Philips for Vday!

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Am I the only one who feels that the days are flying by us too quickly?

I thought that 2012 has just ended but guess what, its already the 2nd month of 2013!!

& what else do you think of when its February?

1. Chinese New Year.
2. Valentine's day!! 
(Do you know that it is the 2nd most celebrated occasion around the world? According to wikipedia)

& if you are attached like me, or single with a huge crush on this guy, I think it would be the best time to get him a present on this day to let him know how you feel about him.

I know people always say, when you are in love, everyday is Valentine's day.

But the thing is, who buys gifts for their partner everyday?!
Not logical right? 

So ladies, time to get our heads cracking for the perfect gift for your man!

I know many of you are having all the same thoughts as me.

I always found shopping for guys even tougher than shopping for ladies. Because guys are usually practical, they don't have or need a lot of stuff like us ladies. & when they get an item, they usually use it for super long until it is spoilt before they replace it. But as for us girls, we are more than happy to have repetitive items in our closet or makeup bags!!

So I thought hard & long..

"What would Shunxiong need & use everyday?"
"Which item needs to be replaced because it is no longer functioning well?"
"Will he find it a waste of money if I buy this?"

& then I decided to get this for him.

Philips AquaTouch [AT890] wet & dry electric shaver.

& it consists of:
(a.) The AquaTouch Shaver itself.
(b.) Protection cap.
(c.) Storage pouch/Shower hanger.
(d.) Cleaning brush.
(e.) Electric charger.

I've always liked my man to be clean & shaven.

I know some of you find guys with a little stubble or goatee sexy but the truth is, not everyone can carry it off. I've seen quite alot of Singaporean men who tries to follow the trend but it just doesn't look pleasing to the eyes. I think you can never go wrong being a clean-shaven man. You will look that much younger + fresher + professional, in my opinion!

Boyfriend is happy to receive the present.

Gift unwrapping time!!

 He was super thrilled to receive the Philips AquaTouch shaver!
He went like "eh how you know I will need this!"

Happily checking out his new toy.

He tried using it immediately,
& he gave it 2 thumbs up!

The dual blade system lifts hair to cut comfortably for a closer shave.
The shaving heads have slots to shave normal hair & holes to shave even the shortest stubble.

Shunxiong used to tell me how much he hated that stinging sensation he gets each time after he uses the manual shaver. & I'll even help him apply some aloe vera or moisturizer over the shaven area to reduce irritation. But after using Philips AquaTouch, he said he didn't feel much irritation at all!! Because the rounded low friction protection heads are able to adjusts to the curves of your face to limit skin damage.

The Philips AquaTouch has an attached Pop-up Trimmer which is perfect for 
grooming mustaches & sideburns.

It also has the technology of a QuickRinse System where the shaver is washable.
It will NOT rust, so no worries when using it in the showers!! 

& the cleaning part is the simplest.
Just press down on to the button & the entire shaver head will flip open. Then just rinse it under a running tap to get rid of all the "hair" that has been collected from your shaving earlier on.

& unlike traditional manual shavers, electric shavers doesn't require a change of shaving blades every 3 weeks to a month. My boyfriend, Shunxiong, always has this habit of buying a pack of 3 shaving blades & keeping it at home because he was using the manual shaver which needs blades replacement. But by the time he realizes he needs to change his shaving blades, he cannot remember where he kept them!! & he ends up having to go buy another pack of it. It is such a waste of money & not to mention, a huge inconvenience too!

& this is how clean his upper lip & chin looks after shaving with Philips AquaTouch!
Baby smooth skin again, me likey!
He didn't use any shaving foam/gel at all & it didn't irritate his skin. For optimized comfort, I would suggest you to use them. But if you are lazy or trying to save money then no need also can, cause it still looks & feels good!!

I even got my brother to tried using it too! 
Because he is a lot "hairier" than my boyfriend, so he has to shave every other day & he has been using a manual shaver all the way. His poor skin area is soooo dry & dull after all that skin irritation & abrasion.  

For hygienic purpose, it is best not to share a shaver but I wanted my brother to try the difference from using manual shaver & the electric Philips Aquatouch shaver! So I went to wash the entire shaver with warm water + a little soap.

& see the difference after using the Philips AquaTouch!
His entire chin stubble was gone & his skin around his chin area looks so smooth & fair! 

The before shaving picture shows severely dry skin around his chin area. You can even see it flaking! Because he has been using manual shaver all these while & it really irritated his skin area. 

For those of you with boyfriends who are still using manual shavers, here's even more pros of using an electric shaver & the cons of using manual shavers.

- Manual shaver's blades will rust when left in a moist environment & needs replacement almost monthly. It also gets blunt quickly & replacing them can get pretty expensive!

Philips AquaTouch has self-sharpening blades that has a 3 year warrenty! So if you do the math, over the span of 3 year you will spend more money buying replacement blades for manual shavers than paying once for an electric shaver.
(This shaver is mine & take a look at it! All rusty!)

- Manual blade users are prone to nicks & cuts & you'll need to be in front of a mirror to shave.

Isn't this scene oh-so-familar?
Especially in the morning when you are rushing to work & your boyfriend/dad/husband/brother is still stuck in the bathroom shaving & you wish they can get out asap so you can have your turn using the bathroom?

With Philips AquaTouch electric shaver men can do their shaving almost anytime, anywhere!

They can use it when they are using their iPad,
reading the newspaper,
or a book
or watching the television.

Heck, they can even do it when they encounter a traffic jam or red light when they are driving.

It is that convenient to shave now with latest technology.

No more using the old school caveman's method of shaving with a manual shaver.

The one my boyfriend has is the Philips AquaTouch [AT890] which is retailing at = $129 SGD
This is their mid-range shaver.
The lower range, Philips AquaTouch [AT750] is retailing at = $79 SGD.
& if you wanna get an even higher end one, it will be
the Philips AquaTouch [AT940] which is retailing at = $179 SGD.

I'm so happy that my baby is super satisfied with his advanced Valentine's day present!

No need to headache anymore. 

I'm happy when he is happy!
Sometimes, giving gifts is better than receiving them.

So if you ladies out there are still at a lost of what present to get for your man this Valentine's day, 
why not get the Philips AquaTouch range of electric shaver? 

Find out more on it over at their website:

You will never go wrong with this present unless... your man has no facial hair.

Which is highly IMPOSSIBLE!!


  1. Thanks for the post!
    Gave me idea for a great v-day present, just bought one from BEST denki :)

    Happy vday to u and sx!

    1. Hello!! Omg really?!
      I'm so happy that I helped you through this advertorial to find a gift for your boyfriend!!

      Happy vday to u n ur bf too!!
      Hope the rain didn't dampen the mood. hehe

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