Sunday, September 21, 2014

My DRx experience

I'm sure the brand DRx is not foreign to you guys here. I've been reading all about it since a year ago and when I did a google search on the review I was surprised that almost everyone had nothing but praises for DRx. Even though I was super excited when I was approached by Charlene, the super bubbly & not to mention pretty marketing executive of DRx, to join the DRx family.. I decided to do my own research & not just blindly agree. 

I even told Charlene that I'm pretty particular about skincare products and I will only write about those that works for me and she was so confident that I'll like it.

So I went for my first consultation at The DRx Clinic on the last week of April (yes, that's how long I've been using the products before I write this review - 5 months!!).

So I was appointed to Dr Hui Yun, who will be here for me throughout my entire skincare journey with DRx. Over at The DRx Clinic, they make sure that you stick to 1 doctor because that way, they will know your skin conditions best and notice any changes or improvements and advise you accordingly.

So here we were discussing about my skin concerns and areas that Dr Hui Yun thinks I need to pay more attention to.

My skin concerns: 
- Dry skin around the nose and side of cheeks
- Blackheads and visible pores on nose
- Yellow & dull skin undertone
- Growing hyperpigmentation on cheekbones

My doctor is definitely "cert"ified. 

The first consultation took about less than 20 minutes and I was done!
Dr Hui Yun was super friendly and I can't help but keep admiring her skin!! She has super fair and translucent + radiant skin lah. Just compare my dull and sallow skin next to her's! :((

I was then taken to another room to snap pictures of my skin close up.
These pictures will be review by your doctor and yourself when you return after using the products to compare the differences made!

 & lastly, I was taken to another room where the nurse explained to me thoroughly the steps of using the entire range of products. I was bewildered for a moment because there were so many!! I actually really hate spending a lot of time sitting in front of the mirror and applying my skincare and when I saw the amount of products I was like "fml". But the nurse assured me that the entire skincare process will take me less than 10 minutes each morning and night because the products are really light and is absorbed super quickly by the skin.

So let me show you the products that were prescribed to me by Dr Hui Yun according to my skincare requirements
(So don't be wondering why you are given a different set of skincare products as compared to mine because everyone's skin concerns and needs are different!)

Milk Cleanser - which is really gentle on the skin and removes all traces of makeup at the end of the day for me!

Chira- Wash - a facial cleanser that isn't drying to my skin at all but yet it feels really clean after using it. No tightness experienced!

Toner - I use this every morning and night and it is supposed to help gently "exfoliate" your skin daily as there is Salicylic acid in it. Not to worry about it being too harsh on the skin because this toner is alcohol free too!

Comedone Formula - My #2 favorite. Comedones are the nasty white and blackheads that everyone hates and this CF helps to reduce the appearance of it by softening the comedones and preventing formation of new ones. 

X cream - This product and the one below (strong lightener) are to be refrigerated after each use as they contain ingredients that are temperature sensitive. The X cream is a lightener that I apply over areas on my cheeks that have hyperpigmentations.

Strong Lightener - It is stronger and thicker in texture as compared to the X cream but it is both used to combat my dark spots. 

Vit-A-Gel (sample size) - I was given a sample size first because Dr Hui Yun wanted to make sure my skin reacted fine to this Vitamin A gel which helps to stimulate and increase skin cell renewal and also helps with wrinkles!

Max C - My #1 love out of the entire skincare range. This is a super concentrated Vitamin C gel that helps even out the skin tone and whitens at the same time. It has anti oxidant properties and encourages collagen and elastin production too! I'm already on my 2nd bottle right now.

Hydrator - A lightweight moisturizer that hydrates the skin and is absorbed by the skin within seconds!!

So let me show you my night time skincare routine using Derma-Rx products!

After removing my makeup with the Cleansing Milk and washing my face with the Chira Wash, I'll pour the Toner onto a cotton pad and swipe it across my face.

Then I'll apply the Comedone Formula..

Using it only on my T-zone.. which is my nose and forehead.

Then I'll dap the X cream over the areas that has hyperpigmentation and pat it in.

As for the Strong Lightener, you can see I use it only on specific dark spots as this product is really potent and I only want to target that area that has pigmentation.

& now on to my favorite product, the Max C, which I will use a generous amount (3 pumps) and spread it all over my palms before I pat it onto my entire face.

& the final step would be to seal all the products in by applying the Hydrator, which, as you can tell, I also spam tons of it.

& this is me after applying everything. (Absolutely BARE-faced)
Actually, it only took me like 8 minutes. Yes, I timed myself. LOL.

My skin no longer has that yellow dullness and I think that alone is a huge improvement!! I just look so refreshed and "clean" even with no makeup on. I really can't stand having dull skin because it just looks like you are forever tired or something. Haha, as for my pore size, it has not really decreased because the only way to reduce it is by laser treatment. BUT! My blackheads seems to have gotten less obvious! 

It has been 5 months since the start of my Derma-Rx skincare regime and I must say I really enjoyed certain products and they will definitely be here to stay. I'm a huge skincare addict so I'm always trying out new skincare products so sometimes I do use other products instead just using soley Derma-Rx skincare but I will always ALWAYS have my Chira Wash, Comedone Formula & Max C on. 

However for about 1.5 months, I was totally dedicated to only using Derma-Rx products as advised by Dr Hui Yun because she wanted me to see the difference on my skin after using the entire range.

Okay, after sharing so much about The DRx Clinic and Derma-Rx, I'm sure there are many of you who are interested in trying it out too right?

Well, you are definitely in for a treat!!

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If you need more information about the different types of treatments, please feel free to call up DRx to check before you choose any! Because each treatment is specially created for different needs!

Check them out on their following social media platforms too!

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That's all for now..

to better skin days!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Heineken Cities Festival

I was invited to the Heineken Cities Festival about 2 weeks ago on the 30th of August 2014 & I was so thrilled! The idea behind this entire festival sounds really fun to me. The urban street festival was held at Ann Siang Hill & Club street where the streets were "closed" for the night for the party go-ers to enjoy a night of new experiences and adventure. 

The 1 night only event aims to bring the experience of 6 major cities around the world to us & inspire city dwellers to "open their city"! 

Are you able to name the 6 cities?

I had an epic night of fun with my friends whom I eagerly invited because I knew that they would really enjoy this rare opportunity to party on the streets of Singapore.

Here's me & SX at 1 of the entrances. 
We were there pretty early, like 8-ish pm.

A huge hint to 1 of the 6 cities is in SX's hands.. can you spot the red fan that he was holding? 

The entire street was filled with people with Heineken in their hands.
We didn't feel like we were in Singapore that night. There were so much going on the entire night and we were thoroughly entertained.

Here's the line-up of the performances & entertainment for that night. 
It was hard to decide which entertainment I wanted to catch but I managed to catch a few of them.

Here are the 6 Heineken City experiences!

Over at NEW YORK, I managed to spot my friend, Mandy, in her US-inspired dress. She was taking pictures with everyone and giving out these US themed hats. There were also hiphop dance performances & a painted tin man street performer. 

& here's AMSTERDAM, where  local artist Mindflyer was painting a wall mural.

When we reached LONDON, there were busker performances and who can resist taking a picture with that iconic red phone booth?

Over at RIO DE JANEIRO, we were in awe by the performances by the Samba dancers & drummers. There were also face painting & I spotted a couple of people walking around with awesome painted faces!

& lastly, when we arrived at SHANGHAI, we have these pretty ladies traditionally dressed in cheong sams & performing fushion jazz dances. & yes, this was where SX got his red fan as part of the city experience.

After all that entertainment, SX & I decided we needed a break & a drink.
Here's a friendly bartender handing us our City Edition bottle!

An ice cold beer was much needed as we were all feeling the heat from the crowd & being all hyped up!

Here are the 6 Heineken City Edition bottles in a shot!

The Heineken Cities Festival celebrates the launch of the 6 limited Heineken City Edition bottles 
London, New York, Rio De Janerio, Singapore, Shanghai, Amsterdam.

These bottles will be available at all bars which serves Heineken island wide till the end of September (while stocks last). The special Singapore City edition bottle is exclusive only to Singapore & it is retailing between $12-$18 each, along with the others in the series!

Have you collected yours yet?

It was truly a fun night that I never thought that I would have experienced in our tiny island Singapore.

One of the moments that I loved that night, when the green confetti was shot & raining down on all of us. 
Everyone just went insane & starting cheering. I was one of the mad ones too. HAHA.

DJ Rae, an internationally renowned singer-songwriter-producer was also spinning that night, keeping everyone busy on their feet with her music.

The Heineken Cities Festival was a great way for us to catch up with our friends. (Here's us with Eve & Ken)
I mean, who would turn down an invite to a party like this?!

With Madeline & Jasmine from Nuffnang.

This is really a first (at least for me) in Singapore where 2 streets are closed & everyone was able to party & hop from one pub to another.

See what I mean by the entire street was just filled with people hanging around & having a good time?

We were making our way to a rooftop bar/restaurant to continue our evening.

Happy me snapping pictures as I made my way through the crowd.
I was just exuding happy vibes the entire night. 
I couldn't keep still or stay calm at all. LOL.

Super enthu with the props given out that night.

With my other 2 friends, Sarah & James, who gamely came down after I mentioned that I was here and having a ball of a time! I was glad they enjoyed themselves too. It was nice to take a breather from the crowd and just hang out at the roof top bar where we had the skyscrapers as our backdrop.

& this was the view that I saw when I looked down from the roof top bar.

Now, this is what I call a street festival. 
It was truly a huge success and I really wish that Heineken will organize one EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

SX & I were saying that we will attend it every year if there is because this experience is really quite eye-opening and just something you wouldn't get in your day to day lives in Singapore. This urban festival with 6 different city experiences has allowed us to discover the world in Singapore. 

Thank you so much, Heineken, for having this street festival.

We are looking forward to the next one!

To check out more hidden gems and open your city, head over to..


Hey there, its been along time since I last "talked" to you guys here. The amount of advertorials here is too damn high and I really really hate that. I'm so sorry and I promise I'll try to inject my daily life entries here more often as I kinda miss blogging actually. But it is just that I'm too busy everyday with work + advertorials + events to attend + friends to meet + pole dance classes, that I seldom have time to blog anymore.

A couple readers have been asking me to share about my new found hobbies, which are diving and pole dancing. So today let's talk DIVING.

I've had friends, Juan & Esther, who dived way before me. Esther became a hardcore diving addict after her sister introduced it to her and then Juan decided to try it out with Esther too. Never in a million years would I imagined that I would be one of them. They did ask me along for their diving trips but I was too into my whole "I WANNA BE SNOW WHITE FAIR" phase that I just rejected them because I didn't want to get tan. I mean, I still do want to stay as fair as I can but after I did my first dive, I realized, life is too short to sacrifice all these experience just because of my vanity.

So long story short, about 9 of us decided to learn diving and we managed to book an entire yacht for our 3 days 2 night diving trip to Tioman. The group consisted of 9 beginner divers and about 4 advanced divers. For the beginners, we had to take 2 lessons in Singapore before we were allowed to go for our diving trip. (I'm not sure if every school is the same, but I know of some schools that allow you to just go for the diving trip straight). But I'm kinda thankful that we had the 2 lessons in Singapore first because at least before we jumped into the open sea, we knew what to expect and won't be as blur and afraid.

Our 2 lessons were held at a Secondary School's swimming pool (can't remember which school), and we had to wear the full diving suit + learn how to fix our oxygen tanks and all the other accessories. The oxygen tank on our back was mother crazy heavy I swear. We had to learn how to breath properly underwater, how to find for our regulator in the water if we accidentally removed it from our mouth and not panic. The KEY is to stay calm underwater because once you panic, you will be out of breath easily and then you'll drown. HAHA. We also learned how to clear our mask underwater, how to remove it and put it back on underwater, how to control our buoyancy underwater. There's just so much to remember and it was really good that we got to practice it once in the swimming pool before the real deal.

That's us at the secondary school prepping ourselves!

Suit up..

& ready to put our masks + regulators on.

So we departed from Singapore in those big buses from the diving school and drove into Malaysia. The entire bus journey was about.. 4-5 hours if I'm not wrong. Shit, I can't remember. But there was a pitstop for us to have our dinner/supper before we continued to the ferry "terminal" where we boarded our yacht!

By the time we got on to the yacht and showered, it was already about 2am?
And we had to get up bright and early at 6-7am the next day for our dive.

That's our breakfast.
So full even before my first dive.
Bulging tummy *gasps*

We had our meals on the top deck.

& this was our tea break after our first dive.
Yes, we eat and then we dive, and once we are out of water, we eat again and then we dive again.

A group picture with everyone!

After finishing our 2nd dive, we decided to jump into the open sea & snorkel.
That's me with Dave & Pham.

The 3 boys - SX, Pham and Dave. 

Suntanning on the mid-deck.
Something I'll never ever do. 

I miss this lifestyle so much!!

We be holding hands like otters in the sea.
That's Esther with me!

Solo shot.

& then it was time for our final dive of the day.
All ready to leap into the sea.

Can you spot me?

Esther & I.
How glamorous do we look?

& here's SX and I underwater.
For beginners, we could only go to the depth of 18m.

We saw turtles!

Tons of sea urchin.
Omg, I was trying my best to not get pricked by them thorns.
Then I began to wonder, there are so many of them.. why is it that japanese restaurants are selling it at such a high price?



I really miss this peaceful + carefree lifestyle.


With my city plaza buddies, Megan and Esther.

Sunset taken when we were are the shore..
We went to tioman island and got some drinks and snacks from the convenience stores there.

Our yacht coming back to pick us up!!

& when the clock struck midnight, it was my birthday!!!

Super sweet of everyone.
They actually told the diving school to ask the boatman to get a cake beforehand.
*touched* wipes tear from corner of eye. LOL.

& here's all of us on the bus heading back to Singapore on the 3rd day.

So in total, for beginners to get the open water license, you'll have to complete 5 dives in the sea.
What I did was, 3 dives on day two and 2 dives on day three!

It was pretty tiring like non-stop diving.
You'll be super exhausting every night but it was FUNNNNN!

You know, Megan and I were deciding to back out of diving if we sucked during the pool lessons because we were both afraid of drowning. Like, I've always had this fear of being unable to breathe underwater and I think that drowning is really a horrible way to die. I mean, getting burned to death is a horrible way too but I've read news where even super pro divers drown and my parents were kinda nagging about my safety when I told them I was going for diving. My dad always says I was supposed to be a boy instead of a girl. Even when I was little and he brought me to the swimming pool, my brother would be scared to enter the water and slowly dip his foot in while I will just run and jump into the pool even though I couldn't swim and my dad had to catch me. LOL. 

Okay, sorry for digressing over there. 

But my point was, I'm glad I did not back out on diving. I'm glad I pushed myself and went for it. It truly is an experience that I hold so dear to me and I can't wait to dive again in end of October where all of us (the beginners) will be taking our advanced divers license.. WOOHOO!! I'm able to go deeper next time! 

Here's SX, Esther & Pham in Maldives.
We went for 2 dives while we were in Maldives because.. HOW CAN WE NOT?

Happy like a fish underwater.

With SX who was having a little difficulty because he put on too much weights on his weightbelt. 
He damn blur cock one lah.
You see, when we were in Tioman, we put on 6 pounds of weight on our weightbelt.
& when we were at Maldives, the weights were in KG and not Pounds.
He this smarty pants went and put 6KG on his weightbelt and he kept sinking and having trouble floating or swimming. He said he was like running underwater, super exhausting for him.

I don't know to laugh or get mad at him -___-

All of us underwater!
Left to right, Esther, Pham. Me and SX.

The prettiest view I saw underwater.
A huge school of dory fishes!!

We didn't get enough of the sea and went on to snorkel after our dive.
Maldives is amazing.

The above picture was us going down to the water via the stairs from my bathroom.

Snorkeling is fun too but it diving is a whole other experience. 

So.. this concludes my diving entry.

I know people will sure ask me these few questions:

Ans: $600+ which includes everything. From accommodation, food, bus ride to and fro Singapore, renting of gears.

Ans: You don't have to be the best swimmer, in fact 1 of my friends can't swim. You just need to know how to tread water and you can inflate the life vest on you anytime.

Ans: The one I went to is called BluReefs Scuba Diving or something. Located at North Canal Road. Our dive master were Ashar and Sing.

Ans: I was taking oral sunblock pills from Heliocare and applying sunblock from SUNPLAY (the red bottle one that has 130++ SPF after each dive.

Okay, I can't think of anymore questions..

That's all guys.


I'll be back with more blog posts that aren't advertorials. I PROMISE I'LL TRY!!!