Our 6th year.

With a blink of an eye,
we've been together for 6 years.

& here's what we did on our anniversary.

My oufit.
A tiffany blue maxi dress.

Look of the day.

We headed over to Au Petit Salut, at Dempsy, just like we did the previous year.

We were super early so we had to chill for a bit first.

Mr cock-up. (our private joke)

This time round, we decided to be seated outdoors.

Hello, what are you doig?

Escargots, pan seared scallops, truffle mushroom soup, & my duck confit!

All was yummy except the mushroom soup which a little too thick for my liking.

Boyfriend & his cod fish or something.

HAHA, look at his face.

He says he can finish it in 3 mouths.

After that, we headed back to his place as it was raining & we didn't felt like going anywhere.

The color of my dress matches his walls.

I love you.

Was happily taking self pictures until he came to disturb me..


Idiot boy.

Lying in bed doing nothing is one of our favorite past times.

6 year ago when I said 'yes' to be your girlfriend, I never knew we would have come this far.
Being the ever playful me, I never had any serious relationship for more than 1.5 years. 
I was never contented, always getting bored of the guy after the initial few months of "honeymoon" period.

But when it comes to you, what a drastic change.

Our "honeymoon" period literally lasted for about the first 3 years.
We are so good together.

As the years goes by, sure, disagreements & occasion bickering does take place. 
Neither one of us are perfect.
We each have our flaws.

But when we are together,
we are perfect.



Met up with Michelle later in the evening for some dessert at Ah Chew!
Steamed egg milk!

Testing out my new camera in her car.

That's Michelle & her overpriced Travalo.
Which I got $10 cheaper at Mustafa.


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