Stepping forward.

Here are just somethings I wish to accomplish in the month of January.. 

- Fix my drawer from Ikea & pack up my room.
- Re-do my entire resume from scratch.
- Start looking for jobs & sending out resumes.
- Do another video/tutorial.
- Do a selling post for all my pre-loved clothes.
- Dye my hair ash-brown.

& also, for the rest of 2013 ..

- Maintain my room's neatness. 
- Go on at least 2 holiday trips this year. (JAPAN!)
- Save at least 10k.
- Get the house that we want. 
- Lose the 4kgs I gained during my stewardess days.
- Find a job that I enjoy which provides a decent pay. 

Hope I'm able to accomplish all that I've stated!

How about you?
What are your new year's resolutions.

Share them with me! 


  1. Hey Hun!
    I'm gonna start a diet rampage as well. I wanna lose at least six kilos! I'm 55 now and I wanna be 48 by the start of march (seeing in laws for the first time ><) Have you got any tips? Do u mind sharing your weight and height? Cos you look perfect now ;)

    1. Hello!

      I'm 168-169cm, & my weight is between 50+kg too!!

  2. omg the long awaited selling post !!

    1. heheheh yah, I just hate the taking pictures part. OMG -___-

    2. haha gotta stop procrastinating. we're all waiting ^^

  3. Meiting, may i know where to get this blue floral top? :)