Beauty Review: Laneige

Was so close to buying this Becca Soft light blurring powder.

It claims to give you the Snapchat blur filter effect on your skin. And it is meant as the last step in your makeup routine.

It will not rub away your highlight or blush as a YouTuber reviewed but I don't like the fact that it comes in only 1 shade and it seems to me that I maybe slightly dark for me.

I'm hoping it really works but I saw another youtuber say it sucks. 🤷🏻‍♀️

So I'm sitting on the fence for this..
It cost $58 on Sephora website and I don't want to spend $58 on something until I'm sure it's good.

So.. shall wait a little longer and let more people test it out first. Hehe.

Any of you tried it yet? 
Received these from Laneige and I finally tried them out. 

Really liking both the mascara and lip tints!
These are the colors and so far I've worn Urban Coral and Marilyn Red out.
Urban coral is a really pretty shade that makes your lips looks like you've just had an ice popsicle.
It is very hydrating for the lips but bear in mind that touch ups are needed after each meal though. Cause they tend to slip and get eaten away pretty easily.

I don't mind that I have to touch it up regularly though. Cause it just takes 3 secs.

Apply the product on my lips and just press my lips together & rub them to get the color evenly distributed.
This is me wearing Marilyn Red and the Mascara!!

See how long my lower lashes are. 😍😍

I love how it separates each lash and lengths it without clumping up. I hate having clumpy lashes, I think it looks very "dirty" LOL.
Top down view of my lashes using the Laneige Mascara. 😍

Really does a great job at lengthening it!! Curling wise it isn't one that gives it a dramatic curl but that's easily achieved by a eyelash curler. But lengthening wise.. it is damn amazing.

I love how neat and long the lashes are!
Also received this Brow cushion by Laneige.

Seems so cool!
But I haven't found time to try it out yet.

I imagine it to be very soft and natural looking.. like how the Koreans always do their brows.

I'll probably try it this week! And share my experience if I do. 😘
Anyway, right now on Lazada, there's a 20% discount off the Serum Drop Tints with the lucky chouette design..

The one that I've shared about is their new packaging which will also be launched on Lazada soon..

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