Day 2 & 3 of BKK.

So this post will contain the rest of my BKK trip!

Remember how I mentioned in my previous post on my Day 1 of Bkk that I was always having this awesome wanton mee everyday?

DAY 2!

Another dish that we will always order when we are eating there is:

The braised pork! Super fragrant & the pork is soooo soft.
It is at the same shop, just different stall.

We ordered 8 bowls of wanton mee for the 4 of us!
TOO GOOD already!

& before anyone asks me again, the address of this wanton mee stall is:
Soi Petchburi 19. 
Directly opposite Platinum mall, cross the overhead bridge & turn right into a small alley.

After our usual breakfast, we headed to Chatuchak market, or JJ market for more shopping!!
Going to Chatucak has always been a nightmare for me. Because it is always super hot & stuffy there. & I feel that there isn't THAT much clothes to buy too. Mostly are touristy stuff and only a few shops have not bad looking stuff. Or maybe, I don't know where to shop. Haha.

Boyfriend & I enjoying cold coconut juice in that crazy weather.
I had no makeup on because I know it will all go to waste when I start perspiring.

Eat again!

Choco-banana & mango icecream.

OKM damn smart, he knows he is gonna sweat buckets so he brought along the hotel's towel. HAHA.

We ate some insects too.

Just the mealworms lah. 


& then it was dinner time after going to MBK to shop for our phone stuff and ended up not buying any because the prices have gone up so much!! Not worth buying them anymore.

Look at how much we order! This is just the 1st round, we had so much dishes that we needed 2 large tables for just 4 of us.
Eating like a king every meal!

DAY 3! 

Every day, boyfriend would stay in bed & play his iPad while I doll up.

At the hotel lobby waiting for OKM & Janice.

Oi! Don't do such disgusting stunt in public.

Haha, my idiot boy.

But I love you sooooo much still!

& I wasn't kidding about visiting the Wanton mee stall everyday.

Another round of wanton mee overload!

Okay I wasted abit. 
I prefer the dry version than the soup one.

After breakfast, we took a cab to the 4 face buddha to pray. 
& we got scammed.

This is my not-happy face after praying.
The stalls outside selling those offerings totally scammed us big time.
We paid like more than 8x the original price.

When in Bangkok & Malaysia, I must always have A&W!!

But funnily, I'm not a huge fan of root beer float.

& after much shopping again, its dinner time!! Everyday we would always go back to Platinum mall to shop because there are so many levels!! & each level is like packed with tiny shops so Janice & I had to slowly hunt down each & every shop to find all the pretty & cheap clothes.

Chicken rice near Pratunam.

I don't know what this is but its uber sweet.
Condensed milk, ice + milo powder.

Check out all of our shag faces after entire day.

It was Shunxiong's birthday when the clock strikes twelve. 
Earlier on, Janice & I sneak off during our shopping at Platinum to go get cakes & candles for this birthday boy.

So when we were back at our hotel, we decided to go "chill" by the poolside & while we were chilling, I said I had to go to the bathroom & Janice came along. During that time, we hurrily went back to Janice's hotel room to get the cake!

All ready to surprise the birthday boy!!

We went to the concierge & told them go come along with us to sing the "Birthday song" damn loud.

Haha, shocked face.

Happy birthday boyfriend!!
This is the 6th year we are spending it together.. & more to come!

All of us!

My shopping this entire trip.
Not that much because I wanted to not buy on impulse like I did the previous times & end up with ALOT of unworn clothes.

But guess what, I still ended up with some impulsive buys this trip. >.<

This is the type of eyelash that I use. The name/brand doesn't matter, it is always changing. Just make sure the code number is 29 can already.

& Bangkok is selling it damn cheap!!
I regretted not buying more back.


  1. Hi MT! May I know where did you get the nude tube top that you wore inside your dress on BKK Day 3? It seems really 'thin' coz the normal ones seems too thick to be wore under a dress. TIA!

    1. Hello! Its not a tube top leh. Its a tube bra! Haha, I got it at a neighborhood shopping mall. East point! One of those bra shops.. cant remember the name!

  2. awww how sweet of you guys to surprise your bf. happy birthday to him. looks like you enjoyed your bkk trip! i miss bkk! i go impulse buying too when i visit bkk, you can't help it! everything's so cheap!

    1. Hello miemie! Thank you for the birthday wish! :) Yah, but damn sad when you realize some of the clothes you wouldn't even wear them at all. and worse of all is when the size is wrong. -__-

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