3M for all your needs!

Have you ever encountered those “OH-NO” moments the night before you have a big day? I swear it is like the murphy’s law or something. But whenever I have an event to attend, a wedding dinner or a date with my fiancé, I’ll somehow pop a pimple or two and it is so frustrating!! I’m not sure if it was due to the stress of looking my best or just lack of rest, but I’ve seem to always be the victim of such situation & the thing about my skin is, I seldom get pimples. But when I do, they are usually just a single big one randomly planted on my face.
How I wish there were inventions that could suck the pimple out of my face!
& well, there sort of is.
These Acne Patches from 3M, Nexcare do almost just that!
It clears acne spot-on real fast.
I am not sure if you can notice it, but do take a double look at the picture of me above & focus on the left eyebrow. Can you spot an acne patch there? Yes, I was wearing the acne patch because I had a pretty huge zit with yellow pus and I wanted that nasty thing out asap.
This is the acne patch for ladies, which was the one I used for my pimple in the above picture.
It is suitable for regular as well as night use and it comes in assorted sizes in 36 or 18 patches.

& the men’s one is designed especially for regular and night use and it comes in assorted sizes in 30 or 15 patches.
This over here is the Thinner Acne Patch and it’s the meant for day use.
It is 40% thinner than the ladies acne patch (only 0.01cm thick!) and less obvious so you can actually wear it out under your makeup!
It comes in assorted sizes in 30 or 18 patches.
I’m so glad that there are different types of 3M Nexcare acne patches to suit my different needs!
This is how it looks like!
It targets effectively on stubborn acne with visible results, with
out drying your skin and causing scars. The 3M Tegasorb is a water-based material that acts like a sponge in helping to absorb the oil secretion and pus in your pimple. It is also breathable even though it is water proof, so it makes wearing it really comfortable!
See my huge pimple above my eyebrows?
It is pretty big and painful when I touch it but I do not wish to squeeze my pimples as I do not want to leave a nasty scar. I’m pretty fair so whenever I have scars on my face, it takes a really long time for it go fade away.
Since I was home and not planning to go out, I picked the regular Ladies Acne Patch to treat my pimple.
Just remove the acne patch from the transparent film like how you’ll remove a sticker.

& stick it firmly over your pimple! Make sure it is stuck on properly so that it will have better absorption of the oil secretion and pus. Just leave it on overnight, and the next morning when I wake up, I can see the sticker becoming white as compared to when it is unused (beige), that means all the sebum and pus has been sucked out!

One thing I really enjoy about using this acne patch is that, it actually prevents me from touching and picking at the pimple! It also acts as a protective barrier against the environmental pollutants and risk infecting the pimple even more.
A really fuss free solution to treating pimples!
The retail price for the Nexcare acne patches are from S$5.20 to S$8.20 and right now they are having promotions ongoing at Watsons and Guardian. So do check them out if you are keen and it is always safe and best to keep 1-2 boxes of these acne patches at home because you’ll never know when a pimple will creep up on you!

Besides the highly raved Nexcare acne patches, 3M also have a huge range of products under their belt that are things we will often need in our everyday life.
I really like high heels because I’ll instantly look taller, my legs looks slimmer and longer but I’m really afraid of wearing heels the entire day cause most of the time they look pretty but hurts so bad. I’ve had blisters on my feet cause of high heels and it made me stopped wearing heels for awhile but I’ll still wear it cause beauty over pain right?
Well, with the help of the Nexcare Foot Care Pads, I think I would be able to walk the entire day in my heels!
It is the next level of blister care. Made with Hydrocolloid material, it aids healing and provides cushioning to reduce friction pain caused between feet and footwear. It also has lavender oil to soothe and moisturize the skin. & best of all, it is mostly transparent and the cushion is beige color so it would look invisible against the foot.
I’ve heard that these Foot Care Pads are not just loved by women, but men too, as many of them get nasty blisters after playing sports.
It is retailing at S$7.90.


Injuries - cuts and wounds can happen anytime. & it is always best to have a couple of plasters in your bag because you’ll never know when you’ll need it. I do not have the habit of carrying plasters around but I have some friends that do and they are often life-savers! I shall try to have this habit too!
Usually falls and scrapes will leave behind unsightly scars on our skin and did you know with Nexcare Wound Care Solutions, these bandages actually promotes fast wound healing and prevents scabs from forming!! I didn’t know about this and it is an amazing technology to be able to prevent scab formation.
The bandages are latex-free, waterproof, comfortable to the skin and offers good protection against bacteria and infection. The gel pad also helps in reducing pain by providing cushion to the wound. I’ll definitely be carrying a handful of these in my bag from now on, so friends, whenever you need them, you know you can look for me!
The Wound Care Solutions bandages are retailing at S$8.30 to S$8.95.
& lastly here are some other products like the Kinesiology tape, the Bath & shower puff and the Non-Exposure tapes.
I’m mostly drawn to the Non-Exposure tapes as I do have a couple of dresses and tops that are pretty low cut and I will definitely need the help of these tapes to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions!
These fashion tapes are really thin, double sided and hold strongly even when you perspire! They are also made suitable for people with sensitive skin so not to worry about it causing any itch or discomfort.
It is retailing at S$6.30.

And as Valentine’s Day is approaching, here’s a tip from me: Do remember to stock up on a box of these incase any sudden pimple pops up when you least want it to. We all want to look good and at our best during that special romantic dinner date and having a big red zit is just not cute!
I know for sure that my mood will be dampened if I wake up in the morning to find a pimple on my face because that cute dress that I bought definitely does not go well with the pimple.
So, remember to have one of these Nexcare acne patches ready at home just in case!


I’m sure in a tech-savvy era like ours; everyone has definitely been hooked onto online shopping before. I am an avid online shopper and I especially love purchasing items that are from overseas as I am not able to find them in local stores. There are definitely risks when it comes to online shopping, so I make sure that I only buy from shops that are legit and trustworthy. 
 Today, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite online shops – Rakuten!
Rakuten is a virtual shopping mall that has close to 500 merchants with a huge range of product categories including fashion and accessories, health and beauty, consumer electronics, toys, F&B and home furniture. 30% of the shops on Rakuten are from Japan and the rest are local. I love finding my favorite Japanese snacks and skincare products on Rakuten as I am now able to buy them without having to personally fly over to Japan or have my friends bringing them back for me!
I’m eyeing on this Brightening Wrinkle BB Cream as I’m currently using it daily for work but it is going to be empty soon. I am so glad that I can now order it through Rakuten and not have to wait till I travel to Japan to stock up this item.

Yay! Thank you Rakuten for having this available so readily for me!
& now I will be sharing with you my #RakutenShoppingHacks!
Ways to save and get the best value for money items!
The 1st on the top of my list is the Rakuten Super Points!!

Hack #1

Rakuten have launched a 5x Rakuten Super Point-back programme, where members can get a 5% rebate in the form of Rakuten Super points for their purchases. So basically, you’re being rewarded each time you shop – everything, everyday, with no limit on the amount of rebate!! (Psst, signing up as a member is free too!)

With every S$1 spent, you will be rewarded with 5 points right now because of the 5x Rakuten Super Point-back Programme!
& with every 100 points you have, you will be able to deduct S$1.00 off your next purchase!
So you are basically saving for your next purchase as you shop now.

Hack #2
- would be to check out the DEALS CORNER on the Rakuten page.

This page is filled with items on discount and there are just so many items there, I have a hard time restraining myself from carting out everything!

Hack #3
 – Signing up to the Rakuten direct e-mailer.

This will give you the 1st hand information of any flash sales for the entire Rakuten marketplace, so you’ll definitely be the first to know!! There will be occasional coupon codes and curated items for the best buys daily! This is usually a combination of shop discounts + Rakuten’s own campaign discount. Rakuten sometimes co-sponsor the discount with the merchants to give greater value to shoppers!
Hack #4
- Subscribing to your favorite shop!

By subscribing to the shop, they will inform you directly whenever there are new arrivals or promotions and you’ll be kept updated by your favorite shop.

Hack #5
– Keep a look out for payment discount days!

Rakuten has special partnerships with banks and credit card companies so there will be occasional discounts for the different credit cards and those savings can add up to quite a lot too! For example, every Tuesday is Mastercard Tuesday!   

Where there is an extra discount of 5% for everything with no minimum spending!
There are of cause many other shopping hacks but I’m sure you’ll know most of the common ones like, gathering more friends to buy items in bulk, looking out for free shipping items or even buy 1 get 1 free promotions and the most crucial one to me – DO NOT FORGET TO USE YOUR RAKUTEN POINTS BEFORE THEY EXPIRE!
 & now, time for shopping!!
I’ll be sharing a list of cool & value for money items that I’ve come across on Rakuten for you guys!
Snaffles – I’ve tried this before & it is so soft and light, I could eat 3 of it at a go! & if you happen to find it on discount on Rakuten, it is much cheaper than buying it at the store!
Precooked seafood – Best for undomesticated people like me! & with the CNY coming up, it would be good to order it soon before they get all snatched up. Seafood & steamboat goes so well together.
NanoJapan Collagen – This collagen is highly raved and it does more than just anti aging and keeping you looking youthful, it also helps firm your bust! I’m so keen to try it.
Bioderma Cleansing Water – This is one of my favourite items in my skincare routine, especially on lazy days where I just use a cotton pad and pour on the cleansing water to remove my makeup.
Kenkocom – Definitely my favourite shop here on Rakuten, it has so many beauty and health products that I’ll personally purchase.

SK2 – I’ve been using SKII for more than 8 years and the discount here is crazy!
Tokichoi  – Fashionable and affordable clothes for us ladies, I’ve seen a couple that are very suitable for work and date nights.
So now that I’ve shared all my hacks and great finds on Rakuten for you guys, what are you waiting for?

Do sign up to www.Rakuten.com.sg as their member!
There is a currently a contest held by Rakuten – The Rakuten Ang Pow Giveaway!

If you do sign up as member of Rakuten, do go over to this page
to key in your email address ok?
Till then, happy Shopping!!

Bioskin collagen drink

So I met up with lady boss of Bioskin, Mathilda, awhile back at The Central outlet just before I went for my monthly facial.

Mathilda was sharing with me their new product, the Stem Cell+ Collagen Drink.  

I’m sure many of you have already seen this on TV commercials or even print advertisements. I was really excited to try the Stem Cell+ Collagen drink as I am already in my late 20s and my skin is not at its optimum best anymore 

I’ve noticed my skin’s firmness decreasing as well as the creeping in of some fine lines around my eyes and even in between my brows (I think I frown too much, haha). Besides just applying skincare daily to hydrate and keep the moisture level high, I believe that beauty comes from within too!

That’s why we need to ensure that our internal systems are at its optimum best so that we can achieve healthy skin and body. Even though there are many procedures nowadays that can have instant results targeting the surface skin problems, but if we have accumulated a lot of toxins in our body without treating it with proper supplements, our system will be unable to function at its best.

Unlike many others, Bioskin Stem Cell + Collagen leverages on the most premium and beneficial ingredients to give you the maximum results, Other than collagen and stem cell, the drink contains at least 10 other main ingredients that will have a huge beneficial impact on your skin and health.

800x more effective than CoQ10, 
6000x greater than Vitamin C,
550x more powerful than Green Tea Catechins.

All in this small bottle, amazing right?

Bioskin Stem Cell + Collagen drink is specially formulated by Bioskin and wholly made in Japan!
 It only contains premium healthy ingredients with no added sugar or artificial flavourings

& with these 10 skin benefits, what’s not to love?
    Anti Aging
    Firming & Lifting
    Skin Brightening
    Skin Rejuvenation
    Overall Well Being
    Anti Oxidant
    High Internal Lubrication
    Inner Moisture
    Inner Sunscreen

So if you are looking to get younger looking and hydrated skin with reduced fine lines, you can give the Bioskin Stem Cell + Collagen drink a try! You should be able to feel a difference after  in 10 days and start to see visible results after 3 months (but it depends on individuals for the results though, if your body is healthier, you’ll definitely see the visible changes sooner!).

SMS <Meiting_Stem Cell> to 82881133 and enjoy 1 bottle of Stem Cell Collagen drink + Stem Cell Face Treatment + Cell Renewal Cream + Foot Pressure Detox massage @$38* only!

*T&Cs apply

For more information, you can visit their website: http://bioskin.sg

AIS Traveller Sim

Traveling is my favorite thing to do, I mean, who doesn't love to take a couple of days off from work and have a good time overseas?

I have 3 different trips coming up in the next few months and 1 of it will be to Bangkok!!

Thailand or rather Bangkok is always a holiday destination that I will visit every year. Sometimes even twice a year! Not only is it due to the fact that it is just a 2 hour flight away from Singapore, it is also one of the places with the best food & shopping! 

This was taken a couple of years back, & if you are an avid fan of Bangkok, you’ll definitely recognize where we were at.
Chinatown for seafood! Yummy!

I love treating myself to a cup of root beer and curly fries over at A&W! 
What a shame Singapore does not have A&W fast food chains anymore. So I can only satisfy my cravings whenever I visit Bangkok.

This isn’t Bangkok, but Phuket! 
I had one of the best times there. The locals were friendly & the beach was so beautiful.

I will be traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, at the end of January 2016 and I'm so happy that AIS, the most trusted network in Thailand, is collaborating with me! 

The 1st thing we Singaporeans always do when we land at airport overseas is to hurry over to a telecom counter get a Sim Card for data and call usage. This is to ensure that we are still able to connect with our loved ones back home and also some of us need it for work too.

& we will always be looking for those that are able to offer the best package.

So let me share with you AIS Traveller Sim.

You can easily find the AIS shop at Suvanabhumi International airport (Bangkok). There are several unlimited internet packages such as 7 days, 10 days or 30 days packages for you to choose from. Also there is a 3-in-1 SIM in one package (Nano, Micro & Normal SIM) which will be suitable for all devices.

AIS's helpful staff in the shop will ease all the complicated steps in SIM registration and help to set up your SIM in your devices when you purchase over the counter.

Also, the AIS call center 1175 is available in foreign languages like Chinese, Korean and English, so do not worry if you meet with any issues, you can just call the call center any time.

& there's a quick and easy guide to top up your credits as well as checking your balances!

To top up the credits, it is really fuss-free and can be done at any 7-11 convenience store. Just hand over the user manual to the staff and it will be taken care of!

The AIS Traveller Sim has a strong and wide coverage so it does not matter if you are on an island, or up on a mountain, you will still be able to receive excellent signal and high speed data!

Now, I’m able to update my Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat on the go!
The above screenshot was taken from my Instagram page when I visit Bangkok 6 months back & we visited this traditional breakfast place.

 As a blogger, I always love sharing my food finds and travel pictures online with my friends & readers and so having a strong & reliable mobile network is very important to me!

Also, there is a privilege for AIS Traveller Sim customers when they make a booking via Golfdigg, a mobile golf booking service on iPhone & Andriod which is offering over 30 golf courses across Thailand with up to 80% discounts, customers will be get a 100 Baht discount code!

Another privilege for AIS Traveller Sim customers is that a 10% discount will be given whenever a booking of any packages with Local Alike is made. However it is limited only 3x per AIS Traveller Sim number each month.

Local Alike is a travel company that offers a wide range of community-based tourism experiences. Travelers get to take part in off the beaten path experiences that contribute to the preservation of local ways of life and conservation of our environment. 

So the next time you are going over to Thailand, do give AIS Traveller Sim a try if you wish to enjoy
- High speed data 
- Wide network coverage
- Crystal clear voice quality service calling back home
- Non-stop internet and free calls credits offering in various ready-to-use package
- Easy & convenient buying & setting up the Sim card

For more details on AIS - visit www.ais.co.th/travellersim

Now, I can't wait for my Bangkok trip!! 
I will be able to update my social media accounts like Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook on the go without worrying about lousy network and slow speed, thanks to AIS!

Coach Watch

What makes a good gift?

I know most of us enjoy receiving presents especially if it is a surprise gift but personally, I really enjoy being the giver. I like the entire process of it all, from having that particular person in mind, remembering their likes and searching for the present that they will be thrilled to receive. Nothing makes me happier than seeing their faces light up with joy when they are opening the presents. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just knowing that I can make them smile.

As you know, Christmas is nearing and it is the season of giving!

I’ll usually have at least 3-4 different parties to attend and the celebrations will just spread over 3-4 days. I love playing secret santa and it can be challenging to get the perfect gift for your friends especially when there is budget to keep to! But, for the special loved ones, I’ll usually go all out.

Here’s an idea you can keep in mind if are looking to get the perfect present for your partners or even a very dear old friend.

“A good watch should possess all the attributes that make something a classic: dependability, durability and design integrity. These are all things we consider when we think about a timepiece that bears the Coach name.”
Stuart Vevers,
Executive Creative Director

I recently collaborated with Coach for their watches from their Fall Winter 2015 Collection.
& let me share with you the ones that I’ve picked.

Tristen – “Car Paint”

“Colored with the same rich, “car paint” inspired enamel used on Coach Fall handbags and accessories, the latest Coach Tristen watch is a sporty, day-to-evening style with a substantial bracelet. The case, accented with a bezel of sparkling Swarovski crystals, makes a particularly bold statement. The navy version is balanced with the richness of lavish gold plating with deep blue Swarovski crystals around the bezel and on dial, while the blush style has a rose- gold plated case encrusted with the romantic glow of rose crystals. The deep blue ion-plated case and bracelet is accented with a lustrous navy dial with crystal markers.”

I picked the gold bracelet instead of the blue or rose gold one because I think the color contrast between the gold and the blue face + Swarovski crystals around the bezel is very unique. I do not own any watches with a blue dial as I think it would be difficult to match with my outfits but this combination goes so well together! I appreciate the luxurious vibes.

You can’t see it, but I actually wore the Coach Tristen watch along with this outfit.

The watch dial that I picked for this is 36mm (also available in 28mm), not as dainty and small as the usual female watches and I think the entire look & feel of it gives the wearer a lot more character. It adds just a tiny bit of masculinity and everyone knows that androgynous trend is so hot right now.
The watch is water resistant (99 feet) and comes with a 2-year limited warranty and manufactured by Movado.




“With rounded, open lugs and no hard edges, the delicate-looking Delancey watch echoes the softly shaped hardware used on Coach’s key handbag styles. Soft fluid bracelets complement the feminine look of this slender case design. The classic yet modern case and dial recall the heritage of the Coach brand with a decidedly New York edge. All Delancey dials are a soft white accented with a heritage Coach Horse and carriage emblem and delicate open hands.
Available in stainless steel, stainless steel mesh with rose gold-plated case and rose-gold tone case and bracelet.”

I decided that I would also need a more feminine watch in my collection and that is why I picked the Delancey watch. As I have a pretty versatile dressing style that goes with my ever changing mood, it is also important that my accessories are able to match them.

I paired the Delancey rose gold watch with this girly outfit with soft neutral colors and it looks brilliant together.

I think this is the perfect watch for me to wear to work daily. Even though it is small and subtle, it is able to make a significant difference to your entire look.  
It comes in 23, 28 and 36mm sizes so ladies with very tiny wrists; you should definitely try this out. 
The watch is water resistant (99 feet) and comes with a 2-year limited warranty and manufactured by Movado.



“The Bleecker Sport features a larger, 44mm case and a rotating bezel. Distinctive straps, including leather, NATO and integrated rubber give these designs a sporty character. Chronograph sub-dials add refined functionality; laser-etched side plates lend to a custom.”

Watches are an essential item to a man’s wardrobe. It has been said that a man’s watch is one of the few things people take note of during first impressions.

Some people feel that the more expensive your watch, the better. But I feel it isn’t necessary, unless your goal is to show how wealthy you are. A watch to me just needs to be of 3 things.

That will be the durability, stylishness and comfortability.

That’s why I picked the Bleeker Sport for my fiancé as it comprises of all these 3 elements!

Even the name suggests “sport” it is still perfect when worn with formal attire. My fiancé is a property agent and his work requires him to meet clients daily and first impressions are very important as that is when the client decides if they are able to trust him to sell/buy their property.

Coach Men’s watches are made with the same uncompromising standards this lifestyle brand brings to its iconic leatherware. Created for the fashionable consumer who appreciates style and quality, these signature timepieces offer the innovative design and attention to detail that Coach is famous for.

Like all Coach Watches, these new men’s styles are crafted with state-of-the-art quartz and chronograph movements. They are water-resistant to a depth of 99 feet, and equipped with extra-durable crystals rugged enough to withstand the demands of a sporting lifestyle.

Price range of these watches are from S$289 – S$535.

Available at Coach Boutiques and authorized retailers shops.

Happy shopping!