Shake Club + Club Mink

Can't remember when this was, but I remember it was after I've just touched down from 1 of my flights and I hurried home to bathe & prepare myself for a night out. 

Obviously, I didn't wear the flower headband out, I just merely took pictures in it that's all.

Top: Forever 21.
Skirt: TheVelvetDolls.
Accessories: Tory burch, Balenciaga, Tiffany & co, Shamballa, Chanel.

Met up with Michelle for supper & hang out a bit before I headed to club.

Boyfriend & his friend.

My makeup that day fail.

With Joanna!

You deserve a big kiss for being such an amazing boyfriend.

The birthday boy.

Last few pictures at Shake club (damn boring place) before I left to go to...


Went to Mink to find Esther & April!

Esther & her SIM mates.

Love this girl.
We always club together & many crazy things happens.
*secrets secrets*

I look like a mess in most pictures taken that day.

But its okay because I was really happy!

Me, Veron, Zhiyun, Esther, April.

Bumped into Nana in the ladies.

With the damn hot Marcia!


Random angmo dude photobombed us.

So much love in this picture.

Okay, the end.

As you can already tell, I'm totally not in the blogging mood. 
Am currently in London now & I will be checking out of the hotel in 5 hours time so I'm gonna go get some nap before my 13 hours flight back.

& I can officially announce here that:

I have quit my job.
As a flight stewardess.

So today's flight back from London will be my final flight with the company.


For the next 1 month, I'm gonna be on a little "holiday". 
Where I do nothing, sleep all day & hang out with my friends, family & boyfriend. 

& when the new year arrives, its time to get serious & find a new job.


Exciting & scary at the same time.
But I'm sure it will all turn out great.


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