Monday, December 22, 2014

Collaboration with RWS

Here's the video that SX & I shot for Resorts World Sentosa.
It was a really fun experience and I love how the direction of the entire clip was for us to just be ourselves and have it all documented down. No script, nothing.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Studio Sands Pole Dancing School

I guess this may already be a given but for the benefit of those who don't follow me on instagram and don't already know this...
I've been taking up pole dancing for awhile now!
10 months to be exact!
Yes, I pole dance.
I know, before you start having those stereotypical thoughts in your head about how this form of dancing isn't "proper" enough, you are so wrong.
(Picture source:
I know of pole dancing friends who keep this hobby private and would never in a million years share it with their colleagues or family. Because they are afraid that people will judge them and is lazy to explain to them what pole dancing really is.
You know what pole dancing is to me?
It is a workout session.
You will work every single damn muscle you have on your body that you didn't even know existed.
It is a dance class.
Having to coordinate your moves and spins with the music is really not as easy as it looks.
It is a time I look forward to weekly to de-stress.
My pole dancing class is on every Wednesday and it always picks my mood up going for each lesson because it is a place for me to escape from my daily grind and just lose myself in the routine.
It is where I gather with like-minded who encourages one another.
The pole dancing community is a close knitted one, we are always ready to share and help each other out and give support (physically and mentally). Nothing makes me happier than to see a classmate mastering a move that was killing her the week before. & you'll never imagine the professions of my pole dancing mates, we have teachers, lawyers, accountants, housewives & even mothers.
I think the reason why people think that pole dancing is always linked to strip clubs and sleaziness is because we are usually wearing very little. But you need to first understand the reason for us wearing little.. we need the GRIP!
 (Picture source:
When I attended my 1st pole dancing lesson with my friend Esther, we were both wearing spaghetti and gym shorts and we saw other girls who were in higher levels walking around the dance school wearing nothing but sports bra or bikini tops and bottoms.
Fast forward 8 lessons on, we are a convert.
 We need as much skin grip as we can when we are hanging upside down on that pole and there is nothing sleazy about it at all.
As I've mentioned, I've been pole dancing for 10 months now and there are quite a couple of pole dancing schools in Singapore. I was recently invited to try out a session at the newly opened Studio Sands Pole Dancing School and I invited Esther, who has been pole dancing with me since lesson 1 till now, and Megan to come along too!

Studio Sands is located near Chinatown and the nearest MRT is Outram Park station.
23 Kampong Bahru Road

Here's a picture of me when I first arrived at Studio Sands.

It is a cozy and clean studio that can accommodate 1 class at each time.
There are different types of poles installed here, 40mm stainless steel poles which are easier for smaller hands and the 45mm chrome poles which are the international competition standards.
& can you see that bright pink pole in the above picture? This is a special "sticky" pole that is made of silicone to ensure that you'll be able to stick to the pole no matter how much clothing you are wearing. It is meant for training new trainees that require a lot of grips. pole pole

So here we are staring our warm up with our instructor, Yudan.

Warming up is really important no matter what exercise you are doing.
& yes, you can spot Megan laughing behind Esther because this is her 1st time attempting pole and she finds everything amusing.

Body roll time.

This was my 1st time trying out spinning pole.
What is spinning pole? Well, it just means that the pole... spins? Haha.
For the past 10 months, I've only been learning tricks, spins and climbs on static pole (stationary pole), and I decided to try out spinning pole because it makes every move look so much more graceful.

& here's YD teaching me a new trick.

& some moves for the choreography that she has planned for us.

& all of 3 did it together!
Our pole dancing teacher, YD, was really patient with us and not to mention friendly. She is incredibly dedicated and passionate in her teaching and she makes the class enjoyable and also keeps it safe as some moves can be quite dangerous.
Click on the short instagram clip below to see what spinning pole is like.


YD was demonstrating to us some moves.

& here's scorpio.

Can't remember what this was called..
But it was my first time trying it that day!

I've no idea what this was called but I told our teacher that we wanted to try a pose that could incorporate the both of us and they suggested this!
Haha, like a pro ah.

& this is what usually happens when we are trying to get a nice picture, a lot of adjusting here and there and hanging upside down for longer than we should. Haha.

Double goldrush.
This is another of the instructor's boyfriend and he is doing the chinese flag move here.
Isn't it so cool that he can pole too!?
I can't even do the move that he did lah.
Oh yes, before I forget, Studio Sands allows couples to learn pole dancing together too!
They have a course which is for couples or doubles (both males & females) to learn pole dancing over the course of 8 lessons!
(Picture source:
I have many friends who ask me if pole dancing is difficult as they are interested in joining but they doubt their strength and ability to do so. Some are worried about their size and weight because they feel that all pole dancers should be slim n fit. Which is NOT TRUE at all. I've seen girls of all shapes and sizes pole dancing and some girls who are heavier than me are doing tricks that I am struggling with ok!!
EVERYONE can pole dance.
As long as you can so much as run, you can pole dance too.
This is the promotion that Studio Sands is having right now, which is a super good deal!!
If you aren't really sure you can sign up for a One Time Trial class at only S$30.
60% off for beginner's!! 
$40 (usual price $120) for a mini-term of 4 lessons over a month
half price for your 2nd course!!! WHAT?
& if you are going with a friend, you get S$40 off!! 
Each course is a combination of pole tricks and a routine!
Pole dancing is definitely a fun sport if you and your girlfriends are thinking of being fit and yoga is too boring for you. Oops. I'm sorry if I offended yoga fans out there, I know yoga is really good for you (I'm thinking of signing up myself because I wanna get more flexible) but it is a little too zen for me.
I've never been more committed to a sport/hobby before & pole dancing has definitely been one that I will keep to until I get pregnant? Haha!
You can even have your hen's night or birthday parties held at Studio Sands!
I know for sure that's gonna be part of my hen's night activities.

23 Kampong Bahru Road 
Singapore 169349
Phone: (+65) 8452 2192 / (+65) 8233 1723

Friday, November 28, 2014

LOST - Singapore's Next Generation Real Escape Game

So 2 weekends back, my group of friends and I decided to do something different on our weekend. Instead of just chilling at a cafe or going for drinks after dinner, we decided to work our brains a little.
& we ended up at LOST SG.
LOST SG is a real-life room escape game where players have to put together clues, puzzles and race against time to escape from a LOCKED room. Work together as a team and use your observational and critical thinking skills to make your escape before the time is up. Each game is 60 minutes long and time really flies by when you are in the locked room trying to get out.
 1 Sophia Road Peace Centre #03-01 singapore 228149
Operating Hours
Sunday to Thursday: 11am - 11pm (last game ends at 11.45pm)
Friday and Saturday: 11am - 1am (last game ends at 1.45am)

We playded 2 games that day!

& AOKIGAHARA was one of them, check out the short description of it..
"After walking in rounds around the forest, it was clear that we had lost our way. With no functioning equipments to guide us out, fear was slowly consuming us from within.

While we are paranormal researchers by profession, the fact remains that we are lost inside Japan’s Suicide Forest. Historically linked with demons and supernatural beings, Aokigahara is not a place to spend a night in.
As the sun sets, the forest is getting dark. The macabre side of Aokigahara slowly sets in as I feel someone whispering behind my ears, leaving me unsettled.

The next one was CASTIGLIONE..
"In the 1860s during the Second Opium War, the British and French Empires invaded China. In the midst of the war, all 12 of the zodiac head statues designed by Giuseppe Castiglione for QianLong Emperor miraculously disappeared from the Imperial Summer Palace. Rumours and news soon spread that the 12 statues were kept hidden in the hometown of the zodiac’s designer home. Take on the role of a secret agent and unravel the mysterious hidden castle belonging to Castiglione.

Your mission is to recover the 12 zodiac heads and escape from the Castle. But BEWARE, there might be guards on patrol.

Escape, Survive & Recover the 12 Zodiac Head Sculptures."

So here's the bunch of us filling up the forms before we can start the game!!

Taking it very seriously okay.

No idea what I'm laughing about but must be John ask some stupid questions!

For the sake of keeping the rooms and all the items inside in their top conditions, a security check is in place. I heard that some people actually bring in stuff to try and break open the doors when they can't crack the code. HAHA.
Seriously brah, what's wrong with you?!

& before the start of each game, we will be given a short video clip to watch. It will give you a summary of  the entire scenario that is going to take place inside the rooms and you'll be able to better picture it in your head. 

My team members very serious. I like.
The guide brought us into the room and told us to pay attention to every little detail in the rooms, because even the slightest object could be the key to your escape.

& then he left.
& locked the door behind him.
& the timer started to count down.
44 minutes left only!!!

With no time to waste, we quickly got to work and started reading the clues.
See the guys and their awesome teamwork.

We managed to get the 1st item unlocked!!
& shortly after we went into the next room.
But actually, we were stuck for the longest time because we couldn't crack the puzzle for the 1st 20 minutes. We were all panicking and wondering if we were able to get out after all. Haha.

Trying to solve the puzzle for the 2nd room.

& onward to the next room!!!
There were so many cool technologies in there, you really got to experience it yourself!
I've only been to 1 other escape game before and they really cannot compare with LOST SG man. LOST SG is the next generation of real escape games and everything in there is made + set up with extra effort. You'll really be amazed as we were when we did something right and the next door just OPENS for us. It is super high tech lah and we can't stop gushing about how advanced it was.

& we finally got out!!!
With the help of the staff of course. HAHA.
Not that we are stupid ok.... but some of the clues are really tricky and we always get mislead by other items in the room. We finished the game about 10 minutes later than the given timing... oops.
& after a short break, we decided to go for the next game!

Making our way to the room.

Obviously very bad students.
Not paying attention to the video at all.

I only managed to take 1 picture of the room because I decided to be more involved in the game than just taking pictures. The game was too engaging already lah and it was pretty difficult so they needed 1 more brain, an awesome one which I might add. HAHA.
The Aokigahara has a spooky element to it and I actually really like it. And actually, all the games really make you think REAL hard. You'll need to have much more than just common sense. We were shocked by the level of intelligence that was needed. HAHA! We are lazy people who don't train our brains hard enough.
If you haven't tried any of the real escape games before, you really should!
Instead of just going to KTV or hanging out at cafes with your friend, embarking on a mind-stimulating activity that is out of this world is so darn refreshing.
So, gather all your friends and have an intense experience that will definitely make your day!
This will definitely not be my last time to LOST SG.
I want to try out the Alcatraz game! It seems really fun too.
1 Sophia Road Peace Centre #03-01 singapore 228149

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

eSynchrony - Find your perfect match

Everyone knows that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you first realize that you are falling in love (or so you think) with that particular someone. Everything seems to be perfect for the next week months of even 1-2 years but after the initial sparkles and happy dust settles, you may actually find out that you and your beau are not as compatible as you think. & then your dating cycle starts once again in search of the perfect someone to call your own.

I thank God for bringing SX into my life.
I was only 18 when he "met" me.
Want to know how we met?

It was through the Internet.

If you want to be exact, he messaged me in Friendster
(if you don't know what it is, you are probably too young. HAHA).

He was there to guide me through my darkest moments and never afraid to hurt my ego. He makes me want to become a better person because I know he only wants the best for me. I've changed so much over the past 7 years we've been together.

My crazy temper.

My unreasonable thinking.

My childish demands.

It wasn't easy though and it didn't happen all at once. We compromised and learned how to love one another. How to show our concern in a way that works best for us. Even though our relationship is into the 8th year in November, we are still learning and improving our relationship everyday.
& just a couple of months ago, he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

& I said yes.

I wasn't that lucky in the dating department before I met my Fiance, SX. I've had my heart broken time after time as well because I got into a relationship too quickly and I didn't even cared if the guy was suitable for me. I just went with my heart and how I felt at that moment. And needless to say, after just 2-3 months, I could tell that I've definitely made a mistake because we were soooo different in our thinking as well as what we wanted in life that it was impossible for us to carry on being in the relationship.

SX & I are so alike and I know it can be both a positive or negative thing but I think being fairly similar has worked well for us. We enjoy doing the same things and get each other's humour and we understand each other's mind even without saying a word.

Having met the right person is not easy.

I mean, there is 7.125 billion people out there, which one of them is made for you?

Many readers have asked me, how to find love, they're shy and have been single for the longest time and they yearn for a partner too. They always ask me for advices and I'll usually say "meet more people" & some of them will tell me they don't have much friends or most of their friends are attached and don't have time to hang out.

I was pretty apprehensive about sharing a dating website to my readers because I'm sure everyone have read articles about how dating website can be dangerous and the chances of meeting someone for your is low, bla bla bla, all those negative stuff.

But I decided to personally try out eSynchrony and I was really surprised at how detailed and careful they are in choosing the perfect match for you.

eSynchrony also has a mobile app available for you to download for both android  and iPhone .

So you can just check for any updates on the go!

eSynchrony makes sure their members are all serious daters who are professionals in their own field of work and all are verified by their consultants to make sure whatever information they have entered is legit.

eSynchrony is a trusted dating service so you don't have to worry much about fake identity or boastful claims and end up getting disappointed when you meet the person.

& here are 20 reasons why you should consider trying out eSynchrony if you are looking to meet the man or woman of your dreams.

There are also testimonials from singles who went on dates with the matches that eSynchrony paired them with.

& here's a couple who met through eSynchrony and are happily dating right now.

Alan & Erika were also matched by eSynchrony and they even have a family together.

So before you write off the idea of never meeting the one for you online...give eSynchrony a try.

I mean, what harm is there?!

1 - Signing up as a member of eSynchrony is free.

2 - Getting to know more people is nothing but beneficial for you if you are single and ready to find the one for you.

3 - & instead of going on blind dates set up by your friends, you can actually find out more about the person online before you decide or not if you want to meet them.

Like I've mentioned, I've decided to sign up for an account with eSynchrony to see how the whole system goes and let me walk you through the process!

I was first asked to fill up some personal details about my lifestyle and background.

Then about my appearance.

& the final step was to do a personality test for the system to match you & the other singles in their database!

It was a pretty detailed test where I had to answer questions about myself as well as how I would like my future partner to behave? Some questions had me pondering for a long time and some where so easy and direct.

I completed the personality test in about 20 minutes or so and that was it!

My account was ready for eSynchrony to match me up! Haha.

eSynchrony recommend matches to you via a special algorithm that they have and with the personality test you've taken earlier, they are able to match you with the most compatible singles!

And every day, they will be searching for new compatible matches for you.

You'll even receive a call from their consultant to find out more about your preference as they really want to match the most ideal members for you!

& after getting matched with the most compatible members on eSynchrony, you will get notifications daily on the matches! You'll be able to view their profiles to better understand them before you decide if you want to approve them for a meet up.

Once both parties has agreed for a meet up, you'll receive a SMS via eSynchrony to arrange a date for the meal and just turn up on the day itself and enjoy the first date!!

In my opinion, this online and offline matchmaking service is pretty cool because I've heard cases where ladies chats with a guy online for months and think that they really hit it off but when they eventually met up for the first time, everything just fell apart and was so disappointing to know that they've wasted months talking to each other hoping it could turn out to be something more.

& when the date is over, you can give your feedback (positive and negative) and they will actually refine your matching criteria based on that to arrange for an even more suitable match for future dates!

So this is how my account looks like.

& as you can see, there were already 19 proposed matches for me when I just joined.

One of the cons of traditional online dating is how blinded we get by the superficial judgements. We are misled by the photos and information provided by the other party and we have no idea how compatible we are with the other singles in the database and all these can be a huge obstacle in finding that soulmate of yours.

& you can view the member's account to get more information about them before you decide if you want to "approve" them.
& there are also pending matches for me to approve, meaning the members who are keen to meet up with me and are waiting for my approval before we set a date.

(& obviously, I'm just trying out the system & am very happily engaged so before anyone starts screaming at me for going on dating website.. chill ok? I'm just trying it out to see how it works before I recommend it you you guys)

All you hopeful singles out there, don't give up because you never know where fate can lead you to.

If you told me years ago that the man I will be marrying is someone I met on the internet, I would be skeptical too. But look at us now. I couldn't be happier! Though SX didn't use a dating website but it took all his courage to send me a message online.

So, take that leap of faith, sign up to eSynchrony and who knows your happy ever after is waiting for you right there. <3

Click on the image above to watch the video of their Video Contest - I'm a Bad Date Survivor!
You can win prizes
(2D1N stay at Hotel Re! and 12 months unlimited eSynchrony Dating package)
just by sharing the video on your social media platform & hashtag it #esynchrony #baddatesurvivor and leave a comment on your personal bad date experience!
Stay tuned for the next video for more chances to win!!