How I apply my highlighter (ft. Laura Mercier)

Will be reviewing on the Laura Mercier's Face Illuminator that I received a week ago. A huge thank you to the sweet ladies over at LM for sending this to me cause you girls know how much I love my highlighters. 

Aiya, I just love makeup. 

They sent me 2 lipsticks as well as 2 brow mascara but I've yet to try them on. So let's just stick to the highlighters today!

I think there's a total of 3 shades, and the one that I didn't have is. Darker one that's meant to be used as a bronzer, I supposed.

I've never ever bronzed my face cause it's not a look I'll go for.
Here's a close up at the 2 face illuminators that I have.

On the left is Addiction. It is a shimmering gold (almost yellowish) shade. 

And on the right is Devotion, a sparkly light pink color.
Even though it is in powder form, it has got a pretty creamy feel to it when I sweep my fingers over the products.

The product is easily picked up by my fingers and the color payoff is pretty intense.

But when I use a fan brush to apply it onto my face, the highlight is evenly distributed and gives a very natural glow instead.

However if you like a very strong highlight like me, you can layer them on!
And here's a swatch of them on my arm.. I don't know why the pink shade appears to be so dark here, because it isn't so in real life. It is lovely when used as a blush topper to give a very healthy rosy shine to your cheeks!
& this is how Addiction (yellow gold) face Illuminator looks like one me.
& here's a little makeup tip!

I always do this whenever I want to get a more intense highlight..

I would recommend using a tapered highlight brush for this.
Yup, this kind. 

Cause I find that it gives a more concentrated amount of highlight than compared to fan brushes. 

And to wet your brush, these are the makeup setting sprays that I use..
Urban decay's all nighter spray or MAC Fix+.

1️⃣ Sweep up generous amount of highlight with DRY tapered brush.

2️⃣ Spritz your brush with makeup setting spray (just 1 spritz is enough, you don't want to it super wet. Just damp will do the trick)

3️⃣ Apply highlight onto cheek & brow bones 

4️⃣ Repeat 1-3 if you want a crazier highlight, but I seldom go there. 😂

I know that some people will just wet their brush first before picking up the highlight but I don't like doing that.. cause...

It will end up leaving your powder makeup with this layer of hardened film/crust.

And I really hate that!!!

So I'll avoid getting my powder makeup products wet.