nana's green tea

So about 2 weeks back I was invited down to nana's green tea located at Plaza Singapura for dinner. I agreed immediately because I've passed by nana's green tea several times but I always thought they just serve drinks and desserts. & I couldn't be more wrong!!

I invited my girlfriend, Bird, along to have dinner because I know she would love the desserts and ice blended drinks there. She is a sucker for sweet stuff.

When we arrived, it was pretty early and the restaurant was quite empty, but not for long...

Here's me checking out their menu and I was impressed!! I had this misconception that nana's green tea was like a cafe with limited food on the menu and I was super glad they offered quite a range of food too!

We ordered quite a lot but because everything was so yummy looking in the menu we can't decide which was better and ended up having 2 drinks, 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 dessert.

  Uji-matcha (Green tea) latte & Hoji-cha (Roasted Green tea) latte

Bird ordered the green tea which was the star of their restaurant. I mean, comón, the name nana's green tea? Haha, while I decided to try their roasted tea instead. Both our drinks were surprisingly good. I do not have a sweet tooth so I was afraid it may be too sweet but it wasn't! I mean, it is still sweet of course but not too sugary sweet till I can't drink a 2nd sip. 

Did you know what green tea has quite a fair amount of beauty benefits? Green tea has antioxidants and helps to repair free radical damage. It helps in anti aging, weight loss, preventing acne, and loss of hair.

Birdie really loving her drink.

She liked it so much, the next time she was at PS, she went into nana's green tea and bought 1 for takeaway. hahaha.

Here's the starters that we ordered.

A prawn & broccoli salad which was not bad in my opinion but only thing was the sauce might be a little too creamy if you eat it for long. However I enjoyed the freshness of the broccoli and they were generous with the prawns too.

This salmon carpaccio is one of the shiokest I've ever had. The sauce which it was drizzled in was so delicious. It tasted like sesame oil if I'm not wrong. But just so good lah. Very generous portion for the the price of $8.80. :D

Birdie ordered this Salmon udon with cream sauce. I tried a little but I don't really fancy it because the cream base makes me feel full after a few mouthfuls. 

As for my main, I ordered the Salmon and Maguro don which I REALLY LOVE! Well, I'm a big fan of salmon, sashimi especially. So anything with fresh salmon, I'm sold. It comes with the special sesame sauce which I really like and I tried to tell myself to control and go easy on the sauce.


& now its time for the stars!!

We ordered the Matcha Shiratama Parfait and the Hoji "Gateaux Chocolat" Parfait.

Check out how yummy it looks!! I mean, it really looks damn good right? & the taste does not let you down either! As I've mentioned earlier on, I'm not one who fancy super sweet stuff so when I say that the Matcha Shiratama is good, it really is. I love how fragrant the green tea icecream is. It is rich in taste but not too sweet. I kept picking at it with my spoon, I think I finished more than half of the icecream myself. I'm a huge fan of green tea!!!

By the time we are almost done with our food, see how filled the entire restaurant is already!

If you are around the area during lunch hours, do take note of this lunch promotion!

Bird & I really enjoyed and stuffed our bellies happy with food.

On the whole, I would definitely visit nana's green tea again for their: Green tea latte, Salmon carpaccio and their dessert, the green tea icecream is so good. & also, the prices of the food there is not very pricey which really surprised me because the standard of the food is really not bad!

nana's green tea

The Atrium @ Orchard, 
Plaza Singapura 60B, 
Orchard Road, 
Singapore 238891

Opening hours: 11.00 am to 10.00 pm


After our meal, we headed over to Starbucks to chit chat.

Just 3 pictures to end this entry..

With my prettiest girlfriend.

Thank you for reading!



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