Too fast too furious.

Hello everyone!!

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you & also, Happy Valentine's day!!

As the title suggests, I feel that time is moving WAY too fast for me.
I feel like I have less than 2 hours of me-time daily.

Its always, work -> dinner -> hangout for abit w bf/friends -> home -> shower -> sleep.

I'm sooooo tired everyday.
& not to mention backdated on my blog entries!

I owe like 4-5 other blogshops their advertorials. But I will get on to it this weekend to get all the photo-taking done so I can post them asap. I hate to owe people stuff. So I MUST get all the pictures taken this weekend. I have like ... more than 10 different outfits to take. >.<

Okay, so moving on to the main point of this blog entry before my eyes cannot take it anymore. (I've been sleeping at 2-3am & waking up at 8am daily for the past 2 weeks) Gonna die from exhaustion soon.

Went to Love & Pamper Nails at Bugis Street to get my nails done before CNY!

& I brought my bestfriend, birdie, along to get her nails done too.

Pauline re-shaping my nails.
I like them to be square!

Being pampered like a princess.
She did gelish for both her hands & feet.
(P.S: She paid for both her services, not sponsored)

I can haz minnie-mouse inspired nails!!

I wanted red nails for CNY but I didn't want it to be too traditional & boring.. & we settled on this design.

Added on 2D ribbon stickers & 3D bling blings.

 I really really love gelish.

It allows my nails to stay so strong & hard! My original nails used to be damn brittle & like break easily so it was always short. But after doing gelish for 3 months +, I can finally have long pretty nails & they are all mine! No extensions, whatsoever!

& to get this exact design of nails, it only costs $70!!

 & this is birdie's nails!

I didn't managed to capture them with my camera so I stole these pictures off her instagram instead.

I super love her nail design too. 
I think I maybe doing something similar the next time round.

This is her nail after 1 week.
That's the best about doing french design for your nails. Even if the nail grows out, it isn't that obvious because french manicure is meant to look this way!

This was me 1 day after doing my nails.
Super loving it.

Happy customers of Love & Pamper Nails!

Birdie loves her nails so much that she tells me to bring her along for my monthly nail session from now on.

She is addicted to them pretty nails already!!

Love & Pamper Nails
Bugis Street (K Street), 
ABSL #02-24/25 @52 Queens Street,
Singapore 188539
 (You may access from the staircase next to 我愛台妹)

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 1.00pm to 9.00pm

Call or text to book appointment: 8522 7370 / 9851 4242


Went to Ah Hong's baby 1st year birthday 2 months back.
So these are a few of the backdated pictures & I decided to just post them up!

Wore my kitty hat out.

I still had my cotton candy hair then.

With my other camwhore buddy aside from Michelle & Esther.
Used to be more cooperative.

Nowadays he see mood one.
If he got good hair day, he will take alot with me.

With the Birthday boy!!

He is sucha cutie pie!!
Look at those cheeks.

Here's 2 useless pictures I took after coming home.

Okay that's the end of this entry!

Sorry for being away for so many days!!

Okay, its only been less than a week but it feels like I've not blogged for damn long. 

Will be posting more blog entries regularly, once I've adjusted & adapted to the 9-6 working life. LOL.

Goodnight & enjoy your weekends!



  1. Happy hearts day to you! I love your nails!

    1. Happy Vday to you too!! :) Yes it is super adorable. Can't wait to think of what new design to do next month! HEhe

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