Bro's bday & DIDD

Hey everyone, today I'll be writing about having my favorite food in the whole wide world!
SUSHI or rather, Japanese food.

& also, my brother's mini birthday celebration.

& also,

a few items which DIDD sponsored me with!

This is my absolute favorite of the lot!!
This Raven Romper in Scarlet is manufactured by DIDD and it is super comfy when worn but yet it can take you to almost every occasion.

I love it so much that I wore it out immediately after taking pictures of myself in all the outfits.

& the 2nd item is this 'Trenchcoat Playsuit'.

It can be worn on its own but I think it looks super cute when worn with a white shirt on the inside.
Takes 5 years off my age.

& don't you feel that it has this 'Burberry' feel to it?

This 'HauteMonde Wintertale Toga' dress caught my eye because of its uniqueness.
The prints on the dress is really cool, I feel. Wolves & all..

& check out that gorgeous cut out at the shoulder areas.
I've never own a piece of clothing like this.

I've also gotten this super body flattering halter dress from DIDD.
The material of the dress is really good & I just feel elegant in this piece.

Maxi dresses are my favorite-est thing to wear in the world!
It makes me look taller & slimmer. 
So when I picked this "Black White Maxie 24/7 dress", I know it would be perfect for me. & I was right after trying it on.

Hatler tops looks best on me because I've got broad shoulders, & I'm really loving the delicate pleats down the front of the dress to add a little more character to it.

All apparels worn by me in this entry are sponsored by:
Follow them on their Facebook page:


So moving on to my favorite food in the world..

Shunxiong & I went to town to try out this Sushi joint, Koh Grill & Sushi Bar, in town.

& here's my OOTD for the day.
Wearing DIDD's raven romper because I really adore it.

Waiting for our food to be served.

It took superrrrr long.
There's forever a long queue at this restaurant.. but for the good food, it is definitely worth the wait!

Boyfriend ordered their garlic fried rice.
I can't say this is the best garlic fried rice I've had but it is not bad.

Half grilled salmon sushi.
I love this!!
Got the "chao tah" smell when you bite into the salmon.

This is a must order, the pork cheek!!
The chicken & the asparagus wrapped with pork is just normal, but the pork cheek is very yummy! The meat is fatty but it is grilled to perfection.

Fried salmon skin.

Normal salmon sushi.

& here's the star of the day.

The SHIOK maki. 
Indeed, really shiok.

Will definitely go back to this place again. But the long queue & waiting time for food is a turn off, so I think best is to go during weekdays or to avoid dinner/lunch timing.

Met up with Michelle for a bit at Cine leisure.

Ever since I started my job, we seldom meet already!
Cause I'm always so packed with things and events. Sigh.

After town, Shunxiong & I went down to East Coast, Beach Cabana, to meet up with Bird, my brother, Janice & Oncoming.

With Bird & Janice.

My brother hit his big '3'!

Birdie & my brother.

Big brother of mine.

The triple Bs gang.

Everyone, group picture time!!

May everything go well in your life this year, 

& I can't wait for the next overseas trip that the Triple Bs go together!



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