One of my favorite cities, Paris.

If you ask many stewardesses, they may say things like "Oh I've been to Paris so many times, I'm sick of it, so boring, just gonna stay in the hotel room & hibernate". 

But it has never been that way for me. 

Each time I visit Paris, I'll be super thrilled. Shopping there is a plus, but the sightseeing is awesome too! But being the usual cowardly me, I'll only go out to the town area if I have company. I would NEVER ever go alone because I feel that I will get lost or something bad will happen to me.

So this post shall be on my most recent flight to Paris. I actually have another folder of pictures taken in Paris on ANOTHER flight but that will be posted in a separate post I guess.

This is just tuna + tomato but it is so appetizing!

The above picture is the tunnel where Princess Diana's died. I mean, where her car got into the terrible fatal accident.

All around the concrete were messages people scribbled in memory of her.

& we walked over to the Eiffel tower from there.

This is life.
Imagine you own the tiny yacht with the jacuzzi!! You can be in that hot tub with your friends enjoying this magnificent view. Atas to the max.

& we finally arrived. 
Ning, Elisa, myself & Janet.
& coincidentally, I flew with ALL of them before!! So when we saw each other's names on the crew list before the flight, we were super duper thrilled. Paris with Kakis!! Omg, bestest.

We decided to find a good spot which has the best view of Eiffel tower so we can watch it light up at night.

& little did we know, that during summer, the lights on the Eiffel tower only comes on like at 9 or 10pm. FML.

& we had such a big group of super ONZ crew.

Group shot right smack in the middle of Eiffel tower.

Love these girls!! 
Elisa, my ki siao talk cock kaki!!

I was using my mirror to reapply my lipstick & they disturbed me by putting my hello kitty comb on top of my head. LOL.

We got gelato to fill our tummies!

Strawberry flavors for everyone!

Everyone got tired after a few hours, ended up lying down instead.
LOL, super funny.

As the sun was slowly setting.
Check out the jet streams in the above picture, nice huh.

I decided to lie down & enjoy this view too.
I know I was wearing a dress, but don't worry, I had shorts underneath.

I can't believe I took such chio pictures.
HAHA, okay lah, my camera was awesome.

Oops. All the lazy girls caught in action.

In case you are wondering, we weren't the only ones there.
Check out how the entire grass field was flooded with other tourists too.

We decided to walk further away from the Eiffel tower to get a better view of it when it lights up.


I definitely am gonna revisit this city of love with Shunxiong in the future.
So romantic!!

Imagine taking your wedding pictures here..
MELT x100.

When it started to sparkle.

Sigh, I wish I can get to fly to Paris again before its over. Okay lah, London, I also don't mind.

Brunch the next day.

Super delicious salmon pizza.
See how generous they are with the salmon!! & the combination of the cheese + sourdough. OMG YUMMY~~

We were all too hungry.

Left with a tiny gift for myself.

It was supposed to be my "overseas wallet" only but somehow, every card + cash ended up in there & I'm like using it permanently even when I'm in Singapore.


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