Smitten Spring Break

It's the March Holidays!!

Well, doesn't really apply for me but I'm sure some of you here are still schooling & is going to be enjoying yourselves to the fullest for this short break right?

Now, wouldn't you like to don on a couple of new outfits for your activities packed spring break?

I've picked 3 outfits with bags, shoes & accessories from Jipaban & Smitten.

Here we go!

The 1st outfit which I've chose.
I really like how the entire get-up looks.

Even though I've matched 2 baroque designs together in an outfit, it doesn't look too over the top!

Apparels are all from Smitten & accessories + shoes + bags are from Jipaban!

This necklace is one of my ultimate loves.

Okay, to be fair, I love quite a number of items from this package that I've gotten from Jipaban!

Here's outfit number 2 that I've put together.

Super loud & edgy, I would say.
But it is so much fun to wear all these patterns & colors together.

This Russe Fringe Clutch in Maroon is another item that I'm so happy to receive.

It can be used as a clutch or you can transform it into a sling bag as it comes with a detachable strap which is adjustable for the prefect length to cater to everyone of you ladies!

I just love how all these colors look together.
Wearing happy colors would definitely brighten up your day.

Kira Bejeweled necklace.
Ara Braided bracelets in Neon Pink & Yellow.
Aoife Marble Ring.
Gertrude Stone Ring.

& here's the last outfit!

This is suitable for ladies who are afraid of wearing bright colors & would prefer to go for a more feminine, classy look.

Flaunt your shoulders with this dress & if you are think the outfit may look too plain, throw on a statement piece like me. The neon green necklace definitely made the outfit stand out a little more.

& the Miss Nano Quilt bag is super adorable!

I've always wanted a kisslock bag but can't seem to find one.

It also comes with a detachable strap which allows you to wear this bag as a sling bag.

Last but not least, I leave you with this pair of cobalt blue suede shoes.

In case you've not noticed, I'm all about colors!
I still do love wearing black & white but I can't resist colors!

Jipaban is having a Contest Giveaway!!

How to enter: Via Instagram!

Just simply share your Smitten Spring Break look on your Instagram & tag these keywords on your picture.
" @Jipaban " & " @thesmittengirl ".

Something like what I did on my instagram but remember, 
you must tag " @Jipaban " & " @thesmittengirl " so that they are able to pick the winners!!

Contest starts on 12 March & ends on 24 March.

Stand a chance to win a Smitten Spring Break Hamper!


Good luck, ladies!

Start instagraming your outfits now!

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