Bridestory - The 1 app all brides will need!

Hey girls, here’s a little update on my wedding planning.

I’m right down to the last 2 months before the big day and I’m tying up all the loose ends. The wedding invitation cards were just collected but there are some things that I’ve yet to finalize though. Like my hand bouquet designs, hairstyle that I want to go with each gown and some other tiny details that I can’t even think of now but I’m sure will pop up nearer to date.

So I was really happy to know of this app – Bridestory.

It is somewhat similar to Pinterest, if you are a user of, you’ll know is an amazing place to draw inspirations from. But, Bridestory, on the other hand, is fully focused on all things bridal. 

And the one reason why I started using the Bridestory app was because it actually allows you to connect with the vendors behind those inspirations. I’ve always hated not knowing where I can get the exact same items/looks from the images that I’ve saved on my Pinterest and having to go round to source on my own. It is a really tedious and time wasting process which is now no longer an issue to me when I’m using the Bridestory app.

The Bridestory available for all iPhone and Android users and best of all, it is free for download!

& so user-friendly!

Let me share with you some of the main functions of the app.

I love how I am able to find the most suitable vendors by using the filter search, which I can choose based on category, budget, country, etc.

The above are the many categories which you can pick to look into, if you would like to be more specific and go through each category one at a time.

Or you can also actually select multiple categories to browse at one time..

These were the categories that I needed more inspirations on so I wanted to look through all of them at the same time. 

& after selecting the categories, you’ll be able to browse through and save your inspirations like this..

Browsing inspirations..

Checking out the vendors, and I spotted Choo Yilin, which I’m a huge fan of and are going to wear some of their pieces on my wedding day.

I really like this simple up do, definitely adding it to my moodboard!

I also came across my wedding florist – Flowerstory! Haha, yes, that’s me & my fiancé in the above picture.

Let me share with you how your page will look like after adding all the inspiration pictures to your moodboard.

So this is my Profile page, where I have created my own categories for my mood board for all the inspiration pictures that I’ve saved. This way, I can always refer to this page for easily whenever I need help in deciding what flowers color themes I should have, what hairstyles to go with that particular gown or how my dessert corner should look like.

I was also able to just search by the vendors for each category, for instance, in the above picture, I was looking for decorations and a long list of wedding vendors who specializes in decorations were there for me to pick from. & I saw another wedding vendor that I’m also working with – Midnight Sparks! They will be helping me set up the lightings on the stage. 

After spending several days being totally absorbed in the bridestory app and adding so many inspiration pictures to my mood board, I can now have a better picture on how my wedding would be like! & I think it is going to be a really simple and beautiful wedding, if I may say so myself. Haha.

Another section that I like looking on the app is their Real Weddings and Blog page.
I just really enjoy reading about other couple’s wedding’s experience and seeing how their entire wedding turn out. Each and every wedding is so special and I feel so happy for the couples even though I don’t personally know them. It also helped me be more prepared for what to expect on my actual day.

So brides to be, go on and download the Bridestory app ( because it WILL be your life savior when you are doing all the wedding planning.

You can also visit their website at -

All the best and good luck! 



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