece of meat, I wish there were more. 

I'm a huge fan of Chinese boiled soup and Tian Wei Signature sends at least 1 soup over each day and the soup are all very tasty and nutritious. One of the star favourite is the Fenugreek Papaya Milk Fish soup that is a great milk booster for lactating mothers.

Over at Tian Wei Signature Catering, they understand the importance of breastfeeding and milk boosting ingredients are planned into the meals to aid mothers with their breastmilk flow. To name some of the ingredients such as Fenugreek, Cumin and Fennel. You can learn more over on their website:

And during the 3rd week of confinement, I was starting to miss having western cuisines after having Chinese meals for 2 full weeks and that's when Tian Wei Signature started sending Japanese and Western meals over.

& if there are certain food that you are allergic to or wish to avoid, you can always highlight to them and it will not be included in your meals.

Here's the various packages for mothers to cater for their individual needs.

Doubles Packages (Lunch & Dinner):
28 Days Double Package = $1688
21 Days Double Package = $1288
20 Weekdays Double Package = $1228
14 Days Double Package = $868
7 Days Double = $448

Single Packages (Lunch or Dinner):
28 Days Single Package = $868
14 Days Single Package = $448

If you wish to find out more, click here to visit Tian Wei Signature: Confinement Food Catering in Singapore.

PEM confinement review

My PEM Confinement Review

As a first time mom, with zero experience in handling a newborn, I knew I had to hire the help of a confinement nanny and boy, was I glad I did. My confinement nanny is from PEM confinement agency and they assigned auntie Soo Cheng (#542) for me.

She arrived on the day I discharged from hospital and there was no awkwardness whatsoever even though it was the first time we met. She was professional and got down to work immediately. Polite and fast in handling her daily tasks like preparing breakfast for my husband and I, doing baby's and our laundry, bathing for baby and keeping our home clean and tidy.

She taught me so much about my baby that I didn't even know, she could tell that Kayla was a little insecure and on the timid side and needed more cuddles during bath time as it was foreign to her. She didn't continue bathing Kayla when she started crying, instead she held Kayla close to her chest and hugged her for awhile before she calmed down and then continued with the bath. This gentle approach towards bathing made Kayla at ease and by the end of the 2nd week, she loves bathing! I took over bath duties during the 4th week before my confinement nanny left and she didn't even cry once during her bath time. 

Our confinement nanny came along with us for each of the doctor's appointment and she made the first few outings with a newborn so much less stressful.

Here is our confinement nanny feeding Kayla my expressed breastmilk. She also taught me how to angle the bottle and baby so that the milk flow will be slower and smoother when Kayla is very hungry and tends to suck too fast and choke on the milk. I've been using all the tricks she taught me even till now and they seem to all work well for Kayla.

I trust Kayla in her care so much that I actually went out several times during my confinement period with the husband and left Kayla fully in her care. We managed to go for movies, dinner dates and even hanging out with our friends. The husband and I were so upset when the 28 days of confinement was ending because we really appreciated the extra pair of hands and help we got from Auntie SC.  

Here are some of the breakfasts that she prepared for me.

If you ask me again, is hiring a confinement nanny necessary? I'll say YES in a heartbeat. As I was just recovering from labour, my body was still pretty weak and I was in no condition to fully take care a newborn by myself. And there was a million and one things about taking care of a newborn that I never knew until I learnt them all from my confinement nanny. 

If I were to have baby #2, I'll definitely wish to hire Auntie SC again!