Lyra Minn

Hello ladies, how's the entire Chinese New Year been treating you so far?

Today I'll be sharing with you guys this blogshop called:

LyraMinn features a wide variety of styles, mostly feminine, girly, yet with a dash of fun and charm. 

If you love a blogshop with frequent updates and new arrivals, then don't forget to join their mailing list to get 10% off purchases and get updates on latest promotions and exclusive deals.

Another plus point is that they are so ever quick in replying emails!
Customer service = thumbs up.

& this Caitlyn Coral High Low dress is what I picked.

The material is light weight, perfect for Singapore's sunny weather.
& I always found that coral color makes my skin look fairer.

Ever since the High-Low trend started, my love for it never stopped.
It never fails to make an outfit look more special.
Very girly cause of the flow-y tail.

& not to mention, the detail cut-outs at the shoulder area = so unique!

Quote "MEITING2013" to get additional 5% off when shopping at LyraMinn!

Follow them on the following social media tools too!

 Instagram: Lyraminn

Happy Shopping, my ladies!


After super duper long, I finally managed to meet up with my old pal, adels!
We were polymates then became colleagues!

Our first proper job ever together = doing admin work at Tokiomarine Insurance.

I was early, as always!! So I took some pictures of myself. 
Actually, I wasn't early. 

I was ON TIME. 

But most of my friends have a problem when it comes to being punctual.
/sad face.

Looking back at my hair now, it was so much fun!
I've never had pink & purple hair.

My very 1st leather skirt.

Oh, we were having our meal over at Sushi Tei, Paragon.

I think out of all the cuisines in the world.
I love Japanese food the most.
Followed by Chinese or Thai.

Western food to me is very, subjective.
Seldom have craving for it.

Salmon maki!

My all time favorite at Sushi Tei.
Sashimi salad. 
Change all to salmon only.
Sushi tei dressing, please.

California & salmon temaki.

Juan was with us too! 
But she didn't wanna take any pictures because she said she looks "cui".

Hello Adels!

We used to have so much fun working together.

Making up in the toilet before work ends so we can go out after & take lotsa pictures.

Hope to be able to hangout more often.
Or best, become future colleagues!! 

Met boyfriend later & he didn't wanna take pictures. >.<

My "school girl" outfit.


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