High tea w my Angel

Met up with Birdie at TCC, Paragon.

Am super thankful to have her & my bunch of girlfriends in my life.

I may not have many friends, but this tiny group of them is enough to keep me happy.
I rather have 5 real friends who sincerely care for me than 50 friends who are just there during good,fun times.

Was going through a emotional rollercoaster ride just 2 days ago and this sweet angel was there for me all the time. Worried that I would be thinking too much or feeling super down. Putting me as priority during my lowest moment. 

Making sure everything was well at my side before she could feel "normal" again.

Friendships like this, priceless.

I may not say this enough or express it to you at all, but I love you very much Birdie.

OOTD pictures coming up.

Act cute picture.

Can't blame me. 
Old already need to act young again.

Aging is so freaking scary. 

Here's some random items I bought the other day shopping with boyfriend.

Skinmiso nose pore pack.

I would give it a 7 out of 10.
Does a quite good job at removing those v prominent blackheads but still got some that cant be removed.

My new day time toner!

Quite like this.
Moisturizing but not too over if not throughout the day will be oily and all.
So far, still doing a very good job!

But I don't notice any whitening effect, yet.

Favorite lip color of the moment!!

"All about me" from TopShop.

Its this super barbie bright pink color!

Red can be too loud sometimes.
So bright pink it is!

& 2 new rings from Forever 21.
Got it at a damn cheap price too!!


  1. how much did you buy the blackhead remover for? I have it too ! Got it for $22

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