Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The BEST INVENTION for fried-food addict!

I've always wanted to get the Phillips air-fryer for the longest time. 
Ever since I saw my friends posting on Facebook the creations they came up with and how much healthier it is to consume fried food using this cooking method, I was sold. But due to the fact that in my household, cooking seldom happens, I just procrastinated and made a mental note to myself that I will have to get the air-fryer when I have a home of my own. 


Because I love fried food!!
Fries, nugget, chicken wing, luncheon meat, fish fingers, etc. 

Anything fried is definitely up my alley but it is really bad for health as the amount of oil used during deep frying is really frightening and my cholesterol levels are pretty high. :( So I've been forced to cut down on my oily/fried food intake by my boyfriend.

So imagine how happy I was when my blog manager told me that the generous people at Philips decided to sponsor me this air-fryer!! (& its the best version of all somemore, the AVANCE XL which has 1.2kg cooking capacity!)

*Thank you all so much!!*

Now I can indulge in fried food without actually having to fry them in OIL and risk having crazy cholesterol levels.

It is super easy to use. 
Almost idiot-proof man. I didn't even have to read the instruction manual. HAHA.

So let's see what I managed to whip up!

On the LEFT panel - select the  or  arrow to set the TEMPERATURE.

On the RIGHT panel- select the  or  arrow to set the TIMER.

I set it to 200 Degrees Celsius for 11 minutes.

I was just making food for 1 person (loner is me) so I didn't cook much of the waffle fries.
So just dump the fries in, and press the START button!

& after 10-11 minutes, TADAH~

Take a look at this golden perfection. 

Just HOT AIR to fry my fries and it is just as crispy and tasty.

So after cooking and tasting the plate of waffle fries, I decided to try frying chicken wings & battered fish!

So the same thing, I set it for about 180-200 Degrees Celsius for around 12 minutes..

& before I know it, the beeper from the air-fryer came on and the food was ready!

I love how I can just grab the handle and pull out the entire "basket" and just overturn all the food onto the plate so there's not need to use a chopstick/fork to slowly pick each item up.

Look at the amount of oil it drained out from the chicken wing & battered fish!!!

Read the following and keep this in mind:
I didn't use any oil to fry the chicken wings & battered fish and YET it even drains out excess oil from it. 


Aren't you sold? 
I was.

I even told my brother I will buy this as his housewarming present next year when his house arrives.

IT'S LIKE A MUST-HAVE in every household!

You can actually enjoy fried food and not feel guilty because it is not soaked with oil.
I still think the best thing is that it even pulls out the excess oil from the food. 

I didn't even have to use any paper towels to soak up the oil like how I normally will do if I were to deep fry my food.

& cleaning of the air-fryer is such a breeze too.

1- take a few pieces of paper towel and soak up the oil that are left in the bottom "container" or if there is too much oil, then just pour it into a plastic bag for disposal.
2 - add a few pumps of soap detergent into the container + water and let it sit for awhile.
3 - Rinse off and air dry it before keeping it.

So just 3 days back it was my girl pal's birthday and all of us decided to have potluck over at her place.
& I volunteered to provide...


3 cans of luncheon meat + 3.5 bags of chicken wings waiting to be AIR-FRIED

& in less than 30 minutes, I prepared a feast that is able to feed more than 15pax.
It was so easy!

& besides just FRYING, you can actually ROAST, BAKE and GRILL with the Phillips Air-Fryer.

Here's other food that you can cook using Philip's air fryer! 
(Found all these on google image search, the pictures are not mine, so credits to the original owners)

Grilled cheese sandwich. 
I'm so gonna make this for my boyfriend.
He keeps saying I never make him sandwich (inside joke).

Roasted chicken.

Roasted Vegetables.

Grilled salmon. I ALSO WANNA MAKE THIS!

& this is the number 1 item on my list..

*** I'm not paid by Phillips for this review, all they did was send me the air-fryer with no copypoints, no instructions. I really enjoyed using this appliance and that's why I'm writing so much about it. BECAUSE WHEN A PRODUCT IS GOOD, I'LL DEFINITELY RAVE ABOUT IT. ***

This will make the best present for anyone who loves cooking or even a noob like me who can't cook but enjoys food. 

Friday, July 11, 2014


From time to time, I'll always have readers asking me how do I take care of my skin. How do I manage to keep it free from acne and dewy looking even though I have such a hectic lifestyle and am always lack of sufficient beauty sleep. 

I for one know the importance of hydrating the skin. Because we are always spending hours and hours in air conditioned rooms, it seriously dries our skin out and when your skin is dry, it is prone to getting fine lines and wrinkles way before its time! *gasp*

As for acne treatment, I am blessed with good genes from my mommy where I seldom get acne breakouts. But every now and then, especially before or after my period (when my hormones go all wacky), I tend to find about 1-2 annoying pimples popping out on my skin. & how do I deal with it?

I was introduced to ATORREGE AD+ Acne Spot Treatment from my girlfriend, thanks bird (the ultimate skincare expert). I bought it from Watsons, I can still remember it is the Takashimaya outlet and it was about 1 year + ago.

So this was my 1st item that I bought from ATORREGE AD+ which is also their STAR PRODUCT! It has won the HER WORLD'S 2014 Editor Choice for the Best Acne Spot Treatment. & don't be fooled by this tiny bottle, I used mine for more than 8 months before I finished the bottle.

The AD+ Acne Spot Treatment has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that heals pimples and acne scars. It also reduces redness and inflammation as well as prevent acne breakout without peeling the skin.

So when I was given the chance to try out a facial at 21st Century Beauty Spa where they use the full range of products from ATORREGE AD+, I was super excited because I'm familiar with the brand and I've personally tried it before & I know that it works!

So a quick background on ATORREGE AD+ before I share my experience with you guys.
It was founded in Japan by a group of dedicated nurses of a hospital in Kyoto where they realized many patients suffered from dry skin diseases. In order to relieve the itch and help the patients fall asleep, the nurses researched and discovered a plant called "mugwort" which contains antipruritic properties that help prevent and relieve itching.

Word got out and the Mugwort lotion that the nurses self-formulated became popular and they decided to have a reliable manufacturer to produce the lotion in large quantity. That was the 1st generation of ATORREGE. Fast forward to 2007, ATORREGE AD+ was launched to fight against the urban skin diseases (UV increase, electromagnetic waves from mobile phones/laptops, smoking, alcoholism, late night sleepers, fast food consumers etc) and improve skin conditions. 


Now that you have a better understanding of the brand, let me share with you my facial experience.

I went to 21st Century Beauty Spa's outlet at Ang Mo Kio (they have another outlet at Bukit Timah too!) and was told to fill up my particulars as well as things products I'm allergic/sensitive to.

Then I had my skin evaluated to see what my areas of concern were and the facial session would be targeted at those issues. Talk about customization! This way, the facial session would be really beneficial because not everyone's skin is suffering from the same issues, and it is best to always know what your skin needs instead.

My therapist first used the ATORREGE AD+ Mild Cleansing gel to remove all of my makeup and dead cells. This cleansing gel dissolves makeup in 10 secs and is really gentle on the skin. It also helps prevent blackheads from forming if you use it regularly.

Then, the AD+ Face Wash Foam was used to deeply (yet gentle on the skin) cleanse my pores to remove oil and dirt and at the same time tighten the pores. You'll definitely get clearer skin after using this product for an extended period of time because it really gives a deep cleanse.

Hot towel was then wrapped around my face, I love this feeling!

The AD+ Cool Lotion was sprayed all over my face next and I love how it has anti-bacterial properties to suppress acne bacteria from breeding on the skin. If you are already suffering from acne, this product would instantly relieve the itch and redness as well as act as an acne control.

I am loving the next product used on my skin, which is the AD+ Revitalise ECA Essence. This product here is recommended by the talk show (女人我最大) , it is an anti-free radical and anti-oxidant vitamin-encapsulated serum that prevents the skin from ageing. It helps to lift sagging skin, prevents pre-mature ageing and keeps the skin moist from inside out.

The next step is one that I will never skip: Whitening!!
The therapist applied AD+ White Essence on my entire face as it helps lighten pigmentation, freckles and brightens dull skin. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin so you'll be able to enjoy fair and translucent skin without worrying that your face may have any adverse reactions to it.

Then a gel mask was applied generously all over my face. 

See how thick the layer of gel maskwas? Super love the feeling!!
It helps to moisturize the skin and improve any dry or flaky skin (which sadly, I have).

This is usually used at the last step of applying the skincare.

But I had 1 final step left, which was the mask!
The AD+ Moist & Calming Mask is made from 100% organic cotton fiber that is bacteria-free and paraben-free. It instantly relieves inflamed skin, soothes and hydrates the skin as well as giving you a radiant glow after 20 minutes.

After removing the mask, the remaining essence on my face was then massaged into my skin by the therapist until all is absorbed.

So let's take a look at all the items that were used on my skin. (Starting from left to right)
I did miss out some steps like when the therapist applied the AD+ Acne Spot Treatment on the 2 zits I have, as well as the AD+ Refining Eye Cream. The eye cream helps to lighten dark eye circles as well as wrinkles around the eye area and help to lift the eyelids. 

& the final step: the face mask!

& this is me, immediately after the facial session..

My face was definitely brighter and clearer than when I first arrived. 
It also felt really supple and hydrated. 
I loveeee that feeling because my skin condition is usually pretty dry and even if I forgot to moisturize for 1 night, the next day I will have dry rough patches on my cheeks. 

So this facial session was definitely a luxury pampering session much needed for my skin.

Here's a satisfied customer, yours truly!

Thank you, 21st Century Beauty Spa and ATORREGE AD+ for the relaxing and rewarding facial session.
My skin was still feeling so good the morning after.

& here are 4 of my favorite items from the AD+ range. 
Actually, I really like a few other products as well but let's not be greedy shall we?

The Skin Treatment is a lotion that deeply hydrates and moisturizes the skin. It provides nourishment even up to the dermis layer for a long-lasting smoothness. I have been using this a couple of times the past week and it has been my favorite! It has other beneficial properties like strengthening skin collagen and elastin, prevents free radicals + UV damage, lighten dark spots, balance skin tone and restores skin radiance. 
Now you see why I can't stop reaching out for this product? 

To also help with my dry skin condition, I would try to use the AD+ Moist & Calming Mask at least once a week. As I've mentioned earlier that the mask is made of out 100% organic cotton fiber that is bacterial and paraben free, this mask is slightly pricier than other masks you find out there. But hey! You pay for what you get okay? I would usually use this mask the night before I have a big event or a day out with my boyfriend. Because my makeup goes onto my skin perfectly the morning after I've used this mask!

So the above 2 items goes hand in hand to aid in my drying skin and the AD+ Acne Spot Treatment and the Cooling Lotion is what you'll need if you want to combat those nasty acne breakouts. Using the glass dropper from the Acne Spot Treatment, apply it over areas that have active pimple. Try to not touch the glass dropper with your fingers to minimize contamination. You can use this as often as you wish because it is not harsh on the skin. The Cooling Lotion is also a must have if you are prone to acne because it instantly relieves the itching sensation as well as redness on your face. Just spritz 4-5x all over your face to keep those acne under control.

Here's how I look the morning after my facial session.
Radiant and dewy skin which I love. My makeup goes on easily because my face was hydrated and all I had was powder on. No liquid foundation or BB/CC cream.

So now for the best part, to be in line with the Great Singapore Sale, there is going to be a GIVEAWAY!!!! 
4 lucky readers will be chosen to receive a gift worth S$108.90!

- All you got to do is [Like] ATORREGE AD+ Facebook page and Like & Share this post.

- Comment on the post with the items you prefer (Acne Spot/Skin Treatment/Cool Lotion/Mask).

20% discount for all Atorrege AD+ products at Raffles City- Robinsons, valid till 13 July

Good luck all!!

Hope you would love the products like I do.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pince & Pints Review

Day 192 : Burger & Lobster vs Pince & Pints.

 20     0


This. Is. So. Yums!!!

Went to Pince & Pints last night with @evepek @tippytapp @withlovetricia and all our partners.

I've tried Burger and Lobster in London, back when I was still with SQ and my experience there was great! The food wasn't too expensive - 20 pounds per dish which was around $40+ sgd for a whole lobster, with free flow fries & salad at the side. 

This was what I had at Burger and Lobster in London.

& here's me in the bib that the restaurant gave. And omg I look like that 2 years ago? Lol!!

I remembered the herb butter sauce at Burger & Lobster was really good & sinful. I mean, it's 1 saucer of BUTTER?! But I couldn't stop myself from dipping my fries & lobster into the sauce cause it just went so well with the food. Calories? WHAT? Nope, zero Fs given.

The only negative thing I have to say about Burger & Lobster is that the meat was kinda too chewy? My jaw became so tired mid-meal.

A wet tissue was given to every customer which I feel is a MUST? Cause many of the patrons there get down & dirty with their hands when they are eating the lobsters.

On the whole, I can see why everyone is mad about Burger & Lobster in London & the queue is crazy! People were on waiting list for like 2 hours+ and it is always full house no matter what day you visit.

So when I saw that Pince & Pints was opened, I knew I had to try it!! Because I've secretly been missing Burger & Lobster! 

(Image taken from their IG)

So I've heard that P&P doesn't take reservations & you'll just have to go down as early as you can, they open at 5pm to 11pm Mon-Sat. Lucky for us, John & Tricia both know @fweddyap& @belluspuera (the owners) personally & we managed to get a table. But we did have to queue la.

I'm sure the crowd will not be going down any time soon so if you really want to try it, best advice is to go before 5pm? Or be prepared to wait for a long time. It's quite worth the wait thou!

This was what I ordered yesterday - the Lobster Roll.

Oh before I forgot, everything dish there costs $48! Which is actually really affordable for what you are getting.

So going back to my lobster roll, because of my tired-jaw experience in London, I decided to go for the roll instead of a grilled lobster. & also I've read many people saying that the lobster roll is really good!

& OMG, it was the BOMB.

After taking our first mouths, @tippytapp @evepek & I were like 


The bread was so good you can eat it on it's own. I swear that's what @evepek said. LOL. She was like "just give me the bun only also can". It is soft & fluffy on the inside but slightly toasted & crisps when you bite it. 

& I like how you really get an entire lobster in your bun. You can literally see all the huge chunks of lobster. & best of all, I'm not sure what it's marinated with but it is real tasty. I'm usually not a fan of carbs but I finished the entire bun can?!?

So so good!!

Just have to post this picture once more.

Look at that!!!!

Okay, since I got the Lobster Roll, I told SX to order the Grilled lobster instead. So we can have a taste of both!

You can actually choose to have it steamed or grilled.

I tried a few mouths of it and I must say the texture of the lobster is BETTER than what I had at Burger & Lobster!! It wasn't as chewy and I didn't feel like I was eating rubber at the end of the meal.

The lobster meat is real juicy & it still has that bouncy texture.

Only thing that I feel needs stepping up is the herb better sauce. It's a little too oily for my liking & isn't as fragrant as or salty? I don't know.

We also decided..

To order an extra portion of this!

Chili lobster that comes with 5 mini buns.

This is something new, if you compare it to B&L, but it's so hard to ignore this dish because as a Singaporean, chili crab is like something we will all enjoy?

The 5 mini man-tous were devoured within seconds because it went so well with the sauce!! Only thing was I wished it was slightly spicier. The sauce was leaning towards the sweet side and I think it would be perfect if it has a spicier kick to it.

On the whole, I would say that I'll definitely be visiting Pince & Pints again! Gimme the lobster roll any time  it is definitely a dish fit for king.

I think I would also like to try the steamed lobster the next time round to thoroughly enjoy the sweetness of the lobster meat.

Budget wise, it isn't the cheapest meal around but considering the quality of lobster you are getting, I would say it is definitely worth every dollar I've spent.

Pince & Pints
32 Duxton Road
Opens: Mon - Sat

The whole gang!

The finger in the mouth pose? Well... if you are following me ok Instagram you'll know. Hahah it's John's signature pose for now. Hahaaha #MostHiaoBoyfriendAward.

After our dinner, we decided to do our usual "Bf imitate Gf pose" picture at the open air carpark..

But this time round, we decided to let the guys lead for a change. We told them they will do any pose they want and we'll follow.

See!! We girls are very fair ok! Hahaha.. Never force them do sissy poses alway.

After discussing for like 10 mins, they even went to google for poses can?!?!

Hahahahaha!! Damn funny omg!

This was the final outcome.


I don't know wtf this is but it's damn hilarious.

@tippytapp kept saying "Omg why must I squat!! Ruin my reputation!!"

@evepek was going "My bf face cannot make it!! Why must do such face!!"

@withlovetricia went like "huh, I don't know what to do, what to pose ah?!"

Hahahahah. Really is WTF big time.

Let's take a recap at the 1st few "bf-imitate-gf-pose" pictures..

The first that started everything....

Then the 2nd one. 

Check out John's finger in mouth seducing face.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

#OOTD this weekend.

Outfit Of The Day

- White Spag from Cotton On
- White moto jacket from Taiwan
- Distressed jeans from online shop.
- Wedges from Charles & Keith
- Bag from Zara
- Necklaces from online shop + Cotton On + H&M

Makeup Of The Day

- Shiseido Maquillage True Powdery UV Foundation
- MakeupStore Concealer Trio
- Topshop's highlighter in Crescent Moon
- Topshop's contouring powder in Sandcastle
- Benefit's blusher in Rockateur
- Benefit's They'r Real Gel Eyeliner Pen
- Diorshow Iconic Mascara
- Loreal's lipstick in Wild Tango

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My 1st appearance on a live talk show!

If you do not already know from my instagram, I'll be on a live talk show next Tuesday, 1st of July at 8pm. Along with me are 2 other bloggers, Tricia (vaingloriousyou) and Jessica (Tippytapp) and we will be revealing all the good, bad and nasty in the blogging world.

It will be a 90mins interview/talkshow, where we will be answering to your questions LIVE

All you got to do to post questions is to -like- SuccessLegacy on Facebook:

Tag them - @SuccessLegacy
and hashtag #AskBTIS 

& we will be picking the questions to be answered!

What's awesome is that you could stand a chance to win 9 fabulous prizes just by watching the live programme! The generous sponsors for the prizes are Shiseido, Anna Sui, Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Philosphy, Repetto and GS Desserts!

Watch the promo video at:

Also, if you wish to attend the LIVE talk show as an audience, (get to bring a friend along too!), please go to their official website : www.successlegacy.com & RSVP to the event. 

Success Legacy will be picking 2 lucky people to attend! Amazing goodie bags from our sponsors for all that attend.

If you are unable to secure a spot for the live talk show, do remember to tune into us okay?
The live streaming video of our interview will be on Success Legacy's website! 

See you next Tuesday!!

*Pretty nervous about going on a LIVE show >.< 
No water retention or pimples on that day please! *