Catching my breath.

Hello everyone!

I know these days my blog has more advertorials than usual. & I for one knows how annoying it is to visit a blog and always seeing just adverts after adverts and no normal posts from the blogger. 

So I made a pact to myself & to you guys here... that..

I will always post a normal blog post after each advertorial!
I will not let my blog become just an advertising ground.

How does that sounds?


So today will be an update on the night I went clubbing at Butter Factory with the gang.

Yes, this was when I was still flying.. so it explains the black hair.

We were done preparing quite early so got time to take some pictures!

& off to Butter we went!

With our Papa san.

We were there also for Sue Ann's birthday!
But that birthday girl was too busy entertaining many of her other friends.

Start to cray liao..

My lover looks like a girl.

Party hard.

Bumped into my Secondary schoolmate, Judy!

With Megan!
We need to hang out more!!

With Justin.
Thanks for the VIP card!

Saw Jill there too!!

Janice, OKM, Megan, Pham, Esther, Shunxiong & me!!

We look so happy here!!

Ended the night with a windy ride home.

Damn, feel like clubbing with my homies!



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