Unicorns on Butter

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Where I attended Kiehl's event launch for their BB cream! I'm currently using the BB cream as a concealer for my dark eye rings. HAHA! Cause the rest of my face doesn't need much coverage so I just use it as an under eye concealer & it works amazing!~~

So, after the Kiehl's event, I met up with Michelle for dinner at Bugis+.

Heard pretty good raves about this place from my blog manager, Jayne.

Was really hungry so I bought some fries while we were waiting in the queue.
The fries were very meh~
The cheese was super oily & it hardened pretty quickly.

& it was eating time!!

Even though I was super hungry, I couldn't finish the chicken by myself.
I don't really fancy chest meat so I left that part alone.

But on the whole, the chicken was not bad.
Thigh portion was really tender & the creamy sauce that it came with was yummy. However, can become abit "gelat" after eating too much.

Went to Starbucks at Bugis junction to chill & continued our chit chatting..

Esther & Pham came to join us too!

& we asked Pham to help us take a gifboom but he didn't know how.
HAHA, see his blur + shocked face at end.

Tied my hair up using a chopstick cause its always humid in Singapore.

Studded blazer from Zara + white spag from Cotton On + Shorts from I can't remember where. 

Went over to Butter Factory for awhile to hang out with Juan!
We didn't even drink much that night. 

Juan, Michelle, me & Esther!

We were all not prepared to club at all.
I was carrying my huge ass Celine bag & it is not light at all.

But we had a great time just hanging out!

Met this caucasian who was wearing the same blazer as me!! 
Haha, so I asked her for a picture. 

We pulled unicorns from the sky, stabbed them with our teeth & sucked the life out of them. They became our fashion accessory soon after.

The poor life of a buttery unicorn.

Hahaha, you may not understand the above sentences at all but ... I guess it wasn't meant for you to understand.

We left the club after 2 hours?
& we got more unicorns to go home with.

Happy crazy impromptu night.

We can breakdance yo.

In the carpark before we headed over to boat quay for supper.

Back home, I had unicorns who watched over me while I slept.
For the next 3-4 nights before the helium started going off.

 Couple of days later..

saw our pictures on Yahoo or something.

Gone were the days we would appear on all these pages for clubbing. It used to be Juice magazine, then those funny website that went around clubs to take pictures of clubbers. I can't remember the name of these websites anymore. But I remember us always checking out those websites to see if the pictures that we had taken the night before was horrible or not. 

It is Sunday today.

I'm gonna go wash up & pamper my skin.

Am sponsored by Asian Skin Solution & they are going to take care of my skin from now on! But that doesn't mean I can be lazy & not take care of my skin. Because I was told I have very dry skin & I don't exfoliate enough so I'm gonna be hardworking & do this today!

Exfoliate my skin with Cure gel to get rid of dead skin cells & hydrate my skin with a sheet mask.

I also need to re-dye my hair immediately.

The color now is horrible & my roots are all showing.


Replied all my Formspring questions too!

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