Juan's Proposal!

So 2 months ago, Eric decided to pop the question to Juan.
& we were all part of his big plan!

I was still flying back then, so guess what? 

Eric actually planned his proposal date according to my flying schedule. He actually wanted to do it 2 days earlier but I was overseas so he aborted that plan. SO TOUCHED!!

Cause on a drunk night, I told him that if he was ever gonna propose to Juan, I HAVE TO BE THERE.

If not, he will suffer the consequences. HAHA..

So Esther & I were in charged of collecting the balloons & bringing it to the location..

& Eric's friends decided to tie it to this bench..

The sun was really glaring.

So Esther & I was told to go "hide" as the plan was for Eric & Juan to come to Mount Faber Park to meet their other friends & their kids.

After 3 minutes we started to perspire under the heat & went to Esther's car to blast the air condition..

& about 10 minutes later, we received a text to ask us to get into place.

Sneaking around..


Juan was stunned when she saw the 2 of us there.
HAHA, she actually looked at me for a split second, then turned her head away. FUNNY!

Picking up the stalk of rose which his friends planted..


Those were his exact words.

So happy for them!!

He put a ring on it.

Juan was still overwhelmed with this surprise proposal.. kept asking Eric questions nonstop!!

We are truly happy for you!!

So, after the mission was a success, 
we all got a treat from the "Groom".

At Prive.

I had the panfried salmon.


That's all for the proposal.

Their proposal even went onto 2-3 local chinese newspaper..
because if you guys are clueless about the music industry like me, then you probably wouldn't know that Eric is a really successful music producer. He has written tunes/songs for so many famous people. Even A*Mei. So yeah.

There's gonna be 2 more blog entries on this.

1 will be about the solemnization ceremony & the other would be about their very unconventional ROM party.

Be back for more updates on this! 

I wish you eternal happiness.



  1. Hi I would like to ask on this blog post that you have blog about your friend ROM i saw one of the photo with the MR & MRS sign on the chalk board may i know where can i get this?

    1. Hello Lerine Ling,

      We bought the chalk board from Art Friend, you can go to Takashimaya outlet which was the one we went to. :)

    2. Thank you so so so much for the replies.