Restaurant Labyrinth

Caught a gorgeous sunset last Sunday as SX and I were driving to dinner at Restaurant Labyrinth..

We were invited to enjoy their tasting menu as my friend knew the owner and she pulled some strings. πŸ˜‚

I am so glad we managed to find a date where SX and the restaurant was available cause SX is a property agent and his weekends are forever packed with work. 

& no regrets man.

The food was damn good!!
Managed to capture my outfit before it turned dark.

I told SX, "eh faster help me take ootd before the sunset. This skirt by VGY store one, must help them post! So chio!!"

We spent like less than 1 min snapping away and hurried to the restaurant cause we were late πŸ˜‚

Anyway I got this skirt in Size M cause it is more comfortable on me. I can fit in S but cause of the cutting, it will be impossible to sit properly. Size M is pretty loose on my waist but perfect for the hips.
Restaurant Labyrinth.

Located inside esplanade mall, level 2
1 - Tingkat. 

Consisting of "radish cake, rojak & Nasi Lemak"

It's damn cool because all 3 items really taste like what's stated! Like that tiny coconut pudding thing really tasted like I'm eating Nasi Lemak!

& that tiny cracker puff was filled with rojak sauce inside.
2 - Hokkaido Scallop "bak chor mee"

This is definitely one of my favorites of the entire night. The "noodles" were made from squid paste and the "fish cake" was seared Hokkaido scallop!

So good. And I love the sauce too. 

I wished the portion was bigger but since I was having the Testing Menu which means I get abit of everything, cannot complain lah. 

& thank for the portion was small cause both SX and I were so full by the 8th dishπŸ˜‚
3 - Lardo "chicken rice ball"

I love how I keep getting surprised whenever they serve me the next dish. The presentation and creativity behind each course is really unique and clever.

& yes, like every dish, this tiny ball tasted like chicken rice, it even had the garlic chili underneath the ball.
4 - Smoked Bone Marrow "Beef Rendang"

Both SX and I don't take beef bone marrow so we told the chef to leave that out.

But was still served this incredible artwork πŸ‘πŸΌ it was meant to mimic a forest setting and that tiny tree branch was from a mushroom if I'm not wrong.

Even though I didn't have the bone marrow, the base which was curry quinoa and potato was very delicious. I ate it all..
5 - Hamachi "Sashimi & Cantonese porridge"

I was legit expecting porridge ok, but there wasn't any. Haha, the "broth" was made from pork if I'm not wrong and there were scallop sashimi and yelllowtail sashimi in there.

I love how the fried garlic and thinly cut chili slices brought out the taste of the sashimi. πŸ‘πŸΌ
6 - Spices "Ock curry puff"

This is another one that made an impression cause it really tasted like curry puff, but better. It is so crispy and doesn't taste oily at all. It comes with a tiny quail egg & the fried potato thing is so good. I was like 60% full by the dish.. and we have like 5 more to go..
7 - Soft shell crab "chili crab"

This is their signature dish but I'm not a fan of crab so I don't think I can give it the recognition it deserves. The plating of this dish is πŸ‘πŸΌ, its supposed to look like the seaside with the foam and all.

The soft shell crab was fried so it's hot and the ice cream actually is chili flavored so it's supposed to give you an experience of having the hot & cold together in a bite.

Really interesting and SX just kept nodding his head & saying "you try you try"
 8 - Main courses 
His - Roasted Pork Belly "Siew Yoke Unami Rice"

Which basically meant 3 perfectly roasted pork belly that was so soft and juicy, I stole 1 entire piece from SX. πŸ˜‚ With the accompaniment of risotto & that raw egg yolk to the mixed in.

This was so good, I was sort of jealous of SX's main. Hahahs.

Isn't it always the case, that other people's food looks better?
Mine - A4 Ohmi Beef "Moonlight Hor Fun"

Well, my main dish was great too, don't get me wrong. I enjoyed it as well and would have inhaled everything if I wasn't so full. The beef is really soft and like what they say "melts in your mouth". The "hor fun" is made out of squid if I'm not wrong and i liked the springy texture it has as compared to soft flat white noodles.

At this point, both SX and I were so full and usually when we have fine dining, we're not expecting to be fed so wellπŸ˜‚
9 - Meringue "Teh Tarik"

Yes, I know.

It looks like Kaya bread but it's not.

The so called bread is made from meringue and the kaya paste is actually teh tarik flavored! SX loved this, he had both his & my share.

I was too full by then and so I gladly gave him mine. He has a sweet tooth so please imagine how happy he was.
10 - Soft Boiled Eggs "Mango sticky rice"

This dish is one of the most interesting one because you'll have to crack open the egg which is made from sugar, and out flows all the mango, coconut & I don't know what ingredients inside.

It is served with "soya sauce" & "pepper" but is actually sesame sauce & crushed almonds + sesame.

It doesn't taste like mango sticky rice to me though, more of like mango + coconut?

We both liked it though, and yes, we ate it all. I left some egg shells behind..😬
11 - Petite Four

Last item!!

It is like kaya filling sandwiched by Kueh Bahulu. A sweet ending to a 2 hour meal.

I'm so happy to have this dining experience at Restaurant Labyrinth. & I even told my girls that the food is damn good and I'll definitely pay and return as a customer next.

Perfect place to bring your date for a slow dinner because the entire 11 course takes 2 hours and if you see a slow eater, it can be even longer.
Usually SX and I will enter a restaurant and leave within 1 hour cause we are fast eaters. πŸ˜‚ so whenever we plan to celebrate like birthday or anniversaries, we have to keep reminding each other to eat slower.. haha.

And best of all, fine dining but the food portion though small, it is super filling!

Here's the menu for those who are interested..
There's ala carte and there is a tasting menu, which was what we had.

It costs $148 per pax for the tasting menu and I would say it's very worth it. 

11 courses - all unique and a twist of the traditional local cuisine. I like that.

Restaurant Labyrinth 

8 Raffles Ave, #02-23, esplanade - theatres now the bay, S039802

Tel: 6223 4098

Do let me know if you're dining there and your experience! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties
& here's a picture with the owner - LG, & the brains behind the dishes. So funny lah this photo, we wanted a picture with the word Labyrinth behind us but we completely blocked it all πŸ˜…

I'm tempted to get my ears pierced like this... 

But I'm afraid of the pain!!!!!!

I used to have 2 piercings on my helix but 1 got infected and it spread to the next one. And both swell and turned purple and was so damn painful, I removed it all.

Regret sia. I really love having 2 piercings on my helix..
So nice right!!

But I closed it both and I don't think I wanna go through that pain again.

It's damn weird, piercing takes the most 2-3 secs of pain but I'm more afraid of it than compared to tattooing which is like hours of pain.

I think I don't like that sudden shock of pain? I don't know..

Tattoo is painful but I'll definitely do it again without fear but piercing is damn scary for me.


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