HongKong day 1 & 2


I know I know!

I've not been updating for a week here. AM SO SORRY! :(

I'm really just so tired these days. It is like, every time I reach home, its almost 11+pm and I'll get showered and by the time I'm done with my skincare routine and drying my hair, it is almost 1 am. HOW TO BLOG LIKE THIS?!

I don't know why but I seem to go out every day after work without fail. I'm not sure how come my social life is so happening. HAHAH. No lah, I either meet my girlfriends, or my boyfriend and every Wednesday is gym day and weekends are so precious to me so I have almost very little free time to blog.

I even find myself getting lazy to take vain selfie pictures nowadays. & that is pretty alarming. HAHA.

Okay, so better late than never, almost every week I'll have readers asking me on my askfm to blog about my HK trip and I've been procrastinating for a long time..


(Note, I'm blogging this at 1.09am and gotta crawl outta bed later at 7am, so if I don't write too much, be understanding abit okay. HAHA. Oh and also these pictures were taken before my nose fillers and botox so my face will look fatter and nose flatter lah).

Arrived at the hotel located at Mongkok.. and I still can't remember my hotel's name.


Lemme google it, brb.

OKAY, we were staying at COSMO Hotel this time round. Because my cousin recommended it to me. The price is reasonable, the hotel is new but only downside is that the room is super duper small. I can't even open up 2 luggages on the floor. 

There is alot of food around our hotel area but it is not within walkable distant to shopping places. I doubt I'll be staying there again the next time round if I were to go to Hongkong.

So after we checked in and put our luggage we headed for FOOD!!!

Boyfriend enjoying his curry fishball while we were queueing for....

- AUSTRALIAN DAIRY COMPARY 澳洲牛奶公司 (breakfast/lunch)
 G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan
Jordon MTR – Exit C2 ( Right ). Walk ahead to the junction and then turn right.
Mon to Wed & Fri to Sun: 07:30-23:00
Closed on Thu

This is the dopest shit ever!

I'll always, WITHOUT FAIL, visit Australian Dairy Company for their awesome scrambled eggs!!

The macaroni was meh~ but....

THE SCRAMBLED EGGS ARE.... probably 1 of the reasons I would visit Hong kong again.

Yes, I love it so much. 

We even went back again on our 2nd last day and I ordered the scrambled egg + cheese sandwich which was SOOOO GOOOD..

They are also famous for their steam egg but for me it is my favorite as I don't really fancy sweet stuff.

Savory food for me anyday!

There is always a queue at Australian Dairy Company but surprisingly, the queue moves really quick because it is not a place where you eat and sit there relax chit chat for hours. The staff clears your plates as soon as you finish eating and the atmosphere there is pretty hectic. So everyone eats and gets out.


And just 2-3 shops down from Australian Dairy Company, we headed into another restaurant to have wanton noodles.

Yes, when you go to Hong Kong, you eat err day err night.

G/F, 77 Wellington Street, Central
Mon.-Sun. 11:00-21:00

But the portion of the wanton noodle is really small so don't need to worry about not being able to finish it after having the scrambled eggs from earlier on.

The noodles here are really Q and the wanton is made from fresh prawns and meat. I love the wanton!!

#OOTD with some messy sign background.

Tourist must to - take pictures with MTR signs.

We went shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui after eating!

Photobombed by ZQ.

Boyfriend looks so shag.

After that, we headed to Mongkok for more shopping!

For girls, the 1 place you must go in HK for cheap and latest fashion is Argyle Centre.
(Take MTR, alight Mongkok station exit D2)

My next favorite food in Hong Kong!

The cold noodles! You can find this at level 1 entrance of Argyle Centre. Cannot miss one, alot of people buying every time.

I had like 6-7 packets within the 5 days that I was there. HAHA.

DAY 2!

We woke up bright and early because we were headed for some scenic and temple visiting instead of shopping!

I can't remember the name of the temple we went to.. but it was pretty far..

We had to take a cable car up to the mountains!

Swollen face and puffy eyes from lack of sleep..

But we were all pretty excited!!

That was our destination!

Super huge buddha statue!

Wore my huge floppy hat cause I was afraid of the sun.

With boyfriend and his friends + wives.

& so the climb begins..

up and up 

we went..

Halfway through, wanna die already!!



Yes, this was how high we climbed.

The beautiful scenery was worth all that perspiration and crazy heart pumping.

Super windy up there too!

Boyfriend praying with mega huge joss sticks.

Chilling at the food redemption area after everything.

Was definitely an eye opening experience.

After that we shopped for abit at CITYGATE, the "branded" outlet store which was very near the cable car station but I felt that there was nothing for me to purchase there at all so I told boyfriend let's head to other place to shop instead.

We decided to go to CENTRAL.

But first, food time..

- Yat Lok Restaurant 一樂食館 (Roast goose noodle/rice)
 G/F, 28 Stanley Street, Central.


So yummy!!

I wanted to order roasted pork but it was all sold out by the time we got there.

So it was char siew for us then.

But we headed back a few days later and had the roasted pork and it was SO SO GOOD too!!

The restaurant was again very tiny so if you want to go in big groups, be prepared to split up into 2 tables and go early if you want to have drumstick instead of just other parts of the goose because this stall is pretty famous and always sold out one!

Another must order in Hong Kong, condense milk bun!

The above on that I had was from a random shop and it wasn't very nice. 

So am not gonna recommend it to you guys.

The peanut butter french toast was not bad though!!!

At the rate we were eating,

it wasn't a surprise that I gained weight when I returned.

1.5kg within 5 days of full indulgence in good food = so worth it.


OKAY, it is 1.47am now.

Am going to turn in.


Thank you for those who still visit my blog daily though I haven't been updating much.
Sorry to let you down whenever you reach my blog and its still not updated.

I will try my best to blog more often.


Maybe when I become a mother and have to wash clothes, feed the child, get all cranky then I guess its high time I leave the blogging world.

Haha, okay. 



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