Pretty x Rocket

Hey all!

Today I will be introducing this fairly new Blogshop called "Pretty x Rocket"!

I was really happy when they contacted me because I already saw quite a few items that was my 'style' when I went to their website.

So here's me in this comfy long white shirt.

The Pleated Sweet Top, 
from collection 5!

I really like this top because it is soooo comfortable!!
& it can be worn on days where you feel lazy but yet wanna look good still, not too casual.

Cause as simple as this top may seem, it is still a "shirt" after all.

Really liking the detailed pleats at the front of the shirt along with the buttons.

It comes in 2 colors!

White & Navy blue

Posted this picture of me wearing the top immediately on my instagram & quite a few people liked it! 

& here's the next item that I've picked.

The Tie-Me-A Sweetheart dress which I thought was super gorgeous.
I've always loved this shade of red because it is not too loud & it makes one stand out in a crowd.

& not to worry if you are afraid it wouldn't fit you well if you are too tall/short, because 1 of the plus point of this dress is that you can actually tie it to best fit you!! 

I'm really happy with both items that I've received from Pretty x Rocket!

Rockettes the affectionate term that Pretty x Rocket calls its customers wants their Rockettes to look good in their everyday outfit or for any occasion. 

Here's another top that I really like!!
I have no idea why I didn't pick this top. 
It would look so good with almost everything I have for a casual day.
This is definitely a WANT for me!

Pretty x Rocket handpicked every clothes for its versatility, style and simplicity for its every collection for their Rockettes to rock any look they want to pull off.

Let Pretty x Rocket rock your day!

Pretty x Rocket first ever sale! 
Get $2 off any piece in any past collection


They have alot of 'Zara' Inspired items!!

Get $1 off from the latest collection by quoting "meiting"

For latest updates & promotions, follow them on

Happy Shopping, my ladies!

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