Girlfriend times + Goodies from JPB!

Listening to Jay Chou's latest tracks & lying on my bed typing this entry. I love Jay chou!! I can't wait for his concert in June. & guess what, the dates of the concert are June 7 & 8! MY BDAY IS ON THE 8TH!! I don't care how, but I MUST go for his concert!!

 Have an interview later at 3pm & I'm still not asleep. I'm kinda excited because its been awhile since I went for an interview. But I hope it will go fine. *fingers crossed* Anyway, after SQ's crazy 5 rounds of interview, I think I should be able to take on any other interviews now.

Recently, my mood has kinda been quite crazy. Ups & downs. Sometimes I feel so terrible that I would just shed a tear or two and tell myself to stop it & suck it up. There are things and words that I wish to say but I can't because I don't want a huge reaction from it. I don't really know if there is a problem or maybe I'm just thinking too much. But its just how I feel exactly at that point of time. & I really can't stop myself from feeling all crappy. I'm a girl & we are all genetically crazily sensitive.

& I don't really confide in anyone because, being a Gemini, I seldom let others know about my "problems'. I would rather everyone think that I am happy & carefree and that nothing can get to me. Why like this? I don't know. But its just a trait of Gemini.

Okay, emo thoughts aside.

Went out to town shopping with Juan one day.
& that was #ootd & my freshly done hair by Salon Vim.

With my darling Juan.

Who recently just got engaged!!
Will blog about her ROM soon. 

Us at Cine's food court having pepperlunch!

Boyfriend came to join us for dinner too!

He wasn't very interested in taking pictures. >.<

Okay, that's better.

Michelle & Tiki came to meet us too!

The lighting at the food court is quite good leh!
I prefer soft natural lighting rather than harsh flash. I know of 1 person who loves using flash. MICHELLE QUEK!!

Group picture!

All my pinks.

After that we headed back to Michelle's place where we filmed our BFF tag.
If you missed it, check out my youtube page

Left - Taken with Ring light
Right - natural light.
I sort of did a poll on my instagram asking which was better.. & most people said Natural lighting! 

& so if you are following me on my instagram, you will know that the past week or 2, I've received quite a lot of new clothes! 

& a number of it was from Jipaban!

Got this entire outfit from Smitten. 

I wanted to wear this entire outfit out but I remembered I was gonna go for mega shopping & I decided that wearing it with shorts would be more comfy!

So I went to change...

& I paired it with shorts!
Posted this above picture on my instagram & it got quite number of likes! Haha.

I also got this neon yellow spikes necklace from Jipaban.
Spikes & neon & skulls are definitely in trend right now & I've got all 3 on me!

Wore it to Filter for an event & this necklace really made my outfit standout.

I also picked this super amazing flats.

I can't really explain how much I like this but I REALLY DO!
First, the "snakeskin" is damn edgy already.
Second, the contrast of the black velvet material at the heel area made it classy.
& last, the SPIKES around the ankle!

I'm saving this for CNY!! hehe.

Being an accessory junkie, I couldn't resist picking up more!
Bracelets, this time round.

1 last item..
would be another statement piece.

Love the blue.
You can tell I do because it is the exact same blue as my nails!

I love to match bright colored accessories with simple outfits.

All items worn by me above are from



  1. babe you should curl your hair! i think the pop of color will look great with curls!

    1. Hello!! Yes I have been very tempted to curl my hair! But there's a few concerns I have, which is that my hair will be more chemically damaged, and also I may look older!! curls tends to make people look more mature I think. So best solution is to use my curling iron for temporary curls but I am always in such a rush. :(

  2. Nooo! It won't make you look older. I think that applies to those who wear tighter curls. I think loose curls will suit you best! Try a 1 inch curler or 1 1/2 inch curler and use it as a curling wand. You can watch it on youtube, how to use curling wand. I find it a lot better, because i have long hair and i like loose waves and not tight curls! Plus, your hair is colored too :) If i may add, choose curlers with tourmaline metals. why? it makes your hair really soft and shiny. not kidding! i hate curling irons and flat irons, they make the hair look damaged and frizzy. sorry for the long post. if you want to see how i like my hair with waves, i just posted a video on my blog. i'm not doing this just for you to check out my blog but i just wanted to share with you, since i wrote quite a long comment on here. LOL. Btw, i've been following your blog for ages! i started blogging 2008 and i've followed you before that.

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