Awana Genting Camping Trip

So just last week, Michelle & I went up to Genting Highlands thanks to Nuffnang & Resort World Genting. I was told beforehand that this trip would be a little different from the usual Genting getaway. We would be staying at a campsite & be participating in various physical activities. 

Being the girly girl I was, I was actually quite afraid if I would be able to handle all that. 

Read on to find out about my exciting 2 day 1 night trip!

Michelle & I on the coach, at Golden Mile.

All happy & excited about our adventure.

& did I mention that both of us had zero sleep prior to this trip?
But we managed to knock out for a couple of hours on the bus ride up to Genting.

I wanted to make a short video where I take clips here & there during my entire trip.. but ended up not being able to complete this "mission" of mine because I was so occupied with all the fun activities that they have planned for us!

So yes, here's just a miserable 1 minute + video for you guys.

& here's Yina, Michelle & I when we arrived at Awana Genting!!

We were then brought to the "Rajawali Coffee House" for our lunch buffet.

Awesome view of the golf course when we had our lunch.

Jayne & Huixian cooking up their own noodles!
I was happy like a child when I came to this station. Unlike usual buffets, where they just lay out all the food for you, you can actually create your own noodles here!

A huge array of desserts.

& not to worry if you are a vegetarian, there's a corner especially for people with special dietary needs too. :)

So after filling up our tummies, a buggy came to pick us up & brought us to where we will be spending most our time at.

Our campsite aka the Longhouse!

 & the man in bright green is Zul, the camp in-charge for the 2 days we were there!
He was giving us briefing on the area & the activities we will be doing.

Took a picture from afar. 

Its really quite nice to be away from the busy crowd in Singapore & just lose yourself in the calmness & serenity of the mountains here in Genting Highlands.

The female bloggers!
Yina, Peishi & her friend Lydia, Esther, Michelle & I!

All the females! :)

So without wasting much time, we got spilt into 4 different teams & was given our 1st tasks to accomplish.

So we were in this mini "amazing race" where we have to complete each task before we were allowed to move on the next. There was a score system to keep up with & the team at the end of 2 days with the highest score will walk away with the biggest prize!

My team consisted of : Myself, Esther, Nicshields & Yong Zhuan(Yina's bf)

Our 1st tasks was one which was seriously testing our brain.
My team & I were to last to complete lah!!

We had to form specific shapes with the given pieces of black cardboard we had.

& here's us walking the trail trying to locate our next "station"

Here's all the members of Team 3!
Though we were the last team to complete the 1st task, we still can relax, stop halfway & take pictures. HAHAHA. No sense of urgency one!!

& here's us at our 2nd task.


The flying fox!!!

I volunteered to be the 1st because I'm always super enthusiastic about such things one.
I love the adrenaline rush I get.

Look at how happy I was.

& moving on... to the next task: 


This is my 1st time ever handling a bow & arrow & I was quite scared actually. Because as easy as it seems, it is not that case. The tension of the rubber string is so strong when you pull back that you'll be afraid of it smacking you in the face or something.

My team mate Esther & I!
& needless to say, we both sucked at Archery.
Better leave it to the guys.

Archery & the Flying Fox is not the only activity that I've never tried before.. the next task we were given was also my 1st time trying..

& that is .. 


But I wasn't afraid at all can, my team mates all called me a spider because I climbed up like super fast. Haha, the above picture was taken when I was coming down that's why the leg & hand like a bit retarded because it was more scary coming down than going up!

That's our team leader, Yong Zhuan!

Bumped into Team 4 when we were at the rock climbing area & Michelle & I decided to grab some trophies off the shelve & self proclaim ourselves as winners.

Because of the rainy weather, we couldn't complete the rest of the activities that had been planned out for us. :( 

The buggy that came to pick us up back to the Longhouse.

It was nice sitting at the back of the buggy in the slight drizzle & admiring the greeneries on the way back to the Longhouse.

Soooo peaceful!

& then it was dinner time at the "Pasar Ikan Bakar"

A cozy hut where our dinner was held.

A wide range of tropical fruits.
My favorite was the Mangoesteens!

Dinner was served buffet style as well.
All the cooked food were placed in those clay pots for where we help ourselves to it.

The BBQ!
& the best thing about this is we didn't have to BBQ the food ourselves, they had a chef to do it for us.

The BBQ squid, prawns, stingrays were super delicious.

There's always room for desserts.

& after dinner, the sky has already turned dark & you know, during camping, what's else is there left to do but to build a camp fire right?!

Okay, we didn't build one, but Zul did!

So we all gathered around it & played some games.

Poor Peishi & Michelle both kena the forfeit twice!!

It started to rain again & we headed back into the Longhouse for shelter but we continued our game!

& then, they fed us again!!
Tuna sandwiches & spicy fried noodles.

& this is where we would be spending the night.
In these tents.

& this is the tent that Michelle & I picked!

See how comfortable we made it!
We laid fresh blankets over the mattress as we are afraid that many people have slept on it before. You know, just being the OCD clean freak Michelle is.

Fast forward 6 hours later..

Definitely not a morning person..
Both of us just woke up, brushed our teeth, washed our face & headed for our breakfast.

In such a chilly morning, there's nothing a pot of warm porridge can't fix.

There's french toast, eggs, sausages for the western lovers.
But I prefer the local style breakfast which was Nasi Lemak!

Cornflakes too!

& here's all the carbohydrate you will need to keep you energized for the day.
I added butter, kaya & peanut butter to my toast.
Sinful but very shiok!!

We then continued with the rest of our race.
To determine the winner of these 2 days.

Team 3 very happily posing before the race started.

This is so not easy because everyone had to move at the speed & time.

I've never seen myself look so sporty before.

& that's me looking ridiculous before the start of another race called "The orang utan run".
Where we have to hold on to 2 balloons on either side of our arms & 1 more balloon between our legs & run to the end. VERY UNGLAM.

With my partner for the entire trip!

Thank you for accompanying me to this wilderness, once in a lifetime experience.

Did you spot anything similar in this picture?
We both have the same sport shoes!!

Taking a break with Jayne, Huixian & Esther.

With Yina.

& after 2 days of intense competition...
TEAM 3 came in..

2nd place!!

& Michelle & Yina's Team came in 1st.
See how happy they were.

Some more got the song "We are the champions" playing in the background. Hahhaa.

& here's a final group picture of all the Singaporean bloggers & friends who went up to Genting Highlands with the Nuffies.

We then headed back to our tents to pack up our stuff before the mini van came to pick us up.

I've already packed all my stuff earlier on so I shall spend the time taking pictures in the tent.

Us & our sleeping buddies.

My 2nd prize was a Theme Park Hotel Deluxe Room stay FOC.


Back to Rajawali Coffee House for lunch!

As you can tell, I love my curry.


You've been great & nothing less than a whole lot of fun for me.

I've had many new experience that I would never in my life have tried if I haven't embarked on this tiny adventure. 

All onboard & heading back to Singapore!

If you are sick & tired of the fast paced city life that we are living in, why not spend a weekend away at Genting Highlands where you can indulge yourself in fun activities along side with fresh air & nature.

Check out Resort World Genting's website: Click here !!
Check out Resort World Genting's website: Click here !!