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Ready for what, you may ask.

For what's coming up in 2 week's time!

Chinese New Year! 

I for one have always been the kind that makes sure I have enough new & chio clothes for Chinese New Year. Because, it is the 1 time of the year where you will meet so many people in that few days of house visiting & gathering at friend's house to gamble. Hehe. 

So it's really important to dress up & look your best because its just the start of a new year & this impression that you are giving to people is gonna last the entire year!

Jipaban.com has just launched an entire collection with TONS of new clothes,shoes,bags & accessories from various brands with various styles to suit everyone one of you here.

From edgy to sweet to casual & so much more.

Let's take a look at what I've gotten from the brand maryjulian, which have been manufacturing exclusive apparels just for you!

Fionah Floral shirt by maryjulian.

This top is formal yet feminine. 
& it can be totally casual if you were to match it with a pair of shorts.

& here's what I love about Jipaban.com ..

they actually help you mix & match from head to toe an ENTIRE outfit to suit different looks!
Check out their blog & see what their stylist have to say!

The next item that I got is this super cool dress..

Heather Symmetric dress in yellow by maryjulian.

For those who are more daring to try new looks, this dress maybe the perfect CNY outfit for you.
Cause it is so colorful! Best during CNY cause the elderlies like loud colors. & not to mention stylish!
& you'll definitely make a lasting impression with a dress like this.

& next ,

Let's take a look at what I got from Smitten, who is also providing exclusive manufactured pieces for CNY!

Pocket slouch pullover in red by Smitten.

This ensemble would be perfect if you are wearing it to your friend's house for CNY gathering!
You don't want to be super dressed up as you are probably gonna spend many hours playing blackjacks & chit chatting. Pullovers are always so comfortable & best of all, it has RED in it!
Confirm let you HUAT big time when you are gambling! 

If you want to look a little more sweet, this following piece might suit you..

Poly bustier top in Polka dot by Smitten.

This sexy bustier top can be so versatile.
Match it with a maxi skirt like me & you'll look super sweet.
Pair it up with a pair of skinny jeans & you'll be casual yet dressed up.
Hell, it can even go well with a pair of high waisted shorts!
It all depends on what look you are going for. 

& here's the last of my shopping loots from Jipaban.com..

Glitter mesh top in Back by Dress Down Friday.

This black top is for the not so traditional you, as some of you may not be into the whole loud,red,colorful "dress code" during CNY.
This black top is unique as the collar area is blinged up with the glitter mesh.

So ladies, if you have yet to completed shopping for your Chinese New Year clothes, why don't you head down to Jipaban.com to check out all these pretty outfits & more? 

If you need more inspirations on dressing up this CNY, you can check out their Chinese New Year Lookbook. Plenty of different styles & looks for every girl!

Jipaban.com is a one stop online "mall" where they have EVERYTHING under one roof. They can dress you up from head to toe! 

Happy shopping, my ladies!

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