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East Coast BEACH!

This blog post is way overdue.
(more than 6 months at least. oops)

So boyfriend came over my place, picked me up & drove us to East Coast for dinner.

East Coast Lagoon!

Usually, Shunxiong will go find us a seat and I'll go do the food ordering. But this time round, he asked me to wait at the table instead.. because.. 

he said he was damn scared of me over-ordering as always.


I always order the food portion like for 4 person when its actually just for the 2 of us.

So this was what he came back with..

Carrot cake! Very yummy this stall! Crispy crispy one.

Funny random fact: I used to love the black carrot cake when I was younger. But as I grew older, I prefer the white ones instead. Quite a lot of my friends too. Why ah?

The famous satay beehoon. Which I find not bad but not super duper delicious.

BBQ chicken wings & chicken satays!

After our dinner, we decided to spend some time at the beach.

& let's check out my boyfriend's camera skill...

I told him to take a picture of me with the beach as my background...

He took this.

I WAS LIKE, nevermind. -_-

My happy pill for the past 6 years +..

I would love to find time to do this again.

I'm so freaking exhausted daily right now. Once I get home, showered & all that, its time to blog. I either take pictures of products or dress myself up to take pictures for blogshop advertorials, upload pictures, edit pictures, or write the blog post. 

I sleep at about 2 am daily and wake up at 7am for work. 

Not complaining because I choose to have a full time job + continue blogging, because this is my hobby. I really like blogging and I believe I am able to manage it. :)

You make me feel like the happiest person on earth sometimes.

Act cool.

Wearing this lace dress with sheer sleeves which I bought from London. 

I hate to admit this but I DO MISS flying!
I miss the shopping and the beautiful cities.

Oh, and the salary.


But I am really loving all the time in the world I have daily to spend with my loved ones and friends. 

Oh well, you gain some, you lose some. 

Such is life.

Hi, tiny ass.

I have ugly wide feet.

Pretty isn't it?

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  1. Hello. Can I know what camera did you used to take the photos in this post? Thank you!! :D