If you ladies are looking for a blogshop which carries various style of apparels to cater to your different needs, then you'll need to visit this blogshop:

LOPY is the latest inhabitant in the local fashionspehere that endeavors to bring stylish fashion pieces to Loppies (their customers) at affordable prices without putting a dent in your purses.

They seek to constantly challenge the current fashion climate, they believe that "Fads are temporary, style is permanent."

Check out their latest collection.

Here are the two items that I picked from their previous collections!

As you guys may already know that I've just started taking up an office job, I decided to get some 'OL' (Office Lady) looking apparels so that I wouldn't have to worry what to wear for work!

& I'm super glad that LOPY not only carry casual dresses but also those that are suitable for working ladies like myself too.

Super liking this dress!!
The color is so much fun. 

I mean, working attire does not = serious boring colors like black/white/grey.

Wearing such bright colors would definitely perk you up! 

Took a screen shot of LOPY's website because, I think the model wore it better than me with that black belt.

& check out the price of this dress!

BELOW $20.00!!!!

It is made of such good material, not those cheapo kind and they are selling it at an affordable price like this.

Super awesome lah.

Here's the direct link to this item if you wish to purchase it.
Hurry before its gone!!

The next item that I got was this Stamford peplum skirt.

I super love peplum stuff because I feel that it makes you look like you have a better figure.
Tinier waist & more of a hour glass figure.

& I can't believe that up till now, I didn't have a basic peplum skirt in my closet.

I'm so ashamed to even say this because the peplum skirt trend has started like so long ago & I don't even own one. :(

Just pair it with any top & you are good to go.
For work or any other occasions.

Thank you, LOPY, for giving me my 1st peplum skirt!
I think I'm gonna start buying other colors too.
Because this skirt will look good with everything I have to pair it with.

Here are other items that I saw on LOPY's web-store that caught my eyes.

This dual color contrasting shirt is definitely hard to miss.
Match it with pants, high waist shorts or even skirt will be perfect.

This dress is another 1 of my favorites.
I have no idea why I didn't picked it that time, maybe it wasn't launched yet. I can't remember.
But I really like it!!
It looks very "Victoria Beckham" to me. 
Its simple & sleek. 
Like most of the outfit she wears. 

& can you believe that it is only $20.90 ?!!?!
Say, WHAT?!

Everyone needs to own a pair of mustard shorts.
Comes in 2 sizes & you will never believe the price of it.


You won't.

It is selling at..



I don't know where else online can you find a regular priced shorts at $12.90! Don't say gmarket or what lah, I'm saying blogshops!! Plus its not even on sale. If its on sale I'll understand. But this is really a super good deal!!

Happy Shopping, my ladies!

♥ http://lopy.com.sg ♥

**** Key in promo code [ MTLOPY13 ] to enjoy 10% discount ****

Do follow them!!

In time to come, Lopy hope that more Loppies will join them in their journey to evolve the local fashionsphere, one piece at a time. 

For fashion is a journey of constant self discovery for Loppies and LOPY.

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