Shopping @ Hollyhoque

Just 2 weeks ago I was invited down to Hollyhoque's very 1st physical store at 
Far East Plaza, #01-31!

Prior to this, I was already very familiar to this fashion brand because so many other bloggers have written reviews & had so much wonderful stuff to say about Hollyhoque!

They first started off with their first collection in 2008 with Livejournal, then fast forward, moved onto a, & now, they are bigger & more successful with their very own boutique!

So there I was, standing right outside the shop.

If you are wondering how to pronounce the brand name, its actually "Holly-Hock". 
Which is a name of a flower! Such pretty name.

So let's start shopping!!!

Brought Michelle along to shop & she picked this immediately! 

I "stole" this image from Hollyhoque's facebook page to show you a clearer view of the top.
I refer the design on the left one though, the pastel colors are so lovely!

Not only does Hollyhoque design & sells clothing, they do footwear too!
Aren't these see-through lace flats gorgeous?

& that's not all.

I really like the black pair of heels in the above picture but I decided not to get it because it was really quite high & I seldom wear heels because of my height.

& that's me shopping with a serious face.

Michelle told me to look happier.. so okay.

I was happily going through racks and racks of clothing & getting lost in choosing my favorite few.
It was such a difficult decision to make man.

& I returned back to the see-through laced flats.

They also design their very own bags too!!
I was really tempted to get the white one on the lower shelf which could act as a clutch & also can be carried like a sling bag.

I really like the entire feel of the shop.
Well done, Sheila! :)

So here's me leaving Hollyhoque's boutique with my shopping bag.
& I was definitely a happy shopper!

So here's what I got!

The lace flats which was super comfortable!
I wore it out for an entire day & my feet didn't hurt at all. I foresee myself wearing it very often from now.

I also picked this blazer in electric blue.

The material of the fabric is good. 
Thick, not those cheapo lousy thin material but YET not too thick to be worn in Singapore's humid weather.

& also, the blazer's cut was really flattering & fitting.
I don't know about you guys, but to me, a perfect blazer is one which fits you right at all the important places. Like the shoulders, not too loose at the waist & all that.

Because once the cutting of the blazer is wrong, you won't look good wearing it.

Hurry down to shop at Hollyhoque where you can try out the outfits. I love this idea because sometimes when I'm online shopping, I can't tell for sure what size I'm wearing. Sometimes I'm size M, sometimes I'm size S. Nothing is more frustrating than receiving an item that is not your size!  

So head down to Far East Plaza, #01-31 soon! :)

For this entire month till 3rd of feb, quote my name "Lian Meiting" or my blog at the boutique to enjoy a 10% discount of all items! 



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