Kiehl's new launch

Hello my dear readers, oh how I've missed you!!
I've been so drained from work. This is only my 3rd day but I keep feeling like I have not enough hours in a day! I knock off at 6.30pm most days & by the time I get a nice dinner & all that, its already 8+ pm. How to have a social life like that? HAHA. 

I guess I'm just too used to the flying days where I'm doing nothing everyday when I'm in Singapore. But its okay, I wanted this change. I needed this change.

I just need some getting used to & I will be able to function normally soon.

So for now, just bear with me on the slow updates okay? But don't worry, I will NEVER neglect my blog! I promise!!


Was invited to a Kiehl's event awhile back by Nuffnang. 

They were gonna give us a preview of their new items which would be launch in 2013!!

& it has to do with WHITENING!!

My ultimate favorite.

Explaining to us the products & going into much details on the benefits & why we should start taking care of our skin.

The entire "talk" was very very entertaining because the other emcee was Chua En Lai, & he together with the kiehl's expert were both hilarious. They cracked several number of jokes on stage & even though the entire speech was packed with information, it wasn't the least bit boring at all!

Once the talk was over, everyone hurried over to try out the much raved products!


Featuring the Kiehl's Clearly Corrective White moisturizer & 
the Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB cream.

Erica & I both tried out the products according to our skin tone.

With our blog managers, Jayne & Gabby!

This Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution is not new but it remains as one of their best sellers that's why it was there at the event.

With their entire range of whitening products.

I'm a super huge fan of any whitening products.
I wanna be as fair as I can be!

With Juli who was not that early. HEHE.

But am still glad she could make it because I made a new friend! :)

With Mr humourous, Chua En Lai.

Gabby was in super fan girl mode the entire time.

I've been using this Deep Moisture Clarifying cream for near a month plus now.
I would say, the texture is fine, not too oily. & I feel that it really hydrates my face. 
However I do notice a slight difference in my face the next morning. It is said to improve your skin's overall clarity and to help with any discoloration.

Only downside of this item is the smell. 

Because kiehl's do not add any fragrance or whatever to their products, when applying this cream, there is a really strong smell of... I can't describe. It isn't a nasty smell. But it isn't pleasant either. Its just a strong smell. 

Go try it out over the counters to get what I'm trying to say.

& for this BB cream, I love it!!

First of all, it has SPF 50!! What's not to like about that? All the more protection against the evil sun rays & what not. However the coverage for this BB cream is just medium, if you have very obvious blemishes and scars then you will definitely need to use a concealer under this. 

& it has quite a good lasting power. I didn't have to touch up my face at all. 

The best plus point of this product is that, when you are using "makeup" on your skin, you are also at the same time correcting your skin's discoloration! It is clinically formulated to perfect & correct your skin tone.

Sounds awesome, doesn't it?



  1. I have that Kiehl's serum! But I haven't seen any diff in my skin from it...but I just keep using it :P

    1. Hey Angee!! I've the sample size for that whitening serum and I too dont see immediate results after using it. Maybe must use consistently? Let's hope it works!! :)