Asian Skins Solutions: Glow-y Fair Skin.

After 2 months, I finally found time to go back to Asian Skin Solutions for my 2nd facial!
& I'm super my face was in desperate need of cleansing because I am horrible at doing extractions for myself at home. 

Also, it isn't advised by professionals.

Because if you try to squeeze a pimple or get rid of black/white heads yourself and you do it wrongly, you'll leave an angry red mark on your face instead. (that's what happened to me, fml)

So it is best to always leave your delicate skin to the well trained therapist.

So here are some common skin disorders that we face.

This is my totally bare face.
I bathed, slap on my huge sunglass & hopped into a taxi to town for my facial.

I mean... no point putting on makeup to go for a facial right?

If you can't really tell, I have quite obvious black heads on my nose. 
& I hate my yellowish tone skin.

Also, spot the red angry mark which resulted from my itchy fingers. I had a pimpled & I just couldn't resist squeezing.

So first, I did the skin analysis!!

Check out my previous "scores" from my 1st facial to compare!!! -- Link to my 1st facial at Asian Skin Solution -- 


Went up from 48 to 57!!

So after comparing from my previous skin check, only my moisture level went into the "good" zone.
My pigment went super far but Jade, my specialist told me it could be because she did not "aim" the device at the exact same spot so the reading may differ a little & told me not to worry.

Good lord, I thought my pigmentation went super crazy after just 2 months!

But still, Jade stressed to me that I need to put on sunscreen every time I head out because I'm really fair, it is easier for the pigmentation to show on my skin as I age. :((

So time for my facial!!

I was super excited because I know my skin will be super moist and supple after the facial!

Changed out and all ready!

Snapped clearer bare face picture.

So the 1st step was: Double Cleansing.

To remove any makeup, sunscreen or skincare products which I may have applied beforehand.

Followed by Scrub, to exfoliate dead skin cells away from the surface so that whatever was applied next would be absorbed much quicker & easier.

A Comedone Softener Mask was also applied on my entire face. This is to soften the clogged pores so that it would be easier for mild extraction later on.

& then my therapist brought out this device to Steam my face.
So that all the pores would relax & "open" up so that all the dirt inside can be removed easily.

Okay, time for the most painful part.. Extraction. but trust me, it was super bearable. I know the face above looks like I'm in alot of pain, but no leh, hahaha.. I think the process was like on a 3 or 4 out of 10 in terms of painfulness.

It was then one of my favorite steps!!
The O2 infusion with Whitening Essence.

This is where they "spray" or use this "airbrush" technique to get the essence deeply penetrated into my skin.

When that was done, I was treated to a super rewarding Face + eye + shoulder massage.

By doing massage for my face & eye area, it actually helps to improve blood circulation around my eyes so that it will eliminate dark eye circles & as for the face, it actually helps in slimming too!

Final step of all..
is a 2x treatment mask.

Two masks were applied onto my face, Whitening + Hydration Mask.

Because I've expressed my concerns for my skin to Jade earlier and she decided this is best suited for me.

At the end of everything, Jade also gave me this 3D BIOTox STEMz CELLz serum which I LOVE!!
The next time I go there I'm gonna ask for another bottle!! HAHAH, shameless.

So after the facial, this was how I felt.

I took screenshots of what I wrote on my twitter account because I'm blogging this entry a few weeks after the treatment so I can't remember everything so I thought this would be best.

& for the next 5-6 days, my skin condition got even better!

I am not lying.

I had my boyfriend & even bird telling me that my skin is looking very nice now. & I agreed too!! 

It has become super radiant and no more yellowish undertone. I am no longer yellow!! Hahaha!

& I just feel that my skin looks really fair & glow-y even with no makeup on.

Here's my fresh out of shower face.

See how crystal clear it is?

I mean, my pigmentation still shows but overall, I love how it isn't dull and sick looking anymore.
I can finally say I love my fairness!!

Because most of the time when people go "Wah you very fair leh, so nice", I also reply "No leh, I don't like my kind of fairness, because I'm very yellow, I don't like."

This is how I look like about 1-2 weeks after my facial.


Okay, I did cheat a little by applying highlighter on my cheekbones & nose-bridge, but you can refer to the makeup-less picture above, STILL GLOWING LOR!


So right now, here's Asian Skin Solution's GSS Special promotion!!

$10 instead of $1688 for 1 x Reviving Dead Sea Facial Peel
Treatment +
Brightening Eye Mask.

How to apply:
2. Call 6767 0077

Terms and Conditions to apply:
- Above 18 years old and above only
- Strictly by appointment only.
- Promotion valid for 2 months

• Parkmall 9 Penang Road #11-04 Spore 238459
• Bugis Village 154 Rochor Road Singapore 188425

Hope you will be able to achieve a skin which you will love at Asian Skin Solutions!!



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