PEM confinement review

My PEM Confinement Review

As a first time mom, with zero experience in handling a newborn, I knew I had to hire the help of a confinement nanny and boy, was I glad I did. My confinement nanny is from PEM confinement agency and they appointed auntie Soo Cheng (#542) for me.

She arrived on the day I discharged from hospital and there was no awkwardness whatsoever even though it was the first time we met. She was professional and got down to work immediately. Polite and fast in handling her daily tasks like preparing breakfast for my husband and I, doing baby's and our laundry, bathing for baby and keeping our home clean and tidy.

She taught me so much about my baby that I didn't even know, she could tell that Kayla was a little insecure and on the timid side and needed more cuddles during bath time as it was foreign to her. She didn't continue bathing Kayla when she started crying, instead she held Kayla close to her chest and hugged her for awhile before she calmed down and then continued with the bath. This gentle approach towards bathing made Kayla at ease and by the end of the 2nd week, she loves bathing! I took over bath duties during the 4th week before my confinement nanny left and she didn't even cry once during her bath time. 

Our confinement nanny came along with us for each of the doctor's appointment and she made the first few outings with a newborn so much less stressful.

Here is our confinement nanny feeding Kayla my expressed breastmilk. She also taught me how to angle the bottle and baby so that the milk flow will be slower and smoother when Kayla is very hungry and tends to suck too fast and choke on the milk. I've been using all the tricks she taught me even till now and they seem to all work well for Kayla.

I trust Kayla in her care so much that I actually went out several times during my confinement period with the husband and left Kayla fully in her care. We managed to go for movies, dinner dates and even hanging out with our friends. The husband and I were so upset when the 28 days of confinement was ending because we really appreciated the extra pair of hands and help we got from Auntie SC.  

Here are some of the breakfasts that she prepared for me.

If you ask me again, is hiring a confinement nanny necessary? I'll say YES in a heartbeat. As I was just recovering from labour, my body was still pretty weak and I was in no condition to fully take care a newborn by myself. And there was a million and one things about taking care of a newborn that I never knew until I learnt them all from my confinement nanny. 

If I were to have baby #2, I'll definitely wish to hire Auntie SC again!

A Wale Tale - DecorFanSEA

I've never considered having ceiling fans installed when I renovated my home because I've always had the idea that ceiling fans were an eyesore (I was thinking of the traditional ceiling fans my grandma had at her home) and unnecessary as I have air conditioners in my rooms already.  

But my thinking totally changed when I visited DecorFanSEA's showroom to look at the types of fan they offer. The brand that I was interested in is called "Wale", originates from Italy and is inspired by the "rhythmic breathing pulse of our vast oceans".

I picked the 52" Black dark oak fan for our bedroom as it matches the room.
I love the sleek and minimalistic design of the blade and how it circulates a cool natural sea breeze effect.

It is build with a durable aluminium energy efficient uni-body DC sealed motor drive system to ensure that the fan’s body will not turn hot even after using it for long hours. This will also prolong the lifespan of the fan

& for baby Kayla's room, we picked the White Maple Oak fan. 
I'm really loving how it looks in the nursery. I can't believe I would be this happy over a fan but I've been telling my husband how much I enjoy having it and we should have installed it in our rooms earlier. Having the air conditioners on 24/7 is not only costly but pretty drying for the skin as well and with a baby around, I can let her enjoy the light breeze from the ceiling instead. Oh, and her nose always gets too dried up whenever we have the air conditioners on for too long.

There's also 3 different LED modes, white light, yellow light & my favourite - neutral light. 
There's also 6 fan speeds & timers.

It comes in 2 different sizes, 52 and 41 inches in diameter that can fit most standard sized room.
There's a wide variety of colors for you to choose from..

If you're interested, you can quote “meitingxdfs" to enjoy free customisation for the size 52” Wale Fans, where you can mix and match your choice of colour for the fan's body to their blade!

Lancome Genifique Sensitive

If you don't already know, I'm currently expecting a little baby girl..

We are currently near 6 months and my body has been going through a whole lot of changes. Besides just putting on pounds and slowly walking like a penguin, my skin has been experiencing dryness, and itchiness at certain areas. I guess this is due to the hormonal changes in my body and I was feeling a little down when I noticed my waist line widening as well as my skin slowly losing its radiance and suppleness. 

Besides being pregnant, my hectic lifestyle of having to juggle a full time job and my social media campaigns is also taking a toll of me as I start to feel exhausted rather easily these days.

Well, now you know it isn't true that all mummies-to-be are glowing okay.

Thankfully, I have Lancome Genifique Sensitive serum to the rescue!

I've been using the Lancome Genifique serum for the longest time, and have gone through many bottles of it. It works well on my skin when it is behaving but when I'm having bad skin days, I need a little extra boost and that's when Lancome Genifique Sensitive takes the stage!

It is filled with 98% antioxidant and what I love most is that, you only activate the product when you want to use it. That way, all the powerful ingredients are kept fresh till the very last minute when you want to use it.

Here's the steps to activating your Genifique Sensitive.

This is what you get when you first take the product out of the box.
See how the serum is clear as the antioxidants has yet to be released.

After pressing down & twisting the cap, the blue concentrate with 98% antioxidant is freshly activated & released into a potent serum base. I love how beautiful the blue concentrate swirls look before I mix it up with the serum.

Then just remove the booster cap and replace it with the precision topper. I really appreciate how 1 full drop is the exact amount I will need for my entire face. It is so convenient to just press & drop & spread the Genifique Sensitive serum all over my face. The texture of the serum is really light and it gets absorbed into my skin quickly and I am able to move on to my next step in my skincare routine. Perfect for busy working adult like myself who do not have the luxury of time every morning and night.

My skin is definitely looking and feeling better after using the Genifique Sensitive serum that helps to soothe skin sensitivities, boost its resilience and most importantly, reduce visible signs of aging.

I can't live without this and I even brought it along with me to my recent Babymoon trip in Tokyo where I knew the weather would be dry.

Here's a picture taken during my trip and I love how confident I felt even though my skin hasn't been its best the past few months. No more bad skin days with Lancome Genifique Sensitive.

You can sign up for a complimentary 15 mins renewal service and a 7-day trial kit here:

or purchase it online here:

Fenty Beauty Review (Not sponsored)

 My makeup mojo is back!!! 
Haven't been so excited over makeup for the longest time. When I got pregnant, I was so nauseous and unwell, I went missing from social media and lost all interest in makeup for like.. 2 months 😂.

When I receive PR packages, I just put them aside and didn't even touch them for weeks. I had zero mood and care for anything. Which was weird cause as you all know, makeup is my life. I used to tear open PR packages and be super excited over all the new launches.

And now I'm feeling much better, 😍
Was invited to the preview of Fenty Beauty, if you have no idea what's that, it's Rihanna's new makeup line. 


And I just knew the products that she was gonna launch is gonna be bomb. I mean, come on, it's badgalriri, she won't let us down ok!!

So the event was held at Sephora ION orchard.. at like, 8.30am. Crazy early but Rihanna wanted to launch her brand together worldwide. So we have to follow US's timing 😂.

Sadly, I couldn't make it to the launch.. work + not feeling well..
But nothing is gonna stop me, I managed to get my hands on the items that I wanted!
Fenty Beauty all well stocked.

They are available at ALL Sephora! So just go to the nearest one near you!

Can you look at the huge range for the foundation? I didn't get it cause I prefer cushion foundation or powder for convenience. 😂
Hyperventilated when I saw this shelf.. the highlight addict in me wanted to get like 4 of it but, it's priced at $50 each.. so I exercised some self control and only bought 2.😂

#dayremakeup #dayrebeauty
Highlights which can be used as eyeshadows too.
I really wanted to get more highlights, but I decided 2 for now 😂

I love it sooo much!!

It isn't too glittery, which I really dislike for highlight. It's soft and buttery and pigmented when lightly layered on.
This section is all the Match Stix, which are concealers and contour shades in a stick form.

$37 for 1.. 

But if you're keen on getting a better deal... go for this!
The Match Stix Trio!

Which is $79 for 3 Stix.

As compared to $37 for 1 Stix!! If you buy 3 individually, it's gonna cost $111!

So you save like $32.. much more worth it right?!

Only downside is the colors are pre-selected already, there's like 4-5 different shades that's matched according to skin tones and I got the fairest range.
And luckily, all the 3 shades suits me perfectly!!

1 for highlight, 1 for conceal & 1 for contour.
 Brb, lunch with boss now 
Last item I got is the Glass Bomb. $31

Which as stated, only comes in 1 color, which is a universal shade for all. It can be a lip topper or you can wear it on its own. 

Can't wait to try this.
Here's everything I got! And the total damage is $189. Hehe, not a lot right. I really controlled a lot. 😂 

I wanted to buy like 2 brushes, 1 foundation and 1 more Killawatt highlight. But I decided to just try these first. 

Omg, can't wait to try all this on my face tomorrow!!
The actual color transfer

So juicy!!

Gender Reveal, BOY OR GIRL?

Will be revealing our baby's gender today!

Wanna make a guess if it's a boy or a girl??


So far there's been more people saying it's a boy on my IG dm-s. 
This was taken at our last scan almost 3 weeks back.. 

Well, did you guessed right? 😂
Lovely cake by @riverashbakery on Instagram
Yup, we are having a little girl 🎀

Balloons by @looneybloonsg on Instagram!
Thanks everyone for your well wishes!!

We're really happy with whatever gender the baby is but if you were to force me to choose a gender.. I've always wanted a Girl first! And everyone around me was predicting my baby to be a Boy, even the said master who predicted my pregnancy told me my baby is "stand up & pee one". 

So naturally SX & I thought our baby was 90% gonna be a boy. And we thought of boy's name for him and started calling the baby "N". LOL

So imagine our surprise 2 weeks later..
When I received a phone call from my gynae's office with my Panorama test (it's a blood test for Down syndrome of the child, 99% accuracy, and has the highest accuracy for gender). So we didn't have to rely on ultrasound scans to wait for the baby to "open leg" or face the right angle to get the gender.

The lady over the phone told me that my child was "LOW RISK" for Down syndrome and the gender is "FEMALE".

I was like 😳 over the phone and asked the nurse again "Female?" 

& she went "YES"
So I hung up & called SX next.

Once he picked up the phone, I told him I have the results already and..

he asked "So is a boy?"

And I just started laughing for a good 5 secs and said through my laughers "No, it's a GIRL!"

& he was like "WHAT? Are you sure, the nurse mixed up is it!!"

Hahahaha, don't get SX wrong ah, it's not that he wanted a boy more, it's just that we've both been calling the baby by it's boy name "N" for the past 2 weeks and we felt attached to "N" already.

Obviously we have to come up with a new name cause N is meant for a boy and I think we have a winner. Will be sharing it with you guys if it's confirmed.

There's so many baby girl names that sounds so nice, and I really like names that begins with "A". But all that I shortlisted, SX didn't like.😓

Alyssa, Acacia, Alayna.. all kena rejected by the father. 

So I came up with a few more names and he liked one. So we've sort of been calling our baby girl by that name.

 & I finally felt her move! 
I swear, it is really as magical as what experienced moms have been telling me.

The first time I felt her was when I was 16-17 weeks? I was walking in my office to the printer to collect my paper and I felt a weird fluttering feeling in my tummy. Then it stopped and I didn't feel anything for the whole of next week.

& last week, when I was 18 weeks, and the movements are so obvious now!! I've been feeling her move EVERY NIGHT from 4 days ago.

I have to lie straight on my back and wait..
The weirdest feeling is when I suddenly feel this strong pressure pushing upwards on my lower abdomen and when I put my hand over that area, it is rock hard (I guess it means she is pushing from the inside). But after gently touching and pressing, it becomes soft again (means she "went away"). It's like a nightly routine for SX and I now to spot & catch her move.

So far SX managed to feel her 4-5 times already! & he is sooooo happy. We'll both be grinning like idiots when it happens..😍
 I'm feeling great, again! 
& it's true what they say..that 2nd trimester is the best!

Im so glad my morning sickness, giddiness and nausea, have all subsided. I've been feeling great for the last 1.5-2 weeks and let's hope I don't jinx it!

I'll be going Japan next week, it wasn't meant to be a baby moon, but now it is. Haha, we booked this trip even before I was pregnant but I'm glad it is happening when I'm in my 2nd trimester when I'm feeling my best. Imagine I had to go Japan during my crazy morning sickness period 😭
I can't wait for Japan!! It's been a year since I went, the last time I was there was for my wedding shoot.. & now I'm going back as a mummy-to-be. 😂


I've googled and my gynae told me best not to, but I know of a few mommies who consumed sashimi during pregnancy too. 🤷🏻‍♀️ They say just make sure the sashimi is FRESH. Like from a good restaurant and not those pre-packed kind. I'm a little worried and think I should just tahan and not eat till I give birth..right?
And even the sandwiches from Family Mart in Japan (which are my ultimate fave), my gynae told me not to take also, cause he mentioned that they may have left it in the fridge for few days..

The egg mayo, ham & cheese one is my favorite, I'll eat it almost daily or every other day when I'm in japan. 

I guess I'll still eat it BUT, I'll check for the dates they were produced, I think in Japan they won't put those that isn't fresh on the shelves right??