Getting Back My Pre-Natal Body with Bella Marie France - Part 1

I've been a mom for more than 3 months and I'm loving every minute of it. As this is my first pregnancy and I have no idea what to expect but I’ve heard so many good and horror stories about the postpartum weight. I've gained this little bundle of joy as well as a post-baby tummy  . This is truly one of the things that I dread the most after giving birth to Kayla.

“87% of women say their stomach still hasn't returned to normal"
Nearly half of our moms said their breasts are different now, and 37 percent said they have wider hips. But the post-baby tummy – "my mommy fluff," as one woman put it; "this bulbous tire around my middle," another complained – is what really seems to blow most moms away. One to two years after having their baby, 86 percent of women say their belly still hasn't returned to normal.- source from The new-mom body survey: 7,000 women tell it like it is.

I used to love wearing body hugging outfits and dressing up was something I looked forward to! This was all before I got pregnant.

Then I got pregnant and I saw the weight slowly creeping up on me. I was still able to fit into tight dresses at the start of my pregnancy but that only lasted during the first trimester.

The first few items that I couldn't fit into anymore were my shorts. I have several pairs of denim shorts that I used to love wearing but look at my huge bump, it was impossible to button them up.

I gained a total of 14kgs during my 39weeks of pregnancy and the above picture was taken at BMF Bella Marie France 2 weeks before I gave birth. Yes, you read it right! BMF Bella Marie France. I decided that I should do something to help me manage my potential postpartum weight gain and started searching for a partner that I can trust to help me reach my body goals. I'm so glad to have partnered up with Bella Marie France and our goal is to get me back to my ideal figure in a safe and healthy way!

The above picture shows my post natal figure and as you can tell, my problem areas are my flabby tummy and hips that have gotten a lot wider and more meat on them. I am still unable to fit into my favourite pair of denim shorts! *sobs*

The first step after embarking was to take my measurements with the 3D Diagnostic System. This powerful scanning device captures millions of data points in a matter of seconds (only 30 secs!) in a fast, non-invasive process. Its robust feature recognition algorithms recognize key landmarks on a person’s body and use them to extract highly precise 360-degree analysis - body fat, weight & overall fitness, including circumferential measurements. I’m able to view the measurements as well as shape information in 3D. With that data, they’re able to plot my progress & see if everything is right on track!

I would visit them at their Orchard Gateway @Emerald Beauty Gym for treatments which are specially arranged by their weight management experts after they did the complete body analysis and measurement on me.

I love every visit to BMF Bella Marie France as the environment is always so relaxing. Ever since becoming a mom, I’m always focusing 24/7 of my time & energy on Kayla. So it feels really nice to take a break once a week to pamper myself and I'm sure most mums will be able to relate!

 It is my little pocket of "me-time" that I really enjoy having when I set foot in Bella Marie France at orchard gateway@emerald, & knowing that I’m one step closer to achieving my pre-pregnancy. The ambience is spacious & calm, whilst enjoying the view of Orchard Road. & the good news is after 4 weeks of treatments, my fat % has reduced and I've managed to trim off some inches! 

Here's one of my favourite treatment because of the prominent fat-loss results it delivers! 
The Pro-freeze!
It ‘freezes’ away the fat bulges!! & I really need this because the flabby bulges around my tummy are really making me feel less confident about wearing tight-fitting clothing. The good news is I am already starting to see results after 2 weeks and I can’t wait to see more because visible result in loss of fat is said to be seen in just three weeks following the treatment. 
It uses a fat-freezing technology with target cooling that safely & effectively removes unwanted fat cells. 

So far, I've done Pro-freeze on my belly fats and my love handles and the results are really promising!

If you’re keen to give the Pro-Freeze treatment a try, quote “LianMeiting_PFZ” at this link:

I can't wait to show you guys my results at the end of my 3 month journey with Bella Marie France, because I'm already starting to see my waist again and I can fit into some of my shorts (though still a little tight but I can zip them up already)!

For more information about BMF Bella Marie France, you may visit 


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