Pooch's image

Calling all pet owners in the EAST!!

Today's entry would be to introduce to you this super cute pet shop with a vintage theme.

YES, you heard it right.

The owners of this pet shop decided to have a unique take on their shop and you can tell later by the decorations.

Pooch's image!

Located at 119 Upper East Coast Road, #01-01, Singapore 455244.
Call them at: 6344 4044.

Pooch's image isn't a new pet shop. 
In fact this is their revamped outlet and at a new location. Formally, they were located along Joo Chiat Road, just next to Awfully Chocolate but business was good and the shop space needed to be increased thus the new change of location!!

Let me show you around their shop.

It's a little messy because stocks just came in! So pardon them. Hehe.

Pooch's image carries most items that a pet owner would need.

Super cute old school mugs with their logos on it.

Premium pet food and accessories for sale!

& the other side of their shop, is where they groom the pets professionally!

And you can be there to view the entire process if you want!

Through the glass window of course.

You can see your pet friend getting showered and I think this idea is good because your pet will be able to see you through the window too. So maybe they won't be too frightened or have any separation anxiety. Haha.

Pet groomer at work!

Super cute poodle!!!
The owner wanted 'boo's' haircut for the dog.

This other doggy was waiting for its turn so I played around with it first.

Aside from providing Professional Pet Grooming,

Pooch's image also provide Daycare Services, Pet Taxi & Transportation!!

So when you are away and unable to take care of your pets, you can just temporarily leave them under the care of Pooch's image's owners and collect them after or have them delivered back to your place!

This fella was happy to see me. 

All groomers at Pooch's image are certified and have participated in various competitions to improve their skills!!

So if you are looking for a pet shop that provides multiple services in the EAST,

Remember to check out

Pooch's image!

Located at 119 Upper East Coast Road, #01-01, Singapore 455244.
Call them at: 6344 4044.

Instagram: Poochimage



  1. Hey Meiting! The dog that has 'boo's' haircut is a pomeranian. Hee hee.. Poodles have curly fur. :)

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