Givenchy - Teint Couture

I was invited down to the Givenchy - Teint Couture - workshop a couple weeks back but I was unable to go because of work. The timing clashed and I was sooooo bummed!! :( 

But a week later, the sweet ladies from Givenchy told me they will be sending over the products for me to try even though I couldn't make it for the workshop. SO LOVE!!! I was freaking happy because I've always loved Givenchy products.

The above, is a loose powder which I bought myself, with my own money!

I've been using it for more than a year and still have so much left. And I really love using it over liquid foundation or bb cream because it will set/make the product stay on my face longer. 

Personally, I believe that having a radiant, smooth and flawless complexion is very important. Obviously, in the real world, most of us ladies do not have "perfect" skin. We wake up with tired, dull looking skin from dehydration as well as lack of rest.

Also, almost everyone I know have under eye rings and slight uneven-ness in skin tone.

But with the help of makeup, we all can look like we sleep 10 hours a day and ready to face the world. 

Some girls sadly have the misconception that putting on a lot of make up = looking prettier. For me, I like the NATURAL finish. I don't like my foundation or powder to be applied on too thick because I feel it just looks fake & cake-y.

Introducing the new timeless foundation by Givenchy.

Teint Couture.

This is a long-wearing, "all-in-one" compact powder for ladies who love a radiant finish. I for one am a big fan of radiant looking skin!! Because you'll look much more youthful. :)

And isn't the casing oh-so-luxurious?

It has got to be one of the sexiest compact powder casing ever.

There are 2 powders: 
the flesh color for our overall skin and,
the pink shade to give a rosy skin effect. 

Did a swatch on it.

The colors are quite sheer so I had to apply like 3x to get the above intensity for photo-taking.

I really love how this compact has a 2-in-1 "function" because for quick touchups or when you are in a rush, you wouldn't have enough time to highlight your face and this can easily fix that. 

The finishing of the powder is really soft, like satin! And even if I were to apply 2 or 3x coverage, my skin does not look too cake-y because Givenchy created the compact powder in a way where it is made-to-measure second-skin effect with no excess build-up finish.

I've wore it for work and it lasted pretty well. I didn't even need to touch up my face at the end of the day.

Next up on the menu, would be the Long-Wearing Fluid Foundation.

The packaging for the fluid foundation is still as fierce isn't it? I really can't stop "wow-ing" over the products once I took them out from the bag. 

For ladies who require a stronger coverage, you would definitely want to find out more about this fluid foundation. Because not only does it have a very long holding powder, it is very light weight and doesn't make your skin feel "suffocated".

The shade I'm trying out in the above swatch is "Elegant Beige" which is a little too dark for me. But I wanted to demonstrate how the watery & blend-able the fluid foundation is. 

Here's a tip: For a "light-up" effect, 2 dabs on the T-zone is all you need. Use your finger tips to spread and blend the fluid on the face in an outward motion to smoothen and refine your skin's texture.

This fluid foundation is made to last up to 15 hours of wearing!!

Here's the chart of colors. 

I think I'm a "Elegant porcelain" or a "Elegant Shell". 

But its okay, because I'm gonna do a giveaway for my readers as the color does not match my skin color so I rather give it to you guys than to waste it!! Don't worry, the product is clean, all I did was press a pump of the foundation out for swatching purposes and that's it. 

Details for Giveaway will be all the way at end of entry. 

Really loving how flawlessly healthy my skin looks!

Do check out Givenchy's new range - Teint Couture -



Giveaway time!!

 G I V E A W A Y      C L O S E D!!

Step 1: Follow me on instagram: @lianmeiting

Step 2: Like the above picture on instagram

Step 3: Answer this question in the INSTAGRAM comments section "How many hours does the Givenchy fluid foundation last?

Giveaway ends on Wednesday, 3rd July 1159pm

Winner will be announce on my blog & instagram.

*** I will pick the winner within 3 days after giveaway ends (using random name picker) and will either send it by postage or meet up at bugis/east side/town area" ***




  1. DOne! Thanks for the giveaway! Hope to win this cause it is axactly my shade and this would be a great opportunity to try the foundation from Givenchy ♡

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