Week 1 of carefree life

Hello everyone!! 

I'm back with a post for you guys & I'm feeling like super duper high. Because its the 1st week of my freedom!!! Yes, so from my previous post, you guys could have already gathered that I've left my flying career. & I would appreciate it if some of you can stop asking sensitive questions about my work in my previous company in my formspring. 

When I told them that I wouldn't answer particular question, she/he even rebutted me with a "Why can't you state here, since you already quit, why can't I know? Just curious what, haha" somewhere along that line.

(A picture of me in my uniform.)

I understand that many of you are very interested in the lives of a cabin crew because it seems fun/glamourous or whatever. But there are SOME things that are work related that I do not wish to share because its not right or mine to share.

& for those who have been following my formspring will know that, I am one who ALWAYS answer every question and am not that type that don't share stuff with my readers. So when I don't share something, it really means that I DON'T WISH to share & I have my reasons. For that, I hope you guys will understand. Thank you.

Okay okay, enough of that. 
Moving on ....

I dyed my hair you know?!?!?!

Once I've done my last flight, after I've touched down, the very next day I called Salon Vim to make an appointment with my stylist, Luis!

& I'm super loving my hair right now.

Just 2 pictures right now, will blog a proper one on my hair soon!!


So one of the days, I can't remember when, Michelle & I met up with May in town. Actually there were Juan, Tiki, Shunxiong & others who were present but they didn't wanna take any pictures, so yeap, you only have the 3 of our faces to look at.

All pictures were taken by May's casio camera.
The one that you can super camwhore with - TR150.

It has many modes to make you look chio & have flawless skin.

Like I totally did not have to photoshop any of these pictures at all. (Usually I will photoshop my jaw line cause some angles my face looks damn fat)

Selca nonstop only.

Okay this picture abit fail. My face looks abit round & Michelle has trippy eyes. But May looks cute here so okay lah.

We cannot stop laughing because the camera kept taking nonstop & we weren't ready.

Okay, last one. 
As you can tell Michelle cannot maintain already. Haha.


Moving on AGAIN..

My BFF, Chia Li Juan, just got proposed to 2 days ago!!!
& she even went on local newspapers & OMY website can.

On wanbao. Got another newspaper but we haven't taken picture of it yet.

For those that wanna know, Juan's boyfriend fiance is a.. music producer? He has worked with many famous stars like A-mei, Zhou Hua Jian, Jay chou, JJ-lin, Ming bridges and too many to name lah. So he is like in the media industry one. So, yah, to Wanbao, this is juicy news. HAHA.

So happy for this couple!! 

Some behind the scenes for now..

Boyfriend helping us hold the bunch of balloons at Holland Village while we rushed to get the rose. Hahah he was damn reluctant to do so cause he said he looks awkward.

& that's the 3 of us, Juan, Esther & myself having dinner after the proposal at Prive.
 Thank you Eric(the fiance's name) for the dinner treat. 

That's all for a mini update.

Will be back with more posts regularly now that I'm sooooo free!!

Need to mega-pack my room this week! & I will be back with more videos once my room is neater!! 


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