Ash by Salon Vim

So after near 2 months, I've decided its time for my pink/purple hair to be gone.

As I was looking for jobs & going for interviews, I had to look "professional" & that loud hair color was definitely a no-no.

Anyway, I've already been accepted by a company & am gonna start my 1st day of work tomorrow.
I'm sorry but I wouldn't be sharing with everyone where I'm working at & what I'm doing for now. 

So moving on, here's what I did at Salon Vim about 2 weeks back.

After 2 months, the pink & purple on my hair was still going on strong!

I told my stylist, Luis, that I wanted a nice brown for my entire head.
No more funny,crazy colors.

But I didn't want just any normal brown.

Then he showed me the hair color chart & I picked this really lovely ash brown.

But to achieve that color, I would have to lighten my entire head.

Yes, I had to bleach my entire head.
& that's Gary being cheeky as always.

Washed off the bleach & I was greeted with this super loud ORANGE hair.
I was so worried I quickly asked my stylist if the color will come out to be too bright.
& he assured me that it will not. 

The bleaching was necessary to bring out the ash tones.

Then they proceeded to coloring my hair with the ash color that I wanted.

Washed off the dye & we continued to the final step, which was

the REDKEN treatment.

My hair was pretty fragile after all that bleaching & coloring so a treatment was in order.
The above was protein for my weak hair.

Time to concoct a hair treatment specially for me!

Had to steam my hair for about 20+ minutes before we went to lightly rinse it off.

Luis did my bi-monthly trimming to get rid of the split ends & to give my hair more texture.

Gonna be done soon!!

& we're done!!

I super super super SUPER love my hair to the core I swear!!!
Its ash with so many different colors to it!


Was given these Shampoo & hair mask & I have been using them religiously!

& now its pictures time.

This is how my hair looks when taken under yellow light..

Posted the above picture on my instagram, & everyone loved my hair too!

& this is how it looks when taken under white light.

This was taken after 2-3 washes..

Can you see the different colors in my hair?

This is one of my favorite hair color by Salon Vim so far.
Am going to keep to this color for at least 4 months!! 
Mega love it!

For those interested in getting hair services done at Salon Vim, here's the details you'll need.
Mention my name "Meiting" & you'll get a 10% off for any hair services.

TEL: 68847757 / 68847767


Met up with Michelle & Tiki in town for dinner after doing my hair.
We ate at Monster Curry at Ion's basement.


After that, we headed to Chinatown to check out the Chinese New Year stuff.. & Michelle bought these wishing lanterns.

We went to Marina barrage to let them go.

Jun, Michelle & me!

I didn't write any wishes on the lanterns because they say that you can only do it once in a year.

Up, up & away~

My stupid camera decided to focus on photo bombing Tiki instead of me.

& after that, we got hungry & went for supper at Imperial Treasure for Steamboat!!

Did you know that the outlet at Triple One somerset opens until 3am?!?

Love that they allow us to create our own sauce!!

While waiting for the steamboat to be ready.

My left eyelash was super flimsy that day, which explains why 1 of my eye looks damn sleepy.


The pork is super good.
I don't really take beef, so I didn't try it at all.

After our late night steamboat, we walked over to Starbucks at Cine leisure to chill & chit chat.

Gone are the days I can have late nights like these anymore.

These 2 months of break has been super rewarding.
Finally able to take a break for awhile.

Now its time to get serious again.



  1. I really love the color of your hair!! It's so pretty! It looks a lot nicer after 2-3 washes!

  2. You should start curling your hair dear. It really looks good on you :)

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