ZoukOut 2012

Finally I've come down to blogging about this!!

I was super lazy to blog about ZoukOut because we had like SOOOOO many cameras!!

Esther had hers, Michelle too!

Plus mine!!

There was over 300+ pictures to filter & pick from.
& I finally cut it down to just 30+ pictures. 
Mostly my face. HAHAHAHA.

So here goes a pictorial entry!!

Before ZoukOut,
a few of us had dinner at my favorite Chicken Rice place at Katong!!

On the car making our way to Sentosa.

& I look so pale without any lip color.

Boyfriend fetched the 3 of us there!
Michelle, Megan & me!

Eugene was in the car too but he was seated at the front.

We were the first of our friends to reach, so we spent some time waiting for them.

I was super colorful that day.

I actually brought all the props(neon specs + headbands) over.

Picture from my phone.. damn blur!!

Michelle bought 200 light sticks.

We found a spot & started drinking before we enter.
We do this every Zouk Out.

& its always the fun-est!!!

We had like so much fun drinking outside, playing / talking cock / laughing than inside at the ZoukOut event.


With Esther Chin!

Martell green tea, thanks.

One of my favorite past times.
Shoving Neat hard liquor down people's throats.

Cannot remember why they so freaking happy.

& yes, I was using a chopstick to keep my hair up.
One super useful skill I've learned.

With the girls that night!!
Janice, Esther, Megan, Michelle!

With my favorite clubbing kaki.
Cause she forever in the mood to party one.


Hello, love.

Somersault time!

The music wasn't that good....
so disappointing.

Shunxiong's stupid dance moves.

I wasn't even more than 40% high.

With ili!
Didn't get to fly with her before she left but have heard crew talking about her & bert bert.
Super slim & friendly!!

Resting our tired asses on the beach.

Pretty babe Eve was there too!!

Getting drinks at some tent.

Super was Macdonalds!


Conclusion after that night, we decided to not go for anymore ZoukOut cause we cannot tahan the late night like before. 

Only exception is when there is a super good DJ spinning.

Else, we shall just give our tired old bones a rest.


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