BioNike at Dempsy & PS cafe w girlfriend

So few weeks ago I received a media invitation for the launch of BioNike
Pronounced as (Bio - KNEE - Kay). 
Not like bio-nike(the sports brand), which was how I said it in my head. HAHA.

So I brought a plus one along: my dear girlfriend, Birdie.

Feeling quite short with the model standing next to me.
& underdressed. OOPS.

The launch was held at Dempsy, The Chameleon Club Lounge.
I told Birdie, I was bringing her clubbing. LOL.

Some pictures I managed to take during the event.
- A super entertaining entrance act by 2 martial arts guy.
- Speech on the history and benefits of BioNike.
- Vocal performance by Tabitha Nauser.

There's bird & I with the marketing rep, Xinyi! 
Thank you Xinyi for inviting me & for letting me bring a friend too! :)

So here's the new range that BioNike will be launching: The Defence Elixage.
(Product intro will be below, just continue reading!)

So after the event, since we were already at Dempsy, we headed over to PS cafe for dinner.

It was merely a 5 minutes walk and guess what? We got attacked by a bunch? flock?, whatever, by a lot of mosquito!! I did not notice at first cause I was walking in front leading the way.. then bird suddenly screamed and said "omg!! Your leg got a lot of mosquito attacking you!! Like a lot!!". Then I turned to check and I saw like, 7-8 mosquitos sucking my blood. SO DAMN GROSS. & what's worse is the mosquitos did not fly away when I shake my leg!! They continue just sucking my blood. Must be starving for damn long. 

We ended up swiping them away with a magazine. AND the grossest part is, some of the mosquitos were so fat (after sucking my blood), they can't fly, they just burst when I swipe the magazine across my leg. What on earth really. & 30 mins later, bird & my legs both started itching LIKE MAD. Yes, bird was attacked too. hahaha.. poor us.

So here's what we ordered.

Truffle fries, mushroom soup & caesar salad.
The mushroom soup was one of the most weird ones I've ever had. Really not liking it at all.

Solo picture with food is like, a must?

My turn to pose.

Sigh, I hate shaky hands. 
But managed to salvage by using "sharpening" tool. Hahah.

Enjoyed the day with my girlfriend. 
We have been doing quite a lot of "dating" these few weeks & I'm loving it!

So now let's move on to the products!!

The above was given by the generous people of BioNike.

BioNike is an Italian company which have been working on skin for more than 70 years and they specialize in developing products for sensitive, allergic and reactive skins

The BioNike brand has been successful over the years thanks to the great attention towards sensitive and allergy-prone skin, supported by the strong constant relationship with doctors and the extensive R&D work carried out.

BioNike products are highly effective and are based on "allergen-free philosophy" - which means, 
No Perservatives, 
No Fragrances, 
No Gluten and Nickel tested.

So that pretty much explains their tagline: 

The Defence Elixage - Satin, Regenerating Cream.
Priced at $339 sgd.

As you can already tell, the new range of products are targeted at anti-aging. 
& the most visible skin ageing signs are: Wrinkles/fine lines, skin feels less supple, dry & roughness as well as a dull complexion.

So the Satin, Regenerating cream can be used as a day or night cream which gives a smooth finish. It isn't too oily, the texture is just nice in my opinion and you don't have to use too much of product each time. It is ideal for normal & combination skin.

This product helps promotes skin's natural regeneration mechanism and enhances the repair processes. 

The Defence Elixage - Contour, Eye-Lip Balm.
Priced at $149 sgd.

Next up, would be the eye-lip balm.

& what is the first tell tale sign of ageing? Crows feet!
So a good eye cream is a very important part of your skincare routine.

As you can tell from the above picture, the texture of the eye-lip balm is much thicker than the Satin regenerating cream because it is specifically made to nourish the delicate, thin and lip contour areas (laugh lines, also another tell tale sign of ageing!!).

After using the product, I instantly feel my the area around my eye becoming more supple and toned. This is because this product actually provides an immediate "filler" effect! How awesome!?

The Defence Elixage - Elixir, Regenerating Fluid
Priced at $349 sgd.

The last item on the list would be this!

It is an intensive treatment that is a true concentrate of vital energy which stimulates the natural production of skin components. The texture is really light, so for those who does not fancy thick & creamy types of cream can try this out.

This Elixir Regenerating Fluid aids in promoting natural skin regeneration and strengthen its defence mechanisms. & best of all, it is suitable for all skin types.

For those who are searching high and low for anti-ageing products, you can try out BioNike's new range: Defence Elixage. 

Available at Guardians! 



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