Justmine is a fashion web store based in Singapore, founded in late 2012.

& they have this really honest motto which they go buy: “We only sell what we will buy!”.
Everything you see on Justmine webstore, is carefully handpicked from all over Singapore by the owners. They prefer QUALITY over quantity, so do not worry about lousy fabric or low material apparels. 

It is their aim to make every shopper have a pleasant experience when they visit Justmine.

All orders are shipped out from Singapore & Justmine charges a flat shipping rate to all shipping destinations. YES, that means regardless of how many items you buy, all you need to pay is just a fixed shipping rate! How awesome is that. I have a love-hate relationship with Q100 because their shipping rate is so expensive!!

 But over here at Justmine, you don’t need to worry about the cost of the shipping rate because it’s fixed at 1 price!

So, go ahead & buy as many items as possible!

I picked this keyhole maxi dress from Justmine because a black maxi dress will never fail you at any occasion. It is timeless and not too loud.

Even though the dress doesn’t scream “look at me!”, you will still turn heads because it is really elegant and the cutting is perfect. 

The keyhole cut out right smack at the middle of the chest area really stands out, in a good way of course, because it is really unique.

The dress is lightweight so even though you are covered from neck to toe, you wouldn’t be perspiring under the fabric.

Next outfit I got is this bright green top which I paired with this brown shorts that I also got from Justmine. The shorts fit perfectly and it is really comfortable as well.

I really like the design of this top because it is not your usual plain spaghetti, it has that fluttery semi sleeves, & shows off your shoulders & collarbones with a subtle sexiness.

This look is for a causal day out where you can look your best but not at the expense of your comfort.

Here are some other items that caught my eye from Justmine!

Denim jumpers are making the waves this season.

This cage designed suspender-skirt/dress is really cute too!

For the elegant you.

A simple top with a twist.

Justmine has switched from www.justmine.co to @shopjustmine on instagram.

- Follow @shopjustmine on Instagram to see latest arrivals 
- Whatsapp Order to (+60168594418), more convenient for all customers & can even give exclusive discounts when the customers buy more items! 
- More discounts to top spenders! (Yes, we're keeping a record of all shoppers & their total amount spent with us!) 
- All enquiries via Whatsapp will be replied within 3 hours and 24 hours for e-mails 
- Everything that is available on @shopjustmine is priced at SGD20/RM50. Will try our best to price all our items from SGD20-SGD25 only! 
- FREE Normal Postage (4-5 working days after payment is verified) for all Singapore orders 
- Registered Postage (2-3 working days after payment is verified) charged at SGD3.00 per order. - FREE Registered Postage for orders above SGD150/RM350 
- Registered Postage (7-10 working days after payment is verified) to Malaysia charged at RM15 per order.

Some exclusive promotions for my readers:

- Buy 2 items at SGD38/RM95
- Buy 4 items at SGD75/185
- Buy 6 items at SGD110/RM275
- Free Registered Postage for orders above SGD75/RM185
- Special price for 7 items & above, Whatsapp
+60168594418 for special price! (Encourage to combine orders together with friends)
- Quote 'LianMeiTing' to enjoy these promotions!


Follow them on the following social media tools too!

Happy Shopping, my ladies!



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