Bday dinner

Hey everyone, so today its gonna be an updated entry on my birthday dinner with my love!

He brought me to The Grill!

We went on Friday after my work.

We arrived pretty early and was the 2nd table which was occupied.

Time for food!!!

1. Warm bread with butter & salt.
2. Some lentil soup with poach egg in it. VERY GOOD!
3. Caesar salad with poach egg + Grilled scallops.

My main, which was the duck confit.
It was not bad but after eating half I feel like it is a little too much.

Boyfriend's main, which was the flame grilled porkchop.

I swear I've never eaten any grilled pork that tasted as good as this.

Will definitely go back & order this!

Blurry picture by the staff..

Luckily we have another one with my phone!

Some after dinner drinks.
Me love red wine.

I went to the washroom and my boyfriend sneakily told the staff that it was my birthday.

& as I returned, after like, 3 minutes, a birthday cake appeared in front of me.

Thank god they did not burst into a birthday song. 
I would have died right on the spot.

Another year has passed.

A really sweet gesture from the restaurant.

Love the handwriting too!!

After our dinner, we took a stroll along the bridge...

Now very good in posing liao this guy.

Finally a decent shot.

This is the 7th year which we are spending my birthday together.
Every year, I thank god for keeping you by my side & wish us both eternal happiness. :)

Click to watch the video which I did & posted on Youtube.

I love doing videos now!! :)))

Once again, WATCH IN HD!! 


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