Best Guo Tie in SG!

This entry will be a short & sweet one. Meaning, very little words. Because as mentioned, I'm super busy everyday. Rushing out of the house once I'm awake & coming home only around 3am each day. To the extend where my dad asked if I was even home for the past few days. Cause he hasn't seen me at all. -__-

& I know I will only get more busy these few days as the New Year approaches so I decided I better update a short/quick entry before I really go MIA!!

Boyfriend surprised me with this a few days before our 6 year anniversary.

Why surprise? Because we both mentioned to NOT exchanged presents! Just be together & go for a good dinner was the plan. 

But he got me these Chanel earrings instead.

I know I already have a couple of them but which girl wouldn't be happy to receive an additional one?! :))


Side tracking to the day the Triple Bs(Boyfriend+Bird+Brother) went for dinner at Jing Hua restaurant located at 21/23 Neil Road.

It was previously known as "Qun Zhong Eating House".

The "Zha Jiang Mian".

The BEST-EST Guo Tie ever. 
Fried dumpling with pork + veggies in it.

So good that we ordered 2 plates of it. 

Xiao Long Bao.

They call this the "Chinese Pizza".

Birdie & my Brother.

Another one of my favorite.. 

I love how its super crispy on the outside & sticky-chewy-gooey inside.

Boyfriend & I!

Me & my then handphone casing.

We headed to Mustafa after that..

Don't ask me what my boyfriend was doing, I can't even.

Birdie was looking for knee guard because her knee hurts while jogging.

My brother, the slave for a change.

& back home..

Everyone decided to squeeze & hang out in my tiny room. >.<

Boyfriend was not paying attention cause his eyes were glued onto his iPad.
No idea what he is watching.. WWE, japanese comics, basketball (his usuals).

& speaking of boyfriend.. 

being the ever sweet girlfriend that I am, *ahem,

I got him these once I found out that Luo Zhi Xiang, aka, Show Luo is coming to Singapore for concert in March 2013.

2 tickets to the concert!!

& I just realized that we've done MANY things together & attending a concert together has never been on the list.

So I'm really excited for it because I wanna have this experience with him.

See, I am the the ever sweetest girlfriend.

HAHAHA. Can self-praise abit anot?

Okay, its 4.46 am already. Shit. 
Juan is coming to pick me tmr at 1+pm. NEED TO SLEEP NOW. Tired tired tired.

Thank you guys for still reading my blog even though I was "absent" for the past 1 week! I was surprised that the readership didn't decrease much because of my lack of updates. I love you guys. :) I think I will NEVER stop blogging.

Unless I've given birth to a child & he/she takes up all my energy + time. Then that will be another story.



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